Dubai how to leave from Bishkek

Dubai how to leave from Bishkek h1>
Women for sale: how girls from Kyrgyzstan fall into sexual slavery.
17:40, January 16, 2018.
Author Zhamilya Zhakypbekova.
& laquo; He entered my room and ordered me to undress. I asked for water and went to the kitchen. There I saw a knife, grabbed it and began threatening to get my passport back, & mdash; recalls Aigerim (name changed) his attempt to find a job in Turkey.
The girl is 27 years old, her close friend Madina (name changed) invited her to go to Turkey to work in a cafe. Madina has been traveling there for several years to earn money, therefore she entrusted the entire organization of the trip to her. She did not have a passport and money for the flight, but the girlfriend offered to pay all the expenses, saying that Aigerim can give money from the salary. As soon as she agreed, Madina paid for the production of an urgent passport, which was ready in two days. So Aigerim together with her best friend went to another country in search of a better life.
Instead of the planned city, near Istanbul, they went to Antalya. There they were met by two men. The situation in the apartment where they arrived immediately strained Aigerim & ndash; dirt, cigarette butts, besides, the girl noticed that all the doors are locked with a key.
Madina took her passport from her, saying that she would hide it in the safe, after which she started drinking alcoholic drinks with the men. Aigerim noticed that her friend’s attitude towards her became very aggressive.
& laquo; I was scared, and I said that I would leave. Madina said that at first I should return her money for the passport and flight, also added that she will decide whether I will return home or not, & mdash; Aigerim shares.
Overhearing the conversations, she realized that Madina promised these men to bring a girl from Kyrgyzstan, one of them demanded to give him the passport of Aygerim, saying that he would become her patron (master).
& laquo; They started to mock me, saying that I’m & ndash; no one. They beat me to death and locked me in the room. I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I saw that the bleeding did not stop & raquo ;, & mdash; remembers Aigerim.
The girl was taken to the hospital after all, telling the doctors that she cut herself when she cooked dinner. Aigerim tried to explain everything, but because of ignorance of the language, no one understood it. The doctors called the police, and Aigerim was taken to the station. Madina arrived there, saying that she had bought a ticket to Bishkek, so Aygerim agreed to leave with her.
She was put on the bus, saying that she would travel to Istanbul, and then she would board the plane. Being in a state of shock, Aygerim did not notice that the ticket was to the unknown city of Kutahya. The girl just got off at the last stop and fell asleep on the bench. It was discovered by an unknown man who fed her and took him to the police station. There she showed a Kyrgyz passport and she was identified in a shelter. Five days Aygerim recovered from the beating, after which she was bought a ticket to Kyrgyzstan.
“With Madina, we studied together from the first grade, I did not think that she could be a prostitute. I do not know how many girls she could also sell in Turkey & raquo ;, & mdash; Aigerim shares.
History of Aigerim & ndash; one of many cases when girls fall into sexual slavery in Turkey, Dubai, Korea and so on. Many of them get there through job ads with maid, waitresses, nannies. Some of these ads still suggest a completely different “work” & raquo; & ndash; prostitution.
A girl who invited me to a meeting answered one of these announcements about the maid’s job in Turkey. Tet-a-tet, she explained that she does not have permission to send people abroad, so the guarantor of safety is her only word of honor.
She also failed to provide an employment contract for study, saying that he would sign up already in Turkey, and instead of working visa advised me to fly by tourist.
& laquo; You can take a ticket for the time being only there. Reverse take, when you will be going back. Do not like it, you can leave, you will be counted how much you have worked, and will pay the money due. The work is not difficult, if you work well, you can increase your salary & raquo ;, & mdash; she said.
In support of her words, the employer woman gave the number of the owner of the hotel Emra, saying that he wants to talk with the future maid in advance. In the dialogue, he also persuaded the potential employee that there is nothing difficult in the work of the maid.
& laquo; There are myths that a person is taken out unconscious. No, he’s just being tricked into being deceived. In the ads they write that they need babysitters, housekeepers, hairdressers, waitresses & raquo ;, & mdash; the program manager of the International Organization for Migration Jyldyz Akhmetov said.
On arrival, the girls are simply transferred to brothels, they put before the fact that it will have to serve customers. Attempts to resist this are solved in two ways.
