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Immigration to Estonia has for many years interested our compatriots. This is a fairly developed country with a close to the Russian mentality, where you can find many Russian-speaking residents. The immigration legislation of the state is relatively loyal to the Russians, so you can move here by taking advantage of one of the many opportunities:
Having concluded the marriage union with the citizen of Estonia. Having got a job in this state. Having started the process of business immigration to Estonia and opening own company here. Enrolled in one of the universities of this country.
Having concluded a marriage with a citizen of Estonia, you can count on getting a residence permit in this state, however this process will not be easy. Similarly, the authorities do not contribute too much to family immigration: simply applying is not enough, you will have to fill out a few very large questionnaires, proving that you need to live in Estonia and not in Russia. In addition to the questionnaire, you will be asked to provide several references and all the necessary personal documents.
Immigration to Estonia for the purpose of running your own business.
Business immigration to Estonia has a number of undeniable advantages. First, the cost of this procedure is low, especially in comparison with other countries in Europe. Here, moderate taxes, and the country’s economy is completely open to entrepreneurs from other countries: foreign investment in any form is always encouraged. An alien (both natural and legal) has the right to register a joint-stock company or an LLC in Estonia. After the registration of the company you will be provided with a residence permit for a period of 2 years, which you can then extend for another 5 years.
One of the conditions for extending the residence permit is the conduct of business activities by the company during the previous filing of the application for 8 months. However, it should be noted that Estonia’s residence permit will not give you the right to enter the Schengen countries without a visa.
Immigration to Estonia for investment is also a very common way to move to this country for wealthy people. The residence permit without the right to work is provided in the event that the legal income of an alien allows him to fully secure his living and food in Estonia. Also, the applicant needs to purchase real estate for his own money: then after 5 years he can apply for permanent residence.
Immigration to Estonia in order to get a job & ndash; Not the easiest way to settle in this country. You can get a residence permit only if the company has previously held a competition for a vacant seat and within 3 weeks has not found a single Estonian citizen, an EU citizen or a person who has a residence permit of Estonia that meets the qualification requirements, except for you. At the same time, the quota is valid: the number of foreigners applying for foreign residence permits should not exceed 0.1% of the number of permanent residents of the state. A foreigner must necessarily have education and work experience, and also be healthy.
Until documents are issued, the foreigner must obtain the prior consent of the Unemployment Insurance Fund, valid for 2 months from the date of issue. Before filing an application for the issuance of residence permit, the employer is obliged to sign an employment contract with a foreigner, whose term is not less than 1 year, or to make a labor offer to him. The labor offer connects the company with the employee by a legal contract concluded for 12 months. The residence permit is issued for 2 years, after which it can be extended by 5 more.
Estonia is a member of the European Union, therefore its diplomas are quoted in all countries of the world. Immigration to Estonia for the purpose of obtaining education here is possible for a period of 3 years (bachelor) to 9 years (doctor) & ndash; graduation is carried out according to the Bologna process. There are 6 state universities and 3 private universities in the country. The main university is the University of Tartu & ndash; Classical and the largest in the country institute, graduating specialists of almost all specialties. Foreign students have the right to work during training, and the internship does not require the granting of work permits. The residence permit is provided for a period of up to 1 year, and is extended for a maximum of 12 months per year.
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One of the smallest states of the world is stretched for 28 km from north to south along the right bank of the Rhine and borders on the north and east with Austria, and in the west and south-west – with Switzerland. From west to east the width of the territory does not exceed 10 km. Sometimes it is jokingly said that it is possible to get into this mini-state by mistake, turning the wrong way at the fork in the road. Liechtensteiners speak a peculiar dialect of the German language, which is close to the dialects of neighboring Austria. The only exception is a group of people living high in the mountains. It almost intact preserved the language of the ancestors who came in the 13th century. from Switzerland. immigration to Liechtenstein is a complex process, but with a great desire, you can overcome all difficulties.
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Year-round in the Emirates the sun shines, and the beautiful sea, magnificent hotels and shopping centers, attract thousands of tourists to these extraordinary lands. The UAE is in the north-east of the Arabian Peninsula, washed in the east by the waters of the Gulf of Oman and in the north by the Persian Gulf. The emirates border on Saudi Arabia in the southwest and with Oman in the southeast and northeast. The state includes 7 emirates: Dubai, where many shopping centers are located; Abu Dhabi; Sharjah, located in close proximity to the tourist center of the UAE – Dubai; Umm Al Quwain; Ajman, which is the smallest emirate; Ras Al-Khaimah; the emirate of Fujairah. The capital of the UAE is the largest city of the UAE under the name of Abu Dhabi.
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