Croatia tourist reviews 2017. Prices, photos – vacation in Croatia.

Croatia tourist reviews 2017. Prices, photos – vacation in Croatia.
“Last year, vacationing in a resort in Croatia. We rested in the summer, in July. Very pleased, everything is quiet and quiet. The sea is beautiful, clean and warm. The beach is sandy, the sand is shallow. Fine, as if you go about starching.
This year we are also going to come here. And let it be expensive, but calm and beautiful. ”
“They went on vacation to Croatia by accident. More precisely not so: we knew where we were going, but I thought that there was a black sea, only the other shore. And only in the plane I learned that the sea there is Adriatic! I’m such a geographer.
But all the same, the rest was chic, even the best at the moment. The sea is clean, in August it is warm. We swam in a boat and when we swam to the depth, the bottom was still visible. Local residents protect the sea, remove it from dirt and debris. It feeds them, tourists come to the sea.
The country has quite a few islands in the sea, and we often sailed on them on an excursion. There is such an excursion from 20 to 50 euros. It all depends on how far the island is. Also visited excursions to the cities of Croatia. Were in local museums, saw the sights. The country is poor, but people are kind. Life goes quietly, no one is in a hurry.
The Adriatic is a chic place. And it’s good that I confused the sea, and I got acquainted with Croatia, where we are going again, but in the winter. ”
“I liked the rest in Croatia and everything was great. We came here with my mother and father, we booked everything ourselves. First booked the hotel, then applied for a visa and then five days later we are in Croatia.
First about the beach. Our hotel had a beach, but not very good. Under the feet of pebbles, and rest, to put it mildly, not very much. On the side was a paid sandy beach, where we went. The water in the sea is clean, but at times algae swim. It’s not so terrible, but sometimes unexpected. And when you sail in the depths, and something swims on your feet. Sensations are not the most pleasant.
Three weeks passed quickly, and I want to return here. While this is not in the plans, but if there is an opportunity, then certainly again in Croatia. ”
“I went to Croatia not so much at sea, as the country to see. I went and looked and I want more.
This is a great place for a relaxing holiday. The country is not the richest, people do not have much money. But they are calm, they do not rush anywhere and everything is great.
I took excursions every day to learn more. We were in a small village where we were shown how to collect truffles. We also collected a little, and we made a pate of them. It was delicious and healthy.
Walking through the cities is a separate story. All cities are very similar to each other, and they are not much different. Most of all it was pleasant to walk on streets, to sit in park and to observe of inhabitants. And they also walk, sit in parks and enjoy life. There are many monuments, museums and sights in every city. The language is understandable and you can learn a lot without an interpreter.
I advise everyone to Croatia if you want to rest easy and spend time “delicious”. ”
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