Departure for permanent residence in Croatia

Departure for permanent residence in Croatia h1>
Attention! Posting from Croatia.
How we spent the first year of permanent residence in Croatia.
After several years of regular visits to this wonderful country, as a tourist, a responsible decision was made to move to permanent residence. Much has been prepared, calculated, thought out. The speediness of the decision was mainly related to the onset of the son’s 7th year of age – school time. So it was planned that during the year, the child will learn the local language, and to school with new forces and knowledge of the language. And the son really, in this short period, who flew very quickly, at a regular visit to the kindergarten (pull out, cost 100 euros / month) learned the language, and at home he speaks without hindrance in Croatian. Kindergartens in Croatia, this is a separate topic, I’ll try to describe it as a separate article, because in just a few sentences about that good nature, Croatian love for children and openness, you simply will not write. After moving, I very often hear from our compatriots who plan to move to Croatia, but “are tormented by vague doubts”, the following questions:
– Listen, how do you communicate with the local people? We are strangers to them, foreigners, aliens. You do not poke & quot; Come here! & Quot; or “What do you care about here?” You have friends? Do you visit guests?
Before leaving for Croatia, I was tormented by the same doubts. I am a very sociable person, there have always been many friends, just good acquaintances. How will I find my place in the new environment?
Fears of being outcasts in a foreign country & quot; disappeared almost from the first days of moving to Croatia.
Surprisingly, neighbors along the street living in nearby houses, learning that the Russian family settled here, immediately rushed to establish contact with us. For us it was a complete surprise, because common opinion & quot; there we are strangers & quot; densely nested in the subconscious. Of course, at first the language barrier, uncertainty was very much in the way, but the goodwill of the interlocutors and their sincere desire to understand you instantly did their job.
– Oh, I’m sorry, I speak very poorly in Croatian. – I said, grinning ugly words and ruthlessly throwing out the verbs biti and & u9; u. from the speech.
– Yes you that! You speak very well! I understand! – shouted me interlocutor, encouraging a broad smile. The embarrassment began to gradually pass, the vocabulary was replenished, and the strangers who had once shared a word with them turned into good acquaintances.
What is a house? A home is a social environment where you feel comfortable. Croatia is my home! The family fully supported. In any case, such responsible steps are best done in youth, when there is still strength and desire.
It’s hard to describe this feeling when I return to Croatia from Moscow, get in the car, brake at the nearest gas station, go to the bar, order a cup of coffee. The barman smiles like a good friend – “It’s cold here!” Br. Nothing, Spring is coming soon! & Quot; Smile in return. Here I am at home!
Now we are accustomed to this and take it for granted.
Croats are very inquisitive people, every gathering, especially with a cup of slivovitz and finely chopped prosciutto, have a section on life in Russia, like there and that, and the Russians are only WELL (Russians belong to the category of Russians – Ukrainians, Byelorussians …) . Yes, and we try not to defile our nation, always a normal tip, everywhere, everywhere, thanks, it’s the Croats in us who love – generosity.
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And how did you take the first steps in studying the Croatian language, there are no courses as such, and only Serbian-Russian self-help manuals? Thank you.
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What for. Unclear.
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