Excursions in Alanya: overview, cognitive and extreme.

Excursions in Alanya: overview, cognitive and extreme.
Rest on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey & ndash; it’s not only sunbathing on sandy beaches, excursions in Alanya & ndash; are quite popular. Moreover, this kind of pastime is envisaged not only contemplation of the preserved sights. Guests of this region can climb the mountain and go down the river, take a yacht ride and see the dolphin show, or visit the show “Turkish night”.
Sightseeing tour of Alanya.
Basically, a sightseeing tour around Alanya & ndash; this is an interesting walk, which consists of two parts: a yacht trip along the shore and a bus voyage around the city and the surrounding area. The tour starts at 8-9 am and lasts about 7-9 hours. During a walk on the yacht, amazing landscapes of the peninsula open, the ancient impregnable fortress of Ich-Kale appears in all its glory.
About the pirate past of this area shows the grotto Dalmatash (it is here according to legend, they kept the loot). For 15 thousand years in it numerous stalagmites and stalactites, as well as various calcareous deposits formed a mass of bizarre stone forms. In addition to stunning views, vacationers are also offered to feed fish, swim in the open sea. Then follows lunch at the cafe and & la ;, land & raquo; half of the excursion.
In various travel agencies, the second part of the walk is somewhat different. Some offer shopping at local shops and shopping centers, and then visit the fortress. Others make up the program solely from viewing various attractions. In the second case, you can visit:
panoramic area of Alanya; the fortress of Ich-Kale with ancient buildings (a kind of open-air museum); The Red Tower, built in the 13th century by the Seljuks; dam on the river Dymchay; lemon and orange groves, banana plantations; a village mosque; shipyard; mausoleum of Acebe Turbesi; a monument to Ataturk; Archaeological Museum.
Prices for excursions in Alanya are quite acceptable. The review will cost between $ 35 – $ 40 for an adult and $ 20-25 for a child. The price, as a rule, includes services of the guide, lunch and insurance. In addition, you have to pay for drinks. When traveling on a yacht a professional photographer works, before the end of the walk he will print the best shots and offer them to buy back. If you are planning shopping, then do not forget to bring cash.
Excursions around Alanya.
Modern attractions and attractions, which are more than a thousand years old, provides tourists with rest & Turkey; Alanya excursion offers not less mesmerizing. You can take interesting walks in the surroundings of Alanya both independently and by organized groups. Travel, as a rule, one-day. At the same dinner is included in the price of the excursion.
Pamukkale & ndash; Hilt.
The answer to the question: what excursions to visit in Alanya & ndash; quite often you can hear – Pamukkale. This Cotton Castle (so the name is translated from Turkish) & ndash; a real miracle of nature. Over the centuries, thermal streams flowing along the Cretaceous plateau, formed in the soft rock peculiar basins. To see this creation will have to withstand a fairly long move. So the walk starts very early & ndash; at 3-4 o’clock in the morning.
A one-day excursion to Pamukkale consists of three parts: a tour of the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis, a descent along the snow-white mountainside and a swim in the Cleopatra Basin. In the city (it is necessary to overcome about 2 km) the gaze of tourists is presented:
various crypts and sarcophagi in the necropolis; bath complex; Roman and Byzantine gates; ruins of fountains, city theater.
Then follows the descent from the mountain, covered with travertines, between pools with emerald water. Swim is allowed only in one, specially allocated. If you want, you can visit the Cleopatra’s pool, but for this you will have to pay about $ 20. Be prepared for the fact that sightseeing coincides with the peak of the heat, so sunscreens, glasses and hats are mandatory.
About a trip to Pamukkale & ndash; excursions in Alanya & ndash; reviews are different. Some are delighted with the beauty of nature, others complain about the long transfer and fatigue, while others are unhappy with the stops in the textile and carpet centers, as well as in the factory where the products of onyx are made. But all agree on one thing: do not take children with you.
