Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic.
If you like exotic countries and Latin American culture, then the Dominican Republic for you will become a love for life. The whole coast of this country & # 8212; one solid class beach, covered with white sand and washed by warm, clean waters. And this paradise is located on the island of Haiti, occupying 2/3 of its territory. Let’s find out more about this country and analyze it on the suitability for immigration.
Geography, climate and other & # 8230;
Haiti & # 8212; The second largest island of all located on the Caribbean archipelago. From the south it is washed by warm waves of the Caribbean Sea, and in the north and east travelers can splash in the tender waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The country is mostly mountainous, and the mountains are covered for many kilometers with dense evergreen forests.
The climate of the Dominican Republic is subtropical wet, and thanks to the breezes and trade winds the heat is transferred as comfortably as possible. The temperature varies, depending on the time of year & # 8212; from +25 degrees in winter to +33 degrees in summer.
95% of the country’s population & # 8212; Catholics. State language & # 8212; Spanish.
Pros and cons of immigration to the Dominican Republic.
+ It is very easy to find a servant in the country who will cook, wash, take care of children and clean up for relatively little money.
& # 8212; Awful internet where ever you settle. If the tower with the antenna is not in direct line of sight from your windows, it will be almost impossible to work on the Internet.
+ A fertile climate even heals some diseases, reduces wrinkles. The temperature of ana throughout the year is practically unchanged.
& # 8212; It is very difficult to do a normal business, because employees will work slowly and badly, or they will not be at all unless they are over their heads.
+ Tax, traffic police, firefighters and other SES will not strain you. If you are a decent law abiding citizen & # 8212; the state will not deal with you.
& # 8212; Very little social life & # 8212; there are practically no parks, theaters, other places for entertainment.
+ Open friendly people who never rush anywhere. In this majority of Hispanics are similar.
& # 8212; Education is not very high quality, bad drogue and widespread theft.
Facts about the Dominican Republic.
1. Dominican woman is easy to get and it is difficult to get rid of it. Do not run away, even when you get bored.
2. Dominicans adore children and in every possible way they are spoiled.
3. The population of this country Really believes in the lottery. Machines with lottery tickets are on every corner.
4. Dominicans are very devout, and in churches often sing to the accompaniment of the pianoforte.
5. Residents of the Dominican Republic do not deceive or mow. they really believe that everything will be done on time.
6. Dominicans love shiny clothes and jewelry. Here, even men go in t-shirts with rhinestones.
7. There are no pensions in the Dominican Republic & # 8212; people of retirement age contain numerous relatives. Old people from this very happy and carefree.
8. In the Dominican Republic, virtually no one smokes.
9. A drunken Dominican is unrealistic to see & # 8212; they like to drink here, but never get drunk to unconsciousness.
10. Dominicans drink coffee from tiny glasses for 20 ml. Coffee is sold almost everywhere.
11. Knowledge of English is enough only for a hotel. Everywhere they speak Spanish, which you can learn a month and three months (up to the level of a simple spoken one)
12. If the child is a good student at school, then for excursions he can not pay at all or receive large discounts.
13. In the Dominican Republic, any woman can be approached by “amor” (from the amor – “love”), “mi of the species” (used as “my life”), and eo is considered normal.
14. In the Dominican Republic, the word “tigre” is used to refer to an ordinary gopnik, not an evil or formidable person.
15. Residents of this country sing always and everywhere and no one is embarrassed.
16. Dominican chickens spend their leisure time on trees. Quite possibly, they are so saved from hungry dogs. By the way & # 8212; homeless koshet here is not present in general & # 8212; only dogs.
17. There is a doggy maniac in this country. This is the name of inadequate animals, which can begin to breed right in the middle of the route at rush hour, fall asleep on the road and generally do whatever they want. They say that if a resident of the country forgot something or did not come to the meeting, then the reason for this is the bite of this fearless or simply stupid animal.
18. In the country, about 25% of the land is protected areas.
How to immigrate to the Dominican Republic.
Stages of obtaining citizenship:
1. Immigration to the country and obtaining the status of a temporary resident. Thanks to this, you will be exempted from duties on buying real estate and importing cars, as well as receive the right to work and social guarantees.
3. Two years after obtaining permanent residence, naturalization and citizenship are possible. Citizenship can be obtained by being a citizen of any other country.
Marriage. Thanks to marriage, you can pass the stage of temporary residence and immediately get permanent residence. Three years after this, you can apply for citizenship.
Investments. To become an investor resident, who has the right to citizenship, you need to invest in the economy of Dominican Republic lot 200 000 dollars. This money can be invested in shares of companies or real estate.
Business. To open their own business here, the amount is about $ 2,500 of authorized capital and another 1,500 for registration. You can only open an LLC, so you need at least two founders. Also, at work one must take at least one Dominican.
Education. Translate your diploma, which already exists, get a residence permit, provide a medical certificate and a birth certificate. There are employment programs at universities, so you will not stay out of work after graduating from an educational institution.

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