& laquo; The most natural way they break & ndash; they are beaten so much that they lie and recover for several days. Second way of action & ndash; threats and blackmail. Pour a sleeping pill to the girl, after which she falls asleep, and with her doing different things. All this is filmed on video. Then they threaten that they will put this video on the Internet. These people & ndash; subtle psychologists, they perfectly know to which person how to approach & raquo ;, & mdash; said Zhydyz Akhmetova.
The authors of some ads openly talk about the specifics of the work. In the group & laquo; Work Kyrgyzstan & raquo; in Facebook with the profile of Gul Culi periodically publish ads that require girls to work in Turkey. In personal correspondence, the interlocutor immediately recognizes that it will be necessary to work in the sphere of providing sex services.
The girl-agent admits that she herself is from Kyrgyzstan. The salary it promises about $ 3-4 thousand.
As one of the leaders of the Kyrgyz Club in the UAE Maksat Atmatkulov shared, they often have to face the problems of compatriots abroad.
& laquo; Help as you go. For example, two years ago one of our compatriots was released, which fell into sexual slavery. Under the contract, she had to work as a hairdresser, but in fact she was forced to engage in prostitution. She appealed to our community through one of the clients. We then sent one of our activists under the guise of a client, so we managed to get her out of there & raquo ;, & mdash; he said.
Atmatkulov also noted that mostly girls in Dubai work in Nasser Square and Al Karama.
& laquo; The addresses change every month, if not more often & raquo ;, & mdash; he said.
In addition to prostitution, sexually slavery has a different character. Kyrgyzstanis, who work in Turkey for several years, lure girls there and sell them to a certain person.
Janyl worked in Kyrgyzstan as a dishwasher, but when she met a longtime acquaintance Tinatin who called her to Turkey, she also went to try her luck and find a decent salary.
Together, eight more women went to her, to whom Tinatin promised to find a job.
“When we flew to Istanbul, she began to act in a very different way, became very aggressive. Tinatin quickly found work for young girls, but after 2-3 days they returned with tears. About what happened to them, we were not told & raquo ;, & mdash; remembers Janyl.
For the most Zhanyl found work as a nurse for one elderly person. But in addition to work on the household, the man began to demand that Janyl sleep with him.
& laquo; And what could I do? I did not have an exit, and I stayed with him for a month. On one of the weekend I escaped and did not return to him & raquo ;, & mdash; said Janyl.
Another woman helped to find a job for her sister, who has been living in Turkey for several years. As soon as Janyl accumulated a return ticket, she returned to Kyrgyzstan.
& laquo; How the fate of the girls who came with me is, I do not know. Tinatin sold them all to the Turks. I saw a lot there, Kyrgyz people, who have been working in Turkey for a long time, lure girls there and sell them as living goods. I personally detained a girl who wanted to jump from the 8th floor. I know that Tinatin has three other accomplices, one of them is Aisuluu. It is sought by Kyrgyz guys to avenge the girls, but they can not catch & raquo ;, & mdash; says Janyl.
According to her, in Turkey Tinatin has a nickname Aysha, she left there 10 years ago, when her husband died.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in Kyrgyzstan for the period from 2013 to 2016 inclusive, the courts considered a total of 50 criminal cases initiated under Article 124 of “Trafficking in Human Beings & raquo; CC of the KR.
All organizations and agencies working in this sphere, including law enforcement agencies themselves, note the low level of disclosure of cases.
“The difficulty is that citizens leave here voluntarily, and the crime itself takes place in another state. And the victims sometimes do not wait for the end of the process and return, sometimes the state itself does not initiate criminal proceedings against its citizens & raquo ;, & mdash; said the Interior Ministry’s GUUR.
According to the Judicial Department under the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic, under Article 124 over the past five years, 62 people have been convicted.
In the crisis center & la Sezim & raquo; noted another problem, because of which the disclosure of cases suffers & ndash; girls want to forget about what happened to them, or do not want relatives to know about it.
& laquo; One young girl told that somewhere in the ghetto she was dressed in a hoodie and started to drug addicts, she came out of there barely alive. On the day of 30-35 men were passed through it. Of course, she wants to forget all this. Another girl did not agree to work voluntarily, then two men took her by the legs and hung from the ninth floor. The choice she did not have was & raquo ;, & mdash; said Byybusara Ryskulova.
