Demanded professions in the US in 2017.

Demanded professions in the US in 2017.
The most demanded (and at the same time and respected) profession in the US is the orthodontist. Their average salary is $ 187,000 per year, so they are always with money. Only 0.2% of graduates in this specialty are not employed. Of all medical professions, this is almost the least connected with filth, death and suffering.
But it is not every immigrant who can work in the US as an orthodontist, so we publish for you lists of the most popular professions that are easier to obtain or re-qualify, or maybe some of you already have the necessary experience.
High salary and special knowledge.
In the United States, there is an acute shortage of information technology specialists and intelligent doctors. Half of the IT people stay at work for 2 years, and then accepts the more expensive offer of competitors, taking to them knowledge and experience from previous work, so they are ready to pay well for their knowledge and loyalty. As for medicine, in 2015 there were 300,000 vacancies for doctors in the United States, and only a third of them were closed. It is noteworthy that not only highly-qualified doctors are needed, but also nurses, who are ready to work a lot and hard. So, the list of popular employees:
1. Project Manager (average salary $ 98,000 per year)
2. Software specialist (average salary $ 90,000 per year)
3. Network and security specialist (average salary $ 93,000 per year)
4. Mobile developer (average salary $ 90,000 per year)
5. System architect (average salary $ 120,000 per year)
6. Marketing Manager (average salary $ 127,000 per year)
7. Data researcher, cybernetics (average salary $ 117,000 per year)
It is difficult to choose a Russian-language analogue of this profession, which in English sounds like Data Scientist. It’s about managing data, extracting knowledge from data in a generalized form. In the era of the Internet, these people are fishing commercial information from a common digital mess.
1. Production engineer (average salary $ 80,000 per year)
2. Mechanical engineer (average salary $ 85,000 per year)
3. Electrical Engineer (average salary $ 90,000 per year)
1. Senior Accounting Specialist (average salary $ 73,000 per year)
2. Accountant for cost accounting (average salary $ 63,000 per year)
3. Financial manager (average salary $ 106,000 per year)
1. Echar general (average salary $ 56,000 per year)
2. Manager for training and development (average salary $ 78,000 per year)
3. Manager for work with business partners (average salary $ 103,000 per year)
An adequate salary and a minimum of knowledge.
With an average salary of $ 62,000 per year and $ 30 dollars per hour, the average rate of a seller in a fashion store does not seem to be that high, but his salary is enough for a comfortable, middle-class existence. Some of the following professions require a license and can be disaccustomed to the courses, however, salaries there are significantly higher. If you have a desire to develop, it will be relatively easy to master these professions, and the salary is worth it.
1. The seller by phone (average salary $ 23,000 per year)
2. The seller in retail trade (the average salary is $ 22,000 per year)
3. Sales representative (average salary $ 55,000 per year)
4. Real estate agent (average salary $ 40,000 per year)
5. The insurer (average salary $ 47 000 per year)
6. Sales Manager (average salary $ 110,000 per year)
Professions that are developing rapidly.
The following professions will be in great demand in the next few years. Some of them sound cosmically, but they are, specialists are needed on them, and maybe it’s time for you to change the profile, since you are changing the country.
1. Industrial psychologist.
3. Specialist in ultrasound diagnostics.
4. Advisor on genetics.
6. Skin care specialist.
7. The surgeon’s assistant.
8. Analyst for information security.
10. The Audiologist (the doctor by hearing)
11. Specialist in dental hygiene.
12. The organizer of events.
15. Master of repair of medical equipment.
16. Marriage and family psychotherapist.
17. Specialist in risk assessment.
Salary depends on the company and your length of service, there is no current statistics for 2015-2016 in these areas.
The lowest paid job in the US.
This work is simple and cheap, so it is not delayed for a long time and the turnover is always, which means that new people are always needed. This is a good chance to stay afloat when you just moved, although some remain on the following positions for life and do not regret anything.
1. Cooks and waiters (average salary $ 18,000 per year)
2. Cashiers (average salary $ 19,000 per year)
3. Hostess and maids ($ 9-10 per hour)
4. The staff of the cinema and ticket-office ($ 10 per hour)
5. Workers on the farm ($ 10 per hour)
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