How can a Belarusian move to Ukraine

How can a Belarusian move to Ukraine h1>
It is very important!
Briefly, by the end of 2014, more than 3,000,000 Ukrainian citizens will not enter Russia. Those. almost all hard workers stay at home, the rest in Russia are illegal.
Only officially, annually, labor migrants from Ukraine sent from Russia, home more than $ 2 billion.
On January 1, 2014, the federal law of the Russian Federation “On Amendments to Article 27 of the Federal Law” On the Procedure for Departure from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation “and Article 5 of the Federal Law” On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation ” .2013 No. 389-FZ.
The mentioned federal law provides that the term of temporary stay in Russia for foreign citizens who arrived in the Russian Federation in an order not requiring a visa (including citizens of Ukraine) can not exceed 90 days in total for each period of 180 days, except for cases provided for by the federal law, and also in the event that such a period is extended in accordance with federal law. If a foreigner during his previous stay in Russia exceeded the period of stay of 90 days in total during each period of 180 days, he will be banned from entering the Russian Federation for a period of 3 years from the date of departure from Russia.
Let me remind you that the law is effective from January 1 this year. It works!
Do you think it’s naive that you came to Russia for 90 days? You will be explained if you fall into the field of view of the FMS, police, etc. inside the country, or as always when once you decide to return – you “have a ban on entry for 3 years” or 5.
– get a legal work permit in Russia, the average employee is almost not real or very expensive, because all is on sale. But very expensive!
– You can still live illegally in Russia for the time being.
– to move to permanent residence under the program of resettlement of compatriots, for those who have no other grounds for obtaining citizenship or residence permit, but not in Moscow.
The last option is the most real.
By the way the same situation applies to Russian citizens who have lived for years in the Crimea, in the East of Ukraine, etc. and go periodically – once every 90 days to Russia. Such Russians, who will be affected by the norms of similar (mirror) legislation of Ukraine, according to different estimates of 200-300 thousand. Until 2014, Ukraine did not apply these norms 90/180 to the citizens of Russia, but after the introduction of this norm by Russia in relation to the citizens of Ukraine, it will apply clearly and harshly.
* Group System “Russians in Ukraine” on Facebook – the latest data on this topic and I hope – here.
This was not before.
The migration legislation of Russia did not limit until 2014 in the number of entry to Russia of citizens of visa-free countries, incl. citizens of Ukraine. The vast majority of labor migrants (up to 10 million) do not have a work permit in Russia.
Their employer is not steamed by their legal employment. First of all, it is not profitable for him and he can not really do it. Quotas in Russia for foreign labor is about 10% of the actual employees.
Until 2014, such illegal laborers were not illegal immigrants, and could every 90 days just go to the border and back to work. And all the problems! Since January 1, 2014, they can not do this anymore.
And if they break the law (and they will not break it!) They will be expelled from Russia or they will be deprived of the right to enter for 3-5 years. The Ukrainian norm has been in force since 2009 with respect to all foreigners. As a result of different forces, and our and the verbal decisions of the “unknown first persons” were “explained” that this rule does not apply to Russian citizens, in accordance with the norms of the intergovernmental Agreement on visa-free travel of citizens of Russia and Ukraine (1997).
“Clarification”, “interpretation” of the Agreement in favor of the citizens of Russia was with great strain. in the Agreement or other document there is NO mention of the terms “180”. The one who interpreted and made the decision very much wanted to exclude Russians from the general rule. The only written mention of this decision was in the form of an announcement on the website of the State Border Service of Ukraine: “Citizens of the Russian Federation have the right to stay with Ukraine unlimited number of times up to 90 days in the last 180 days.” This did not change the situation with the Russians who actually lived permanently in the territory of Ukraine. For example, living in Kharkov – went once in 90 days to Belgorod (for example, for a pension), from Odessa to Moldova, from Crimea to the Kerch ferry, etc.
Such Russians in Ukraine, who for various reasons have not issued permanent residence in Ukraine, can not – do not want, 200 -300 thousand.