The two-day excursion is less tiring and in its program include a visit to the ancient city of Ephesus. There are a lot of surviving objects here: amphitheatres, the library of Celsius, Roman baths, the fountain of the Emperor Hadrian, the house of the Virgin Mary, the ruins of the temple of Artemis, the Seljuk fortress and the Isabey mosque of the 13th century. This variety is offered by Turkey – excursions from Alanya & ndash; The price for a tour depends on the number of days. One-day will cost from $ 40, a two-day & ndash; from 80 $.
The ancient city of Termessos.
A trip to the city of Termessos, as a rule, is not offered by guides and travel agencies. But, if you are interested in really interesting excursions in Alanya, then highlight the day, rent a car and head northwest from Antalya to a height of more than 1000m above sea level. There, on steep slopes in dense thickets there are ruins of the city, which people left after the earthquake in the 5th century. Such a walk can be safely called a time travel.
In this fortress (and this was the purpose of the settlement), the amphitheater, the necropolis (especially the crypts carved into the mountain), six churches, the Odeon, the Agora and the gymnasium were pretty well preserved. Moreover, here all the surviving objects were practically not subjected to restoration. That is, the city looks like it was many centuries ago. Termessos is difficult to pass, so it’s better to wear sneakers and long pants on your feet. Reserve water per liter per person.
Ascent to the mountain Tahtali.
If you are looking for excursions in Alanya & ndash; Turkey – the most unusual, then pay attention to the climb to the mountain Tahtali. This is a journey from summer & ndash; in the winter, from the heat & ndash; in the realm of cold. Thanks to the new cable car in 15 minutes you can be on the observation deck at an altitude of more than two thousand meters above sea level. Panoramic windows of the cabins allow you to see the retreating surface of the sea, the majestic chain of the Taurus Mountains and the tiny houses of the cities.
From January to April it is quite possible to play snowballs at the top, at other times of the year the temperature ranges from 0 to +10 � C, so do not forget to take warm clothes. Clouds are often quite high, so visibility is sometimes not more than 100m. With an organized tour in Alanya, prices were $ 50-60 for an adult and $ 40 for a child. The cost of the tour, as a rule, includes transfer, climb-down, lunch (without drinks) and guide accompaniment.
When choosing the best excursions from Alanya, pay attention to Cappadocia. On this territory for several millennia, water and wind created from volcanic tuff amazing pillars and towers, pyramids and canyons. In addition to fantastic natural reliefs, you can see traces of the residence of different peoples: the Romans, the Hittites and others.
Paying the cost of the excursion in Alanya (from $ 60 per adult), you can visit the ancient underground city Derenkuyu, which was inhabited by ancient Christians in the 8-7 centuries BC. And also connected with it 9 km tunnel by the underground city of Kaymakly, consisting of 8 floors. Ichlara Gorge – it’s a kind of canyon, on the steep walls of which there are many temples. But the main attraction is Goreme, a kind of open-air museum, consisting of 30 cave churches.
Water excursions.
Water walks are often exactly what you want on a hot day. Excursion on a yacht in Alanya & ndash; this is not just a contemplation of the coastline. During this journey, the gaze of the tourist opens mysterious caves of pirates and the mysterious cave of lovers, the fortress and the Red Tower, the beach of Cleopatra. On board the yacht you can have fun and sunbathe, and then swim in the open sea.
Cruise on the river Manavgat.
Cruise on the river & mdash; Manavgat is a quiet and peaceful excursion, during which you can contemplate amazing landscapes. Most of all in this journey attracts tourists a beautiful waterfall. Its height, though small (3-4m), but due to a decent width (40m) and high water speed, the spectacle turns out bewitching.
During the excursion you will also visit the confluence of the river and the Mediterranean Sea, sunbathe on the sandy beach and swim immediately in both water bodies. The program includes a visit to the city of Manavgat and a mosque with four minarets. Considering how much there are excursions in Alanya (and such a cruise will cost from $ 35), it is quite possible to allocate such a sum, in order to diversify the rest.
Journey through the Green Canyon.
Tour of the Green Canyon – a rest from the noise, the sea and the hustle and bustle of the city. Initially, tourists are brought to a huge dam, from which a view of the entire Canyon. Further, during the journey, it is carried by a boat on the Grand Canyon, the length of the route is about 14 km and Maly Canyon (3 km). In addition to contemplating landscapes, tourists are also offered to swim in unusual emerald water.
