Have fallen into a snow captivity? Write (hot line)

Have fallen into a snow captivity? Write (hot line)
In connection with the extreme snowfall, “Dumskaya & raquo; opens a hotline. Citizens who have fallen into a snow captivity or need any other help can write in the comments. We will try to connect them with volunteers and emergency services. Please also inform yourself about people who are ready to help.
UPDATED AT 21:14. On Didrichson, at Water, got stuck & Chevrolet Aveo & raquo ;. Please help & mdash; 0675571024.
In the area of the cinema & laquo; Rodina & raquo; there is a possibility of sleeping for two people & mdash; 0637357357.
In the center there is a possibility of assistance & mdash; 0954647185, Sergey.
A car with children stuck on the Clover Bridge & mdash; descent from Usatovo, & la; Toyota Camry & raquo ;, BH3131.
UPDATED AT 21:23. & mdash; Help on the Queen / Williams 097 3169697.
Great Dalnik & mdash; a big congestion, the SSNS can not reach. Any help is needed.
UPDATED AT 21:33. Congestion in the Mayak district, the Great Dalnik and on the Illichivsk highway. Any help is needed.
UPDATED AT 21:58. At the 6th kilometer of the Ovidiopol Road, there is a lane leading from Odessa. Towards the city the strip was cleared, and from it & mdash; congestion. Reason & mdash; a machine thrown by someone.
UPDATED AT 22:07. People are calling for help in the bus “Krivoy-Rog & mdash; Odessa & raquo ;, stuck in the area of the village of Sverdlovo, Kominternovsky district. There are almost 50 passengers. Similar problem & mdash; with a shuttle, caught in a snowdrift near Sauvignon (road to Chernomorka, 800 meters from the railway tracks). Call & mdash; 0973030584, Valentine.
UPDATED AT 22:16. Under Ovidiopolom a car with a sick man got stuck, he had an attack. Call & mdash; 091424908, 0632306605, Daria.
UPDATED AT 23:02. At the Nikolayevskaya highway a terrible traffic jam, both from Odessa and from Nikolaev. Request to residents of settlements along the road & mdash; take people to sleep!
Zhukovsky corner of the cable.
Friends, the maximum repost!
In the epicenter of the 7-km, about 200 people were stuck!
Thank you very much staff of the epicenter for being sheltered.
Around all skidded. About 7 km around 500 cars are stuck !!
People, little children freeze right on the street.
all cars, buses and buses. Gasoline ends. There’s nothing to bask!
City authorities help to clear the way !!
Vic, Help who can!
300-400 vehicles are stuck on the Odessa-Nikolaev highway. They were carried by snow, many cars have run out of fuel! Services do not meet !!
approximate coordinates Nikolaevskaya highway, in front of Nikolaev, the bridge and the post of GAI, the route to Domanevka, turn to the village Olshanskoe. about 13 km from the post of Gai.
telephone 093 423 00 24.
096 935 02 06 Oleg.
17 minutes ago in response to your comment In view of the extreme snowfall.
Something incomprehensible, how to get out, where to call, the Ministry of Emergency Situations can not get through!
1. Warm free tea:
– & laquo; Ai Love Lavo, Petrovic & raquo; in the Polish.
– & la Greens & raquo; On the Kulikovo / cableway.
– & la Sports Cafe & raquo; (Dnepro road / Vysotsky)
– office Ekaterininskaya corner Bunina-Anastasia Ganina.
– Olgievsky descent / Balkovskaya-Ira Galich.
– Tea TEA PIANETA (Trinity, 52)
– Self-defense of Odessa (Cable, 35) – heating and overnight.
– B. Khmelnitskogo 61, real estate agency & la Moldavanka & raquo;
2. Avtomaydanovsky patrol rides around the city and is ready to help! telephone number is 0957575405.
3. Assistance by districts, streets:
– Osipova, Pushkinskaya, Trinity, Jewish – I.
“Gogol, Alexandra Stepovaya.”
– Prokhorov’s corner of Myasoedovskaya-Yana Petrenko.
– In the Malinowski district of Rinkuwityagyo Samooborona Odesi (0688363305)
– area of the Balkovskaya Street – Sergey Zagursky,
– Southwestern Massif (1st station Chernomorki), Filatova-Vyacheslav Bobeyko.
– District Ivanovsky Bridge – Vlad Odessa.
– 9th Station of B. Fontana-Ganya Postolenko.
– area of Malinovsky Street – Oleg Svyatovozdvizhenberg.
– Odessa-South highway & mdash; TIS accepts people for heating and spending the night. They feed and drink. Dispatcher 0675855157 Oleg.
– who got stuck in the area of the streets of Balkovskaya / Dalnitskaya / Melnitskaya / Gamowa Square and can not get to the house, contact the “Good Samaritan” fund & raquo; & mdash; there you will be fed and sheltered at night.
– tel. office: (048) 34-70-52, (067) -558-00-75.
– tel. Fund “Good Samaritan”: (048) 32-20-31.
– line of trust: (048) 701-01-51.
4. Evromaydan Odessa To coordinate the rescue operation in Zello-channel Fff777.
5. The collection of those people and places where people can spend the night, who will not be able to get home today.
What kind of eyes, what a forehead!
All would look, all would look,
Admired at her b!
people freeze, fuel is over & # 133 from 11 o’clock there.
PS I would be happy to help, but I’m sitting with a small child and the machine is not so powerful.
At 7:55 we received a message.
“Address: Odessa-Kiev highway, turn to Eremeevka (E95), between Eremeevka and the road stuck 5 cars.
Help: People in cars from 11.00 yesterday, the gasoline is over, there is nothing to eat or drink, because around the field. In the car there is an oncological brother, with an idle leg!
Phone: 0508155577 Nikolay.
How to leave Odessa for Ovidiopol.
Help please. 0984418461 0953173094.
On December 29, around midnight, during the infernal snowfall in Odessa, my friend Igor was driven up by driver Sergei on a white (?) Minibus, Toyota, & raquo; (not very new). Friend Igor helped to push the car out of drifts, at the same time went to Cheryomushki. In the passenger compartment there was one passenger (left on Komarova). On the corner of GenPetrov and Gaidar Igor last pushed the car out & mdash; and she drove away, carrying his backpack with documents and received a small, but still a salary. Driver Sergei, 50 years old, presumably takes people from the port, went to the direction of Zhukov corner of Ilf and Petrov (according to the conversations he lives there). Naturally, nobody remembers the machine numbers. I hope that the driver Sergey will be in some way a noble person and will return a backpack to the middle-aged and not the healthiest person in the world who, under a snowfall, was digging his pepelats from snowdrifts and now lies with the temperature and without a penny! Ay, not indifferent to Odessa, help! To write to me in a personal or call (066) 2623928 or (050) 279-44-46.

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