Ferry Riga-Stockholm-Riga.

Ferry Riga-Stockholm-Riga.
When the word “cruise” sounds so pleasant to our ears, most often a person recalls a feature film – the comedy “The Diamond Arm”.
Somewhere there is, of course, similarity, but it is still impossible to convey the grandeur of the event.
Who does not want to escape for a couple of days in the world of dreams, traveling on the high seas, forgetting about everything that at least a minute can upset.
Cruise on a fashionable liner is not a trip to the sea by bus. A ferry of this size is a mini-town, in which only institutions for rest, relaxation and shopping are collected. If you are going from Riga to Stockholm and back, then this will take you exactly 40 hours, which will include 2 nights. Be sure that this time will not be wasted, there will be entertainment for the most sophisticated travelers.
Anyone can go on such a cruise: couples of young people, youth and teenagers, for the purpose of studying history, culture and attraction, families with children, as well as people who want to find their half, interlocutor or simply escape from boredom and loneliness. The board of the liner will carry passengers to different geographic and political dimensions, but it will also give an opportunity to fantastically imagine themselves as indigenous inhabitants of Sweden, etc.
She even managed to buy out her first competitor, which further confirms her power. More precisely, it generally achieved monopolistic formats, taking the double name Tallink Silja Line.
European standards for living on board a liner.
You can swim from one large city to another on one of the proposed ships: 2 ferries – Isabella and Romantika.
Both ships reach significant sizes. We will become acquainted with the internal device by the example of one of the ferries.
In the capacity of “Isabella” only one bed for more than 2 thousand. Inside there is a car parking, intended for transportation of cars of visitors. In total it has 364 seats. The ferry boasts of its ice class: 1-A Super.
If we talk about the structure of the vessel, then it is divided into 11 floors or decks. All of them are “pierced” with four stairways-elevators, which enable passengers to navigate freely along the ferry.
In Riga, too, there is something to see, for example, from this article you will learn the history of the Dome Cathedral.
Cabins on the Riga-Stockholm ferry.
The cabins are classified as follows:
Suite – a superior cabin of two rooms: one has a double bed, the other has a TV. Located on the 9th deck, there is a window overlooking the sea. The cabin is equipped with air conditioning, shower, toilet, hair dryer and telephone. In the refrigerator there are drinks included in the room price. The price includes breakfast for two in one of the cafes aboard the liner. The cabin is for 1-2 people. The cabin is a junior suite. All components, as in the first version, but the square meters is 2 times smaller, that is 16. The cabin is for 1-2 people. Deluxe – a cabin for two with a double bed, TV, shower and toilet. There are refreshments in the refrigerator that are included in the ticket price. Room size slightly more than 11 m . It also includes 1 breakfast in an a la carte cafe. The cabin is for 1-2 people. A-Class cabins with an area of 8.4 m . There are 2-bedded and 4-seater with a view to the sea, with two or four single beds respectively. Are located on the 5th and 6th decks. The cabin room is equipped with radio, air conditioning, shower and toilet. This class is provided for passengers with disabilities and suffering for allergies. The cabin is for 1-4 people. The B-class cabins are the same as the A. The difference is in the absence of a window overlooking the sea. 2-bed room with an area of 7 m , and 4 occupies 8.4 m , as in the previous version.
C-class provides 2 and 4-bed rooms without windows. The area of 1 cabin is 8.4 m . This kind of housing is located on the 2nd deck, that is under the deck with motor transport. The ferry has cabins adapted for people with limited mobility, cabins for allergy sufferers – in the interior of these cabins are used hypoallergenic materials, as well as cabins for passengers with pets.
Fun on the ferry.
But not all the ferry decks take up only one accommodation. There are separate floors, where conferences are held, shops are located. The restaurant and concert halls also have a separate deck. The lower floors, as a rule, are a luggage compartment and a parking place for cars.
As one of the components of everything that makes a ferry magnificent and multifunctional – a beauty salon, spa salon, children’s entertainment room, etc.
The schedule of the ferry.
Cruise “Riga-Stockholm-Riga” runs in this order: from both end points the same ferry leaves every other day.
The time of departure from Stockholm is 17.00 h, the time of arrival in Riga is 11.00 h.
When departing from Riga, the ferry leaves at 18.00 h, and arrives at the destination Stockholm by 10 am.
The price of tickets for the ferry Riga-Stockholm-Riga.
The ticket can be booked in advance. The cost of such a trip will be from 30EUR for 1 seat in the cabin of the C-class (the cabin of this class for 4 seats will cost 110EUR in total), up to 380EUR for a double Suite one way.
The price, accordingly, depends on the cabin class, the number of lunches ordered, etc.
In case of advance booking, a 15% discount is given. Orders from 10 people and higher will be paid with the share – 10%.
On the ferry with your car or bike.
Transportation of transport also has its price (also one way):
the minimum bet for a bicycle is 10EUR; motorcycle or moped – 30EUR; passenger car – 60EUR; minibus (height up to 2.4 m) – 136EUR; high minivan (height up to 4.4m) – 180EUR.
There is also the possibility of transporting cargo.
One of the symbols of the city of Riga, of course the Freedom Monument, read about it here, as well as other city sights.
