Features of obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic.

Features of obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic.
The question of how to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic is relevant today. The Czech Republic is a developed European country, where many residents of Russia and Ukraine are eager to move. For long-term residence in the territory of the Czech Republic, citizens of other states must issue the appropriate permit.
How to get a residence permit.
If your plans to live in the Czech Republic for 3-6 months, you can just get a long-term visa at the embassy. If you plan to live here longer, you will need to obtain an official residence permit.
Getting a residence permit in the Czech Republic allows you to take advantage of the many benefits of the state, including:
It is legal to live in the Czech Republic for a long time. Learn here or work. Lead your own business. Purchase real estate in any EU country. Use the Schengen visa. Use credit or mortgages from leading banks, purchase an apartment. Have the opportunity to obtain permanent residence and citizenship.
Ways to get a residence permit.
The Czech Republic sparingly distributes permits for temporary residence, but an even more rare case is the extradition of citizenship. To obtain such a permit, one can expect:
Citizens of Russia, who have formalized the enterprise, own business in the Czech Republic. To open your business in this country will not be difficult, for this you do not even need to come personally. Take care of yourself take a confidant. The procedure for opening an IP will take no more than a month and requires payment of a tax, the amount of which is quite large. Therefore, it is much more profitable for citizens of the CIS countries to open a firm in the format of LLC. But it is worth considering that the firm should actively develop, otherwise, it is not necessary to count on getting a residence permit. It is better to start the registration process yourself by visiting the country on a long-term visa. You can expect to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic, if you came here to study. In this case, the Czech Republic’s opportunities for Russians are fully accessible. The cost of education in this country is lower than in other European countries. But, such a document is issued to students from Russia only for the duration of training. If after graduation you will get a job in the Czech Republic by profession, in the future you can count on the registration of citizenship in this country. Having found a job in the Czech Republic, you can also rely on an authorization document. However, due to the high population density in the country, to citizens of Russia or CIS countries, it is hardly possible to expect a qualified job. Typically, foreigners are recruited in the service sector, where the salary is small. But in the country there is an acute shortage of personnel in such branches as medicine, energy, construction, engineering. Qualified specialists in these areas in the Czech Republic are welcome, they are guaranteed an official permit to stay here. For employment, you need to pass a test of knowledge of the Czech language. Knowledge of English or any other is not the basis for issuing the document.
Attention! A residence permit is easiest to obtain if an invitation has been sent to work. Upon dismissal, the residence permit is annulled and, in order to get a new job, it will have to be reissued.
To obtain a residence permit, you can buy property in this country. The purchase itself does not entitle you to obtain a permit, but it provides many privileges when preparing documents. If your relatives live in the Czech Republic, you can also expect to receive a permit.
This is available to children who have parents living in the Czech Republic, their spouses, as well as close relatives with Czech citizenship who are ready to officially confirm their intention and provide financial assistance.
The remaining categories of citizens can not count on obtaining a residence permit. That is, there is little chance of obtaining such permission. In this country, a thorough check of candidates for residence permit, so in the Czech Republic, very few migrants. Conditions for residents of the CIS countries are the same, citizens from EU countries get a residence permit in this country is easier.
Procedure for registration.
To obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic, you must first come to this country on a call or a long-term visa. 2 weeks before the expiry of the visa, it is necessary to provide a full package of documents for consideration by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.
You will need to collect and submit such documents:
The applicant’s passport, which must have a minimum of 2 blank pages and be issued not more than ten years ago. Two color photos in the size of 3,5�4 cm. Own birth certificate. Certificate of marriage and its dissolution (if any). Certificate from law enforcement agencies, confirming the absence of a criminal record. Extract at the place of actual residence. Certificate of the composition of the family. Confirmation of the purpose of arrival. This can be a request from the employer, a relative, a marriage certificate with a Czech citizen or a letter of admission to a higher education institution. Extract from the bank, which confirms the availability of funds on the applicant’s account. The minimum for different categories of citizens may differ, so it should be specified in advance. Application for a residence permit in the Czech Republic. Medical insurance. It can be issued in your country, before leaving for the Czech Republic.
This is a standard set of documents, for some categories of migrants are provided and other papers. In particular, for pensioners this pension certificate, and entrepreneurs are required to provide certificates and statements on the absence of tax debts. In addition, documents confirming the opening of the FE in the Czech Republic will be required.
All documents are submitted to authorized bodies in the Czech language. They can be translated and notarized. It is not required to translate only a passport and a marriage certificate. You can not file documents via the Internet or an intermediary, only the applicant can do it personally. He should also be present in the country during the examination of the application, as there may be difficulties or the staff of the Ministry will want to clarify some points.
After consideration of the application, a personal interview is conducted with the candidate.
Attention! The interview is conducted only in the Czech language, this is the test. Based on the results of the interview, a decision is made to issue a permit.
But, the test is carried out only if the purpose of the arrival of a foreign citizen from the Russian Federation is employment. In other cases, knowledge of Czech is required not so strictly, therefore it is possible to come to an interview with an interpreter.
At the end of the interview, a protocol is drawn up, if the authorized person signs it – the residence permit to the applicant will be issued.
Documents for residence permits in the Czech Republic are considered for 2-9 months. This is the official deadline, usually consideration takes place one and a half to two months. The result of the commission’s decision is sent to the applicant by registered mail. The residence permits permanent residence in the Czech Republic for an unlimited period, but each year this permission must be renewed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
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