Departure for permanent residence abroad.

Departure for permanent residence abroad.
Legislation provides that a citizen of Ukraine can leave the country and move to live in a foreign country. Most people believe that this process is a simple step that does not require any coordination in state bodies. Many Ukrainian citizens believe that to resolve the issue of emigration, it is enough to have a foreign passport and visa.
However, migration legislation requires obtaining permission to leave for a permanent residence. In this way, the state controls the process of leaving its citizens for permanent residence in foreign countries. The purpose of control is to prevent the emigration of persons who are burdened with obligations of a criminal, civil, administrative nature or possess information classified as state secret. If the subject violated the order of emigration, then when entering Ukraine, serious problems may arise.
Depending on the location of the person, there are two options for permission to leave for permanent residence. A citizen can reside on Ukrainian territory, or in a foreign country. Accordingly, an individual must apply for permission to the territorial body of the State Migration Service, or to the consular office of Ukraine.
In order to obtain permission for emigration, the above-mentioned bodies submit an application form, to which the following documents are attached:
a general passport for natural persons over sixteen years of age; birth certificate – natural persons up to 16 years; international passport; individual tax number (TIN) or certificate of its absence; military ticket, and for persons of draft age who did not serve (military or alternative) & # 8212; a certificate from the military commissariat, in which emigration is agreed; a document that confirms the payment of the fee; 2 photo of the set size; STI information on the absence of debts on tax payments; if the mother or father remains in Ukraine – a statement certified by a notary, consent to the departure of a minor child and the absence of alimony claims; consent to emigration of children from 14 to 18 years of age (sent in writing and notarized by a notary).
Identity documents are returned after verification, which is carried out in the following areas:
possession of information that contains state secrets; open criminal proceedings against the person who filed the application; the presence of a criminal record; administrative oversight proceedings; availability of legal actions in which the respondent is the applicant; enforcement proceedings or outstanding (unsettled) obligations; facts of non-fulfillment of various kinds of obligations, including taxation.
To the circumstance of non-repayment of obligations to state bodies, financial and credit institutions and banking institutions, it is recommended to be taken very seriously, since there were cases when the presence of outstanding loans or unpaid taxes deprived the person of the opportunity to go abroad.
The higher authority of the State Migration Service carries out a final check of the submitted documents and information. Its result will be a refusal of an emigration permit or the satisfaction of an application. Simultaneously, the country of departure is indicated in the passport, and in the general civil passport the removal from the registration record is fixed.
Registration of permission to leave for permanent residence at the consulate additionally provides for the filing of documents on the legality of residence in a foreign country and confirmation of payment of the consular fee.
Specialists of the law firm “Contact” also pay attention to the specific nuances of obtaining permission to emigrate to states with which issues of legal assistance are not regulated. In this case, in addition consent will be required from the remaining parents in Ukraine. If the citizen leaves the country, and in Ukraine he has children who are under the age of majority, you should submit documents certified by the notary about the absence of claims for the calculation and collection of alimony.
The procedure for issuing permission for emigration requires a good knowledge of migration legislation. In the law firm “Contact” you will be provided with qualified assistance in preparing the necessary documents and obtaining permission to travel to a permanent place of residence abroad. By trusting your problems to professionals, you will save time and get the necessary permission without problems. The prices are given in the relevant section of the site “Contact”.
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