Aigul lives in the city of Osh and since 5 years, together with her parents, has been selling fruits and vegetables in the market. After she graduated from high school, she was forced to stop her education due to lack of money. She met a guy who got pregnant. Their marriage did not last long due to the fact that her husband began to beat her and drank a lot.
& laquo; After the divorce, the relationship with the parents became strained. I could not get a job, the ex-husband did not help, and the child was always sick & raquo ;, & mdash; Aigul shares.
Soon Aigul met a woman who invited her to go to Turkey to work, promising her a job as a nanny. The girl resisted the opportunity to become independent of her parents and agreed to the offer.
Upon their arrival in Istanbul, Aigul was deprived of the documents, saying directly that she must now work as a prostitute. Once alone in an unfamiliar country, she had to agree to the only opportunity to make money. Rasul & ndash; The person she worked for promised to pay before she left. Aigul only had to rejoice that Rasul did not beat or lock in the room like other girls. However, customers did not regret it.
& laquo; Clients did not feel good, I do not want to think about it & hellip; After 7 months, without receiving any money, I was released by the police, who transferred me to IOM Turkey. So I returned to Kyrgyzstan with a lot of diseases and disappointment in life & raquo ;, & mdash; Aigul shared.
& amp; Target merchants & mdash; quickly lure the girl, so she did not have time to tell anyone about their departure. They say: & laquo; Think faster, one place is left & raquo ;, & mdash; said the head of the crisis center & la Sezim & raquo; Byubyusar Ryskulov.
Girls are released when they develop their resources, or involuntary victims of circumstances simply escape. The person here is a commodity, for merchants & ndash; it is a reusable goods. If the owner believes that her girlfriend has worked, she is transferred to another, and this continues again and again until the person is brought to such a state to throw out like a worked thing.
& laquo; These are grossly violent and cynical crimes, where the victim becomes a person. I’m afraid that those cases, when a person is used to the maximum, do not even reach us. Our cases & ndash; these are the girls who could escape, they jump over the fences, at the same time they can break their legs, injure their hands & raquo ;, & mdash; said Jyldyz Ahmedova.
At the bazaar in Osh, Asel along with her friends heard on the radio an announcement about a set of waitresses in the Emirates. Due to financial problems in the family, she was not educated, but she wanted to start an independent life and help her parents sooner.
Girlfriends turned to the advertised address. There the young man talked with them, carefully examined their external data and said that they fit. From the conversation, the girls realized that they would provide sexual services. They did not see any other prospects, and in two weeks the girls had to fly to Dubai. Money for tickets and foreign passports they did not have, but the young man promised to provide them with all the necessary debt. A week later they flew.
All the girls on arrival were sold to hotels, explaining that they are required to work for 5 thousand dollars. In the afternoon Aselya worked as a waitress, and in the evening & mdash; a prostitute. After 10 months of such a & laquo; working off & raquo; Assel ended up in a migration prison. In 4 months the girl and her friends were deported to Kyrgyzstan.
The project manager of the NGO “El Agartuu & raquo; Nurzhan Tulegabylova notes that victims are afraid to disclose their status, because trafficking in people & ndash; a very corrupt system.
& laquo; In such schemes, not only criminal groups are involved, but also state structures. One person is engaged in recruitment, the other is & mdash; but the border guards can also be involved & raquo ;, & mdash; she said.
Over the past 5 years, the International Organization for Migration has provided assistance to 107 victims of sexual exploitation.
Identify the real scope of the problem is very difficult. As the experts note, the facts that get publicized, & mdash; only the tip of the iceberg. According to the investigation of the French edition La Liberation & laquo; Trafficking in Women in Central Asia & raquo; in 2003, about 4 thousand women from Kyrgyzstan were trafficked to Arab countries, Turkey, South Korea and China. The city of Osh has turned into a transit point for the slave trade, from where women are brought from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and the regions of Kyrgyzstan, are sent to far-abroad countries.
The article was prepared as part of a two-week practice of investigative journalism conducted by a public organization & laquo; investigative journalists & raquo; Armenia.

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