Lovers of India.
live in India.
Respond, who has a similar experience! Or who is also going to take a chance! Let’s try together.
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To move, you need to weigh a lot more factors.
With the visa will have to sweat, the first tourist can get for six months, and then after each – exit for two months, and each subsequent visa – all more difficult. A year ago, the consulate consulate in general only for 45 days of a visa gave.
Cheaper – yes, cheaper, if you are ready to cook your own food, and not feed in the neck. And rent an apartment a little further from the beach, and not a hut overlooking the sea.
The Internet. The Internet as a whole is twice as expensive as in Russia, if you connect. But I do not know how to connect to an alien on a tourist visa. You, most likely, will not sell the connection. So you’ll go on an Internet cafes. And it’s not a fact that the wire will be plugged into your own laptop, and if you give it, then at a double tariff, you have your own laptop.
Well, I do not know, you are not paranoid, that you are constantly being pumped here and there? Drivers want more money for travel, juice is mixed with water, etc. I’m not talking about brutal slowness and non-punctuality.
I’ve been writing everything in black, but those were my impressions in the first months in India.
Now I live here for about 3 years, I try not to pay attention to mucks, but still I’m not here because of the country.
So there is no “forever”. Come-live and see – this is your country, or her?
Do you know the English well? or Hindi?
The most important thing is to be sure that there will be a monthly income, and just try to live to come, too, is worth it. With the visa there will be problems as now everything is getting tough.
Tourists seem to be getting visa again for half a year.
If there is a chance to try dare))))
Subjunctive mood is only a hindrance.
To be honest, IMHO is not the best place for living, I would prefer the Russian province in this scenario, certainly – but this is only IMHO.
I’ve been working here for 2 years, doing freelance stock photography, and everything was already boring:
1) there is no normal Internet. Everywhere the speed of the Internet grows, in India they fall. It began to rain – the Internet fell. Periodically, he simply dies. I’m critical of uploading photos.
2) you can not get a normal visa. With a tourist (which every time it will be more difficult to get) you will not have the right, for example, you can not open an account with a bank. And you do not need anyone here.
3) problems with electricity. Few planned hourly shutdowns every day (politicians create a power shortage to have a pullback), so also permanent unplanned ones. Very “nice” when you are working hard, and light is cut. On UPS for a long time you will not work, and what is more serious to buy – excuse me, I do not want.
4) stupid local population. And not as stupid as, say, three in our course were considered stupid, but stupid as bricks and stumps.
5) you will constantly try to deceive how much you would not have lived here.
6) the general atmosphere of razdolbaystva. Even if she lacks the will to resist, but as soon as she touches something that depends on the natives, she immediately takes care.
7) everything constantly breaks down or works somehow. What is not attached to the snot, it is primed with scotch tape, and periodically falls off.
8) Expensive – everything that is human is considered a luxury. It’s unlikely you want to eat rice with peas and live in a holey kennel.

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