In connection with the introduction of the rule of Russia 90/180, the Ukrainian border guards refused even to the fact that they excluded the Russians from the general rule and gave them privileges – i.e. they could travel as much as they wanted to Ukraine without restrictions (but not more than 90 days at a time). The State Border Service of Ukraine, if the term of 90 days has been exceeded in the last 180 days, will not allow such a Russian to enter at the entrance, and if it exceeds the limit, punish by a fine and restrict entry to 3 years. Norm and actions are absolutely mirror-like – Russian, but because of Russia’s actions. No one says that it is impossible to restore order.
Just Russians in Ukraine and “Ukrainians” in Russia are becoming equal with other foreigners.
And with the introduction of the rate of crossing the border only on foreign passports, at the initiative of Russia, belonging to the “brotherly” people will not have any privileges whatsoever. And after the ban of entry by the end of 2014, 3 million to highly qualified personnel from Ukraine to Russia, these personnel will seek the application of their skills and will go to strengthen the “Western” forces, in the country they are not needed. In this case, they will hate Romodanovsky and, in general, Russia, because many of them were simply pulled out from years of work in Russia, the employer did not give money, they did not take their things, etc. since left Russia for Ukraine “for a couple of days and back.”
And on the border to them .opa. All this applies to non-migrant workers, for example, residents of the border regions of Russia and Ukraine, they will not be able to, as before to cross the border to their mother or children in a neighboring foreign village, because they have already been abroad for more than 90 days.
And if they violate this deadline, both Ukrainian and Russian authorities will deprive you of the right to visit a relative for 3-5 years. The law is strong, but it’s law!
Of course, everything can change dramatically – when the degree of indignation is critical – our Presidents decently decide to be friends and relax the nuts and the people will again love them very much for their sensitivity.
Good afternoon. The restriction of 90-180, unfortunately, really earned. And if, having spent 90 (no more and no less), you left, then you can enter again only through 90. Counting on gaps in the system is a risk. I do not exclude that somehow on the border can miss, not seeing the excess of 90-180, but then they can reveal, and the case may well end with a ban on entry (more precisely, it should be so).
I must say that even if they prolong their stay, they will be prolonged only for a certain period, during which it is necessary to leave, and again the problem 90-180 will appear.
We have always fought to ensure that 90-180 does not work for Russians, since there is a Russian-Ukr Agreement, where about 90-180 is not said. We fought that Ukrainians should not be required to register for 90 days, since the agreement contradicts this and won.
So the law enters on January, 1st, 2014, and the customs can look and previous stay in territory of the Russian Federation (well for example for 2013). And already from this can be repelled and not allowed back in Russia? I entered the Russian Federation on December 26, 2013 and now must leave on March 26 this year? If the stay exceeded 90 days, then at the crossing of the Russia-Ukraine border, what is still waiting for me? Fine? “cash” on hand. or all the same what kind of blank and 3-5 years I will not admit?
Thanks in advance for the answers.
Good evening! I have the following situation. I live in Kharkov. Citizenship of Ukraine. In the Belgorod region there is a grandmother’s house, inherited to me. This house with a garden and a garden for me, like a summer house. We go there with my wife every week. I’m doing a little bit of my own repair in the house. My wife is engaged in a garden, a garden. We go to the Belgorod region on Friday, we return to Kharkov on Monday. It turns out that from seven days of the week we stay four days in the territory of the Russian Federation. We do not need a patent, a work permit, or a temporary residence permit (there is own housing, there is work, everything is legal). But I am afraid that with such a schedule of staying on the territory of the Russian Federation, we will become violators of the term of temporary stay. I want to ask: 1. The period of 180 days is counted from which calendar day (January 1 or any day)? Do I carefully mark the days of my stay in the Russian Federation in the calendar or can I write a statement to the migration service? With HI. Vladimir.
Until now, you can meet different points of view on how to count 90-180. The safest method is the strictest: in each period of 180 there should be no excess of 90.

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