The duration of the walk is about 11 hours. There will be such a cruise at $ 60 for adults and 30 for children. The price includes transfer, guide services, lunch. The only thing you need additional tools & ndash; that drinks. Be sure to take the camera: the pines descending to the water itself, blocks of various forms, a small waterfall on the way & ndash; all this just wants to capture.
Extreme tours.
For those who do not think their vacation without adrenaline, there is a whole group of various excursions. All of them are organized in such a way as to be as safe as possible, but to give tourists maximum enjoyment and impressions. The price includes the services of a guide and experienced instructors, equipment, transfer, lunch and travel. If you are thinking about where to buy excursions in Alanya, preference should be given to hotel guides, although some street travel agencies can organize a decent vacation.
As a rule, rafting passes along the picturesque mountain river Kopryuchay. The most suitable time of year for this class is & ndash; this is the interval from the middle of spring and until the middle of autumn. There are routes for beginners and for experienced tourists. The rafting begins nearby (about 100m) from the bridge of Oluk, which was erected during the Roman colonization.
Before breaking into rowing, instructors teach the first lessons, talk about the intricacies of the alloy. After 10 km of travel, in the place where the ferroconcrete bridge passes over the river, a stop is made. For beginners & ndash; this is the finish, the more experienced can continue the descent. There is an age limit: children under 7 years and pensioners over 70 rafting is prohibited. The cost of the tour is $ 25.
Jeep safari.
Jeep Safari & ndash; This is a dynamic excursion, during which you can experience extreme sensations. After all, we have to overcome mountain rivers, steep slopes and unthinkable ascent. At the same time vacationers move from the expanse of the plain to the mountain serpentine. Such tours usually take place in jeeps, which accommodate 4 or 6 passengers. Duration of the tour is about 7 hours, the cost is from $ 25.
Jeep & ndash; This is a car that will pass where no bus can drive. Therefore, the most interesting and inaccessible corners of Alanya can be visited by going on a jeep safari.
Excursions from Alanya.
A cognitive and fascinating excursion is from Alanya to Israel. As a rule, visitors to Turkey go to Jerusalem. This amazing journey takes a little less than a day (leaving the hotel at four in the morning, returning at noon) and costs about $ 300 per person. A visa to Israel is issued directly at the hotel. During the trip, tourists can visit:
on the Mount of Olives; in the Garden of Gethsemane; in the chamber of the Last Supper; on Calvary; in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher; near the Western Wall; on the Dead Sea.
An equally popular tourist destination in Turkey is an excursion to North Cyprus. A visa is not required for his visit. The program of such a voyage includes a visit to the ancient city of Salamis, where the main attractions are the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Basilica of St. Epiphany, the town of Famagusta and the dead city of Varosha. Next is the move to Kyrenia, where you can see the knight’s castle and Bellapais Abbey.
At the end of the tour, vacationers go on a boat trip along the coast of the island. Here, on board, dinner takes place, which serves local cuisine. Further free time is provided, which can be spent strolling in the old port of Kyrenia. The price of such an excursion is from $ 260 for an adult. As a rule, travel agencies offer to get to Cyprus by plane, but you can use the ferry.
Entertaining excursions.
If you are planning excursions in Alanya with children, the Sealanya Dolphin & ndash; just what you need. Dolphins and fur seals will amuse you for 50 minutes. And their ability to bewitch and make you admire not only kids, but adults. After the presentation, you can take a picture with these charming mammals. The ticket price for an adult is $ 35, for a child $ 30.
& laquo; Turkish night & raquo; – the only excursion that starts in the evening and lasts about 3 hours. At 15 km from Alanya in Konakli is this amazing show. Different folklore groups perform dances of different regions of the country. You can see a real belly dance, visit a Turkish wedding. The cost of such an excursion is $ 40 for an adult.
Amazing and unique Alanya & ndash; Turkey: attractions & ndash; excursions to any taste – a vivid confirmation of this. The main thing is to plan your vacation properly, so that each trip is remembered only by bright and positive moments. Go on tours only with proven guides, read reviews of holidaymakers, tune into a positive and enjoy every moment.

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