Holidays in the Philippines.

Holidays in the Philippines.
The Philippines is a group of more than 7,000 islands located in southeast Asia, north of the Malay Peninsula. This is the world’s third largest English-speaking country. The Philippines has a rich history, influenced by the Europeans, the Asians, and the Americans.
Holidays in the Philippines are very pleasant. This is largely due to the excellent climate and amazing nature of the islands. Crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean are washed by golden sandy beaches, and underwater coral gardens are inhabited by an amazing marine fauna.
It is worth noting that for a long time the Philippine Islands did not attract tourists. Wishing to come here was not only in the former USSR, but also among Americans and Europeans. This was facilitated by a complex political situation, lack of tourist infrastructure and unusual climate. Only some enthusiasts decided to travel to this point on the globe, while rest in the Philippines was regarded as a very unusual pastime. But years have passed, and the Philippine Islands are now a very attractive place to relax. Hundreds of tourists from all over the world seek here to enjoy the paradisiacal pleasures of such an environmentally friendly place.
Many tourists coming to the Philippines today are attracted not only by excellent beach holidays, organized mainly in the southern part of the archipelago, but also the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of exotic exotic virgin jungles and smoking volcanoes. Therefore, on the northern islands of the archipelago an active recreation is organized, gaining increasing popularity among seekers of thrills. Among the primeval exotic Filipino monsoon can awaken in the traveler’s spirit the spirit of the conquistador. Tourists are invited to plunge into the depths of the centuries and introduce themselves as the discoverer of the Philippines, Fernando Magellan, who gave the mysterious archipelago the name of King Philip. Those who wish can wander through the wild jungle, participate in national rituals, descend into the craters of dormant volcanoes and track down wild animals.
Stories of tourists about the Philippines.
Rest in El Nido in January: an unforgettable experience! Philippines \ o.Palavan.
Traveling the Philippine Islands in January 2014, we decided to drop in for 5 days to the island of Palawan, more precisely, to the village of El Nido, known for its islands and lagoons, which are declared a national park. Time to visit, we chose the right one: no typhoons, no tsunamis, no rains or no waves on the sea. The water in the sea is very warm: +28 degrees. Day of heat, of course, but to travel by boat on the islands just in the heat and it is necessary.
We settled in the village of Korong Korong, in a fresh hotel on the second line. We were completely satisfied with the price-quality ratio. Chose this place because in the city of El Nido it is very noisy: at 5 am local residents wake up, cocks crow, and go tuk-tuki. We were quiet and calm. And at the hotel we spent a minimum of time.
In El Nido come to visit sea tours. There are four of them: tour A, tour B, tour C and tour D. As a rule, one day is allocated for each tour, but if time is short, you can order a dual program in one day. Read completely.
How not to get bored with Boracay (Philippines)? Philippines / about Borakay.
The first days of rest on Boracay we, as an exemplary tourist rested on the beach, drank fresh, ate fruit, departed from the flight, did not hesitate to try the local rum. But after three days of felting on the beach, we realized that we are not ready for such a pastime and it’s time to move on to a more active kind of recreation. First, we decided to bypass the island on a catamaran. The catamaran has to be described separately – it’s a narrow long boat, on which two huge bamboo trunks were laid across, these trunks are connected by a grid between them, forming their own wings. On these wings tourists can also ride. By itself, riding a catamaran is already extreme. The island is located so that on its one side is always calm, but on the other hand it is always wind and waves – it makes it popular, both for beach lovers and kitesurfers. On the catamaran, we went around the whole island around, on the waves it was healthy rocking and sweeping, after 15 minutes of the trip we got soaked through – it’s good that the temperature is such that you can not freeze at all. Read completely.
Independently to the Philippines: where and how to go?
The Republic of the Philippines is an island nation located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. Hundreds of islands allow you to enjoy the sensual nature that so often decorates the covers of National Geographic, the authentic culture of hospitable Filipinos and, of course, the best Filipino mango in the world.
The climate on the islands is hot and humid. For travel most suited period from January to May, but there are nuances. So, on each particular island and even its part can be its own weather. With detailed information is available on the website of the Philippine Administration of Atmospheric and Geophysical Services – PAGASA.
If you plan to rest in the Philippines for no more than 30 days, a visa will not be required. To confirm the period of stay, you only need to show a return ticket at the airport. If you want to stay in the country for a longer period, you can get a visa both in the Embassy located in Russia and in the capital of the Philippines – Manila.
Which islands to choose?
For the first time going to the independent. Read completely.
One day in Cebu Philippines / on Cebu.
The Philippine city of Cebu was our transit point from Caticlan to Palawan. We flew at 13 o’clock local time to the airport of Mactan Island (it is connected with Cebu by a large bridge), took a taxi by the meter and headed to the city center to the Fortuna hotel. We drove for 30 minutes. During this time we managed to understand, Cebu – very dirty, and even a criminal city. As soon as we got into the car, the taxi driver automatically closed all the doors. There are many begging children on the streets, and in general, the contingent is suspicious. Read on.
Featured Hotels.
Latest hotel reviews Philippines.
Cool rest turned out.
My husband and I went to rest on the Philippine island of Boracay just at the peak of the season – in December. We were met very friendly and were offered a refreshing cocktail. Then we were kindly helped to bring our things to the number.
The hotel is extremely well located – almost on the beach, just 20 meters from the second station. Number standard and there in general everything was excellent. We took vouchers without breakfast, but I advise you to take breakfast, they are inexpensive – only 300 pesos are. And you do not have to suffer in the morning and look where to eat.
It was also very cool that the air-conditioner in the room worked all the time even in our absence, and was not turned off as it is accepted in other hotels. In the evenings, near the hotel itself and almost at the beach puffs are displayed, live music is pleasantly played and you can have a nice dinner. For dinner, a buffet and also costs 300 pesos per person.
The hotel is incredibly a lot of Chinese, and they are certainly noisy on vacation, you have to be ready for it. Cleaning in the room is only done when you ask them about it. We liked the rest so much that we wanted to extend it for a few more days, but at the reception we apologized and said that everything is already occupied and booked. We had to move to another hotel, and there were much worse conditions and even more from the sea.
The best place on Earth.
I think that there are not many vacationers who can boast that they rested in the Philippines and in particular on such a paradise island as Boracay. So, as we had a rest on this island still did not have a rest, therefore I also have decided to write the response.
This is the place where you will not come every year, but at least once you visit this place is worth. The hotel is located in the most beautiful and picturesque part of the White Beach beach, which according to some sources is considered to be one of the best in the world. The beach. read more.
Great island, awful hotel.
The hotel has several advantages: firstly, it is located on the central face of the island. But you will not hear the noise there, because the territory of the hotel is fenced. A couple of minutes walk you can get to the big supermarket, and the sea there is only five minutes walk at a slow pace. Wai fi there can be found only in the lobby, the speed is pretty good, although near the hotel there are a couple of McDonald’s, there you sit on your health. Outwardly the hotel looks very good, especially against the background of what is, in fact, inside. read more.
The hotel was very nice.
The hotel was very nice. We had a bungalow for two families. Entrances separate + there were hammocks on each terrace. Rooms are good large with simple furnishings: with two beds, TV, air conditioning, mini-bar, shower. Also there is a pool it is almost always empty. In the evenings, we swam there, it’s great when no one interferes and all the space is left entirely to you. Go to the beach for five minutes. We preferred the beach in the area of the old abandoned hotel, there are fewer people there and sunbathing topless can be read further.

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