One of the most visited entertainment places in Riga and Jurmala is the Livu Aquapark, read about it in our material: https://vpribaltike.com/latviya/yurmala/mesta-yurmali/livu-akvapark-v-yurmale.html.
How to get to the ferry.
From the airport Riga.
Those who can afford a taxi for 10-15EUR can not read this recommendation. For everyone else who spares his purse, a bus runs under Route 22. The total distance is about 10 km.
The terminal for the ferry is on the river Daugava. Here is the bus stop that you will need right after crossing this river. Further it will be necessary to pass about 1,5 km, but here it will be already impossible to get lost – you necessarily will be oriented.
From the train station.
If you get to the ferry from the railway station, then in good weather you will need 30 minutes to overcome a little more than 2 km.
The port in Stockholm.
When arriving in Stockholm, your ferry will moor at the port called Stadsgordskien. This is one of the three Stockholm ports, designed specifically for this message.
What to do in Stockholm.
To get to know the city closer, it is necessary to catch its energy, culture and history. From these sources one can derive delight:
Kaknastornet is the tallest tower with a viewing platform. Hence the whole city in your hand. On the way you will meet 5 museums, in 2 of them the entrance is free. Museums. The most famous are the Nordic culture and a sunken warship. You can also visit the grandiose amusement park Grona Lunds Tivoli, where you can relax and ride with the whole family. Walking through the old city will open a view of the royal courtyard along with a statue of Charles XII. Communication with modern urban planning, which included new technologies and untouched nature. Acquaintance with the island of Sodermalm, which is the largest spherical building in the world – Globen.
The journey from Riga to Stockholm does not take particularly long time, but as far as it is full of pleasant moments – it’s hard to imagine! It is convenient to take advantage of this offer before the weekend: on Friday after working day you board aboard the ferry and go to Sweden, and on Sunday afternoon – you are already at home. But how much you can see during this weekend and how pleasant it is to relax.
Maybe you want to take with them a whole company of your friends or invite your subordinates or employees, which is very close. Such a holiday can become even a tradition, something like: “Every year, we are December 31 …”.
The company Tallink Silja Line offers many other topical routes for today, for example: Helsinki-Stockholm, Turku-Stockholm, Tallinn-Stockholm, Helsinki-Tallinn. They can be visited by entire corporations, without detaching themselves from the work processes, to hold meetings in the conference hall.
Do not think that the time spent on the road will be wasted! Each passenger will find a worthy pastime for himself!
Zdrastvujte! I live in Armenia and unfortunately we do not have the sea, so the ferry, too)). I went through this site.
fascinated by the sights of the Baltic States, I honestly do not even imagine. Now I decided for myself, this summer I will use Riga-Stockholm-Riga ferry and spend unforgettable days with my family. I am very glad and grateful to this resource for such useful information for. I wish all good holidays and no doubt on the ferry on the route Riga-Stockholm-Riga. Respect you and good luck.
A wonderful cruise. Full of impressions both from cities and from the ferry. Only upset read the cost of tickets for the ferry and how much the travel agency paid.
Take the tour Riga-Stockholm-Riga. Still impressed. Especially memorable breakfast. It’s so hard to see so many hungry people in one place. And so everything was pleasant. Ferry, cabin No. 545, food, party in the Brazilian style. I recommend to everyone.
One of these days have returned with a cruise Riga-Stockholm-Riga. I liked it very much. They took cabin A with a window. It was cramped (there are 4 adults plus a child of 1.5 years). But everything is clean and comfortable. Did not stink at all (worried about this, reading the reviews). The child was delighted. Gladly ran around the ferry. And from the children’s room (especially the balls), it was not possible to pull it out. Very lucky with the weather. Ideal and can not imagine. And we were given a cabin right near the exit to Stockholm. At the exit were one of the first (not occupying the queue for 40 minutes as the rest), so we already at 10 40 took a bus and went to the Vasa Museum. Time for a walk was not enough. Hardly had time to ferry back. They fed tolerably (at 4). With a table for dinner we were also lucky. We were put in front of the window (they saw a stunning sunset). One moment left a negative imprint. Even shocked a little. Absence of drinking water in free access. Only buy. The cheapest was to buy in the store for 1.5 euros for 0.5L (and in the bar all 2 euros). I have not yet drunk such expensive water. Drinking water was not even at breakfast or at dinner in the buffet. Only terrible juices and boiling water for tea and coffee. So store water for the whole trip.
Recently returned from the tour Northern voyage (do not believe for 33 euros) and before Stockholm sailed by ferry Isabella, it’s just a charm, a city on the water. Especially impressed the skeleton in front of Stockholm. If anyone has the desire and opportunity, go, you will not regret. Even the cabin on deck 2 was the most modern with all the amenities. Service at the height, buffet for all tastes. Forward to new impressions.
Good afternoon! Tell me in which cities the ferry runs for the New Year holidays in the period from 02.01.2016-10-01.2016?
Tell me please on the ferry there are 3 local cabins with a view of the sea?
On the ferry Riga Stockholm, Stockholm, when you leave at 6.5 o’clock in Stockholm, you can take your bags with you. We return to the same place in our cabin. Thank you.

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