Health insurance calculator in Canada.

Health insurance calculator in Canada.
Are you planning a tourist trip to Canada? Are you seriously thinking about working in the North American continent, or are you moving to this, in truth, beautiful country for permanent residence?
In this case, in addition to all the information you need, such as finding affordable housing, suitable work and classes for a pleasant pastime, you should study the nuances of health insurance for those who are not already familiar with the Canadian health system!
So, who and why do you need private medical insurance?
The fact is that visitors coming to Canada on a tourist visa, such as Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), can not use state insurance plans for residents of Canada if medical assistance is required.
Similarly, if you are a foreign worker or a new immigrant and are going to live in one of such provinces as Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Yukon or Quebec, then you will need to wait around 3 months before your state insurance plan begins.
If you find yourself in a situation where you need medical care, then the amount for treatment without insurance can range from several hundred to several tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the necessary procedures and the duration of treatment!
Fortunately, Canadian insurance companies have launched a product called Visitors to Canada Insurance. Such insurance allows new immigrants, foreign workers, guests and permanent residents returning to Canada to purchase insurance coverage from unforeseen events, which will certainly help to protect your financial well-being by paying unforeseen medical expenses.
Namely, each Visitors to Canada Insurance includes the following insurance benefits:
Hospitalization; The services of medical personnel, such as a doctor, surgeon and nurse; Ground and, in some cases, air as well as sea transportation by ambulance; Restoring damaged teeth and eliminating toothache; Prescribed drugs and various medical devices for recovery from injuries; Repeated visits to the doctor; Service of an osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist and orthopedic physician; Insurance cover for short tourist trips outside Canada; and much more!
In order to purchase such an insurance plan, you can use the free online calculator for Visitors to Canada Insurance and calculate a personal quota for you and your family.
Please Select a Visa Type – Indicate your immigration status in Canada from the list provided. Choose the number of people you need to insure. Single – One person; Couple – Two People, for example, husband and wife; Family – From 3 or more people, provided that there are two adults and at least one child under 18 years of age. Start Date / End Date – Select the start and end dates for the insurance coverage. As a rule, the date of the beginning of the insurance must coincide with the date of arrival or arrival in Canada. The end date of coverage should be the same as the date of final departure or departure from Canada, or coincide with the start date of the insurance plan from the province of residence for new immigrants, foreign workers and returning Residencies Canada. Coverage – You can also choose the total amount of insurance coverage from the options presented, which start from $ 10,000 Canadian dollars and reach up to $ 300,000 for each insured person during the life of the insurance. Pre-existing medical conditions – Specify if the applicants have any diseases (diabetes, heart problems, past surgical operations, etc.) Click “Calculate” – to see all available options. Select “Deductible” – The amount of money in Canadian dollars, which is paid by the insured person for medical care (covered by insurance) before the insurance company pays the balance of this account. Deductible is paid in case of each individual case of using insurance. Therefore, we strongly recommend choosing $ 0 deductible, so that you do not have to pay out of your own pocket when an insured event occurs.
As soon as you see the entire list of insurance plans presented, then you can also compare different insurances by their benefits. For this you just need to click on the icon with the weights and add the options you are interested in to the comparison list.
In order to learn more about this or that insurance and discuss details with the insurance agent who speak both Russian and English, click the Plan Details button and you will be transferred to the main site of Arbetov Insurance.
And finally, when choosing insurance coverage against unforeseen medical expenses, always remember that it is better to purchase a more comprehensive plan with an extensive coverage, rather than risk your financial condition and even health, choosing the plan with the lowest price. As they say in Canada – better safe, than sorry!

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