Documents and immigration to Monaco.

Documents and immigration to Monaco.
A foreign citizen who wants to stay in Monaco for more than 3 months must send an application for a residence permit in Monaco.
The main criteria for obtaining a residence permit in Monaco (Permis de sejour) are:
Sufficient money for living in the Principality;
Moral appearance of the candidate.
It is much easier for EU citizens to obtain a residence permit in Monaco than for citizens of other countries.
The application process for obtaining a residence permit in Monaco takes place within 3-4 months after the application is filed. The residence permit is issued for the first time for 1 year, with the second request & ndash; for 2 years, then for 3 years. After 3 years of residence in the territory of Monaco, the applicant receives a card of the privileged resident (Carte de Resident Privilegie) for 10 years, which can be extended unlimited number of times.
If the applicant wants to engage in professional activities, an appropriate and reasonable statement is also submitted.
Permission to permanent residence in Monaco in the ordinary sense of the word does not exist, it has the form of a 10-year residence permit, and this permission is automatically granted. The holder of a 10-year residence permit in Monaco can apply for citizenship of the country.
A resident of Monaco has the right:
Unlimited in time to reside on the territory of the country;
Without a visa to enter all the countries of the Schengen agreement and Switzerland;
On the education of children in the Schengen countries;
To purchase and register companies;
On the use of benefits in taxation;
On filing a petition for the citizenship of Monaco.
Business emigration.
The basis for moving to Monaco could be the opening of a commercial enterprise or employment. In fact, for example, it is very difficult to find a job in the Principality, and an impressive capital is required to open one’s own business.
The main criteria for obtaining the citizenship of Monaco are the financial solvency of the applicant, necessary to maintain a high standard of living in the Principality, and the availability of their own real estate.
The citizenship of Monaco can be purchased in the following cases:
Adaptation by a couple from Monaco, one of whom is at this time a citizen of Monaco (the adaptable must be at least 21 years old);
When marrying a citizen / citizen of Monaco after living together for 5 years;
When naturalization after living in Monaco for more than 10 years;
The granting of the citizenship by the Prince of Monaco (every year about 10 cases) for special merits.
The Principality of Monaco does not recognize the institution of dual citizenship, therefore, when acquiring citizenship, it will be obligatory to renounce its citizenship.

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