How does an athlete go to the United States

How does an athlete go to the United States h1>
Sports and study in the US or as an athlete to get to America (sport scholarship in the US)?
In this entry, I will tell you what to do if you are an athlete and want to get to America, but are not willing to pay $ 30,000- $ 40,000 a year for your education.
In other words, I’ll write about how to get a sports scholarship for study in America.
(Sports scholarship is money that is allocated by an educational institution to pay for education, accommodation and meals for an athlete while studying)
Even when I was just starting to play basketball, my father had a dream that one day his son would be able to get to America thanks to sports and he would have the opportunity to combine education with basketball. At about 15 years old I also got the idea of moving to the States and not having no connections in America and without knowing anything about the system of children’s basketball in this country, I began to collect information from the various sources. In the end, at the age of 19, I managed to move to America (before playing a year at the Italian Basketball Academy).
During this time, I have accumulated a huge amount of knowledge about how sports are organized in America at the school and university level and now I see that getting there is not so difficult when you have the necessary information.
In this article, I want to describe the steps by which you can come into contact with American coaches and try to get a sports scholarship.
I will write on the example of basketball, but the same methods are similar for obtaining a sports scholarship (payment for studies, accommodation, meals, etc. at the expense of the school) for any sport that can be funded in America.
1 . Decide where you need to go.
It is advisable to have basic information about American schools, namely, what is High School, Prep School, Post Graduate School, Junior College and Universities in the USA.
I will write more detailed information on educational institutions in the next entry, because there are many nuances.
For example, if you take a school education, then in American schools you study for 12 years, plus, you can take an additional 13 year of the school (Post Graduate Year), respectively, in America the school ends later, schoolchildren there can be found even in 20 and 21 years.
In colleges and universities there are also many interesting moments, for example, many foreign athletes do not go to universities at first, but to Junior College (2-year college), because there are no entrance exams (SAT, TOEFL) and the college is much more likely to get a sports scholarship , because the level of basketball there is slightly lower than in universities.
2. Prepare your game video, make a short story about yourself (your achievements in studies and sports).
First of all, you need to make your basketball video so you can present yourself to American coaches. It is desirable to perform a video in the form of Highlights – i.e. slicing their best gaming moments with games and training. A good example of a basketball video that my team-mate from Serbia made. Now make a short resume. Specify in it your date of birth, height, weight, position on the site. Describe your main achievements in sports (for example: the champion of Russia among young men born in 1995, a member of the national team of Mos., In basketball, etc.)
Achievements in studies are also quite important, and they will be a plus to your resume. Coaches in America pay great attention to the academic performance of athletes.
3.1 Start communicating with schools / colleges.
The most banal, but at the same time, the most difficult way to get in touch with American coaches is to write them directly to their mail.
Finding the contacts of the coach is not difficult, go to the site of any school / college, choose a section of basketball and usually the coach contacts there in a prominent place.
However, the coach’s letters are not answered often, because trainers receive dozens of letters a day, and they can simply lose sight of your letter.
Let’s say you want to go to High School in Florida.
You hammer in High Schools in Florida and immediately Wikipedia will give you a list of all schools in Florida (http: //en.wikipedia.ols_in_Florida) Find the coach’s contact and send him your video and resume.
In fact, this method is the most dreary. In my experience I will say that only 30-35% of trainers will answer you and if you are not a very promising player, then there is little chance that you will be offered a lot of funding.
However, the way is a worker, at one time I sent about 300 letters to various schools and from them there were several adequate proposals.
However, if you do not play at home at a high level, this way it will be difficult to motivate coaches, and you will spend a lot of time.
3.2 Contact people who have already left for America and ask their advice.
I think that this is the most effective way, because you can talk with someone who knows this kitchen from the inside.
On all issues of obtaining a sports scholarship, finding a school / college, necessary documents, etc. you can always write to me. I will elaborate on the admission system and I will be able to assess your chances of getting a sports scholarship.
Also you can find contacts of other guys who are currently living and playing in the US.
The person who has gone through all the difficulties of admission himself, as no one else can answer your questions and tell how to leave for America with minimal financial costs.
3.3 Go to a basketball camp in America or Europe.
In the USA and Europe, many camps / camps are constantly organized, where you can not only raise your level of play, but also you will have a great opportunity to communicate with children from all over the world, expand your horizons of knowledge and make useful acquaintances.
Let’s say, having gone once to a basketball camp in the USA, you can see the American basketball with your own eyes, appear to local trainers and communicate with them.
Also in the summer, America organizes Exposure Camps – it’s something like watching, where many coaches come from colleges and schools, in order to look to themselves players for the next season.
If someone is interested in options with training camps, write, I can tell you in more detail.
We sum up. If you are sure that coaches in the US can see in you a promising athlete, then do not hesitate to send letter trainers, your video and let them know in every possible way.
However, if you try to enter the American educational institution without using the help of knowledgeable people, this process can be delayed. I advise you to contact people who have passed all this in their experience and will be able to share their knowledge.
Author: Alexander Skryagin If you have any questions about sports and studies in the US or Europe, or if you are interested in the possibility of enrolling in US colleges or universities, you can contact me in the following ways:

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