Education in Europe.

Education in Europe.
Education and emigration.
Emigration to Portugal. Ways of emigration to Portugal.
Portugal is a hospitable and beautiful country with a mild and warm climate. It attracts emigrants with low crime rates, rapidly developing social and economic spheres, and an excellent ecological situation. A wide range of affordable housing and an increasing number of jobs every year create favorable conditions for a constant increase in the number of emigrants.
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Ways of emigration to Portugal.
One of the main advantages of Portugal over other European countries is the possibility of legal residence in the country based on the purchase of housing. Having bought the liked inhabited real estate in any city, it is possible to live there, during six months annually. However, the purchase of real estate does not entitle you to work in Portugal.
Emigration to Portugal for hiring is associated with the registration of a huge number of documents (social insurance, permits, etc.), but this will only be possible after the invitation to work in the emigration service from a particular employer. If you manage to get a job under the contract, you will receive a visa for a period of one year, which can then be extended for five years if the employer needs your services.
There is a simpler version of emigration – business emigration. To do this, you must obtain permission to open your business in the country, after which you will be issued a special business visa, which can be extended. Do not forget that a foreign citizen can open his own business in this country, having at least $ 5,000 in his account if the founder of the enterprise is a Portuguese citizen. However, if a person purchases ready-made business or commercial real estate in Portugal, he can get a residence permit immediately upon purchase.
Quite often immigrants seek asylum in the territory of Portugal. In this country, the status of a refugee can be assigned to any foreign citizen whose life situation falls under the definition of the Geneva Convention, or to a citizen of another country requesting asylum in the country for various humanitarian reasons. In addition, there is the possibility of granting asylum to foreigners, based on Portugal’s national interests. Such people receive a special residence permit. Under this category are various highly qualified specialists of the world level (nuclear physicists, doctors of rare specialties, famous figures of culture and science, athletes, etc.). Citizens granted asylum in Portugal have the right to employment.
There is also the possibility of obtaining a residence permit by marrying a citizen or a citizen of Portugal. However, do not forget that the country’s immigration services are closely monitoring such pairs in order to identify fictitious marriages in time. Citizenship of Portugal can be obtained by living in a marriage with a citizen of that country for at least three years.
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Another option for emigration to Portugal can be considered a family reunion or emigration by origin. A child whose mother or father was born in Portugal obtains the citizenship of that country automatically.
After five years in Portugal (on a legal basis), a foreigner is granted the right to obtain Portuguese citizenship.
The advantages of living in Portugal are huge and it is simply impossible to single out one thing. However, it should be remembered that in this country excellent safety, the highest standard of living, invariably warm climate and low prices. Portugal is an amazing country that you do not want to leave when you are there at least once.

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