Getting a residence permit in Montenegro.

Getting a residence permit in Montenegro.
Why do you need to get a vunge in Montenegro?
If you are planning to stay in Montenegro for more than 30 days, then, without fail, you need to obtain a residence permit in the country, local & # 8212; borawak. Getting vnzh in Montenegro is not a quick thing, it takes a lot of time, good knowledge of Serbian and, of course, costs. If you want to move to live in Montenegro, then you have two options:
1. Leave the country every 30 days to obtain a stamp on departure, return and re-register with tourist organizations to obtain a “white cardboard”; (this is a type of temporary registration), you can stop the local police and together with the passport demand this piece of paper. Penalty for the absence of “white cardboard” or late registration (no later than a day in the country) is from 200 euros. Without a receipt for payment of a fine, a foreigner has no right to leave Montenegro. The cost of white cardboard & # 187; & # 8212; 0,70 euros for 1 day, at payment for 30 days, it turns out exactly 21 euros. For a child under 12 years of age, registration for the whole period is free of charge.
2. Obtain a vunge in Montenegro and live peacefully without any monthly expenses and travel for a stamp.
We also provide services for obtaining vunge in Montenegro. With our help, the receipt of this document will pass quickly and without problems. You will only need to prepare the necessary documents, come to our office at the appointed time, and, together with our specialist, file documents, because when filing you need a personal presence and signature.
The cost of obtaining residence permit in Montenegro:
* Medical insurance for a month is included in the cost of the service. We do it on the day of filing documents for residence permit. At us you save 30 euro for each insurance.
1. Translation of one certificate on the absence of a criminal record in Serbian – 10 euros.
2. Translation of the birth certificate (only for children) into Serbian & # 8212; 10 euros.
3. Medical certificate of the state of health in the local clinic (medical assurance) & # 8212; 26-30 euros for reference, depending on the city.
List of necessary documents for obtaining an entry permit in Montenegro:
2. Information about the opening of a firm or employment in the Montenegrin organization (we do). More information about the opening of the company can be found here.
3. Medical certificate from the Montenegrin polyclinic.
4. A certificate of non-conviction (it is necessary to take it at home, it is done about 30 days and it takes 6 months, so take care of it in advance)
5. Translated into a Serbian certificate of non-conviction.
6. Contract for a long-term lease of an apartment, if not, # 8212; no problem.
7. Diploma of higher education or school certificate.
8. Certificate from the bank on the presence of 3650 euros on the account. *
2. Birth certificate.
3. Translated into a Serbian birth certificate.
* If you are several people, you can open a bank account for each separately and in turn show the same amount of 3650 euros. Those. if you are two, then it is not necessary to have 7,300 euros to get a residence permit. After you take a certificate of the existence of the amount on the account, it can be removed and used at your discretion.
A unique service from our company:
3650 euros, for registration vnzh (boravka) in Montenegro, is no longer necessary!
If you do not have the opportunity to display 3650 euros on the account, then by contacting us, you can not worry about this problem. Our company can provide you with this amount, for obtaining information.
The cost of this service is & # 8212; 150 � for one reference.
Together with us you will be able to quickly and without problems get immigration in beautiful Montenegro!
If you chose us or you have questions, write to us and we will respond within one working day.
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Thank you. very good and useful site. Success and success.
Since November 3, the law comes into force. Now when buying a property you can apply for a Borovka (VNG).

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