Criminal record as possible interference of immigration.

Criminal record as possible interference of immigration.
The desire to move to some other country for permanent residence is visited by many citizens of different countries. Naturally, they mostly go from poor and unstable countries to rich and more peaceful ones. Therefore, the migration policy of a very large number of states, especially the largest, such as the United States, Canada, France and Germany, is becoming ever more severe every year, especially after the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11, 2001.
Of course, the criminogenic situation throughout the world is serious, and there are enough problems, so the negative attitude to the existing criminal record by the migration services is guaranteed. Another thing is that having a criminal record does not mean an automatic impossibility to leave somewhere.
Where you can immigrate with a criminal record.
Some countries (but their minority!), For example, Germany, do not ask questions to immigrants about the existence of previous convictions, which makes them most attractive for people who have similar problems. The overwhelming majority demand a certificate on the existence of a criminal record, and not about bringing to court ever, and this, as they say in Odessa, “two big differences”. In this case, if the previous conviction has already been repaid and withdrawn, such a person is considered to be unconvicted, and this can be obtained from a statement in the internal affairs agencies. As a rule, the conviction is repaid when, from the day of release, a certain time passes, depending on the appointed term of punishment, and at the same time the released person has not committed any unlawful acts – for punishments related to deprivation of liberty. For conditional sentences – at the end of probation.
Although, again, if the migration service checks the data through Interpol, the information can “float” if the article was sufficiently serious, therefore, having already arrived in the country, you can be threatened with expulsion. The migration agencies of the USA, New Zealand, Great Britain are very strict in this respect.
If the question is raised specifically to bring to justice (as in Great Britain), then it’s harder to get out of the way, and even an experienced specialist will not say for sure what it can end for a competitor. It is quite possible that, if there is a previous conviction for a minor article, the decision of the immigration office may be positive, but the availability of heavy articles practically reduces the chances to zero. If refugee status is planned, the availability of some articles may even play a positive role, especially if there is also a positive decision of the European Court of Human Rights – the “cold war”, unfortunately, did not end.
Thus, it can be said that the possibility of immigration in the presence of a criminal record must be assessed individually in each specific case, and no one can give an absolute guarantee for a positive or negative outcome.
Art.147, the amount of more than 1 million, a criminal case was initiated the other day. Not to leave the house for 10 days. Tell me which country in Europe you can dump one way & # 187; before the trial. What status to ask there. Please, I have a baby.
The countries of Latin America (Uruguay, Ecuador, etc.), for starters, in the order of urgency, you can go to a visa-free country for Russians “# 8212; Turkey, for example.
Hello. I was convicted under Article 228 to 4 years imprisonment. Having freed myself, I want to go to live in Spain. Do I need to make a passport? How can I leave? And what documents will be required?
Hello, in which countries can you apply for asylum if there is a criminal record?
Almost in any countries, even European, if you can create a beautiful legend that your conviction is & # 8212; this is a political matter.
Hello, this is the case: currently I am.
I’m serving the sentence for the council especially.
serious crime, production and.
the sale of drugs, the case partially.
Fictional if I free myself.
conditionally ahead of schedule, do I have the opportunity to apply for asylum ?,
no passport, and get it not.
it will turn out-just will not be given away! Plus more.
What that time it is necessary to go.
to be celebrated. Visa, of course, also not.
will give! I ask you to clarify what can be done in this situation,
What are the options.
v.v with such a biography is almost impossible to seek political asylum. It remains to wait for the maturity of the criminal record in Russia.
Tell me please! We want to move with my wife to live and work in the Commonwealth of Australia, but in 2000 I was convicted on probation. The conditional term is over, there have been no relapses.
Upon receipt, the passport’s passport did not indicate a criminal record and I had to wait 2 times longer, so I was told the delay.
So this is the question: Does the conditional term not apply to incommunicado detention in their understanding? If I do not indicate a criminal record, will it come to light? And how big are the chances of a positive scenario if you openly indicate the position of the criminal record?
Hello. I was convicted almost 4 years ago, selling drugs, I have a delay in punishment, sentenced to 4 years, there are no violations and there was no prior conviction of no drives, convicted in Russia now live in Kazakhstan by residence permit, good characteristics, What kind of opportunity do I have to leave? Where? And how can this be done? is it worth changing citizenship or sending emigration to Russia? How will it be faster? and through how many such convictions are extinguished? Thank you in advance. Waiting for an answer.
Hello, I was tried in December 2011 on an article for copyright infringement (I was selling CDs). The article is not heavy. The conviction is canceled. In which EU country can I get a residence permit? Thank you in advance!
And yes the punishment was a fine of 10,000.
Cozmos, if your criminal record is redeemed and in a recent MIA certificate, you will be considered to have no criminal record, then you can immigrate to any country in Europe on a general basis.
And if it says what was and is paid off?
Cozmos, according to our information, writes that the conviction is (unpaid), or the criminal record is not (extinguished or it was not at all). But, it is better to clarify in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
After 2012, a new format of references. Now, in any case, write what was and is repaid or not. And indicate the article. Unfortunately(
And still, if the certificate indicates that the conviction was and is repaid, this will be an obstacle to obtaining residence permit? And another question, and if you make a reference and there it will be written that the criminal record is not as it is checked, do any requests what? Thank you in advance.
Cozmos, it is necessary to specify for each country specifically.
For example, in Canada, take all those who have passed 10 years after a previous conviction on a general basis, and after 5 years, subject to rehabilitation (I do not know the details of the procedure). I think that in most countries, the subject of criminal record should be specifically spelled out in the legislation.
And do they check this information, do any inquiries to our Ministry of Internal Affairs?
Hello! I want to know if I can go to Canada on such a motive as political immigration?
There was a previous conviction in 2003 under article 159, part 2. In which country can I leave?
Tell me please, I have the right to apply for a residence permit in New Zealand. If in 2003 there was a previous conviction for 228.3 (custody) was convicted, for 2 years. At the end of half the sentence, the conviction was dropped. Previously, in the certificates of absence of criminal record, they wrote that there was no criminal record. (since at the moment it is not).
But in the help of a new sample, this fact began to be indicated (be they damned).
How under the laws of NZ do I have the right to apply for residence permit or not? The only obstacle is this moment. I’m afraid to request a certificate from the embassy in NZ, and there will open a big secret.
Advise, please, was sentenced conditionally to 3 years under st.228 ch.1, ten years ago. According to Russian laws, I am considered to be illegitimate, but in the reference of a new sample all previous convictions are indicated (that is, it will pursue you for the rest of your life, apparently), incl. canceled. Does anyone have experience, can I go to Australia on a skilled independent 189 visa, is there such an experience?
Many have problems with the introduction of this Administrative Regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for issuing certificates from 2012. Now Ph.D. from Tver & # 8212; Pimonov Vladimir Alexandrovich collects all cases of violation of our constitutional rights in connection with the issuance of these certificates with already repaid convictions, to file an action with the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and further to the European Court of Human Rights. It is easy to find through Google. More people with certificates of past convictions & # 8212; more chances to abolish this Stalinist Regulations. Do not sit, but act. Even if you overseas send him the necessary docks by mail.
Hello, is it possible to emigrate with a conditional term? And is it possible to prove that the case was falsified? Term for st.162.ch2. And if it is possible, then where?
Are there countries where a certificate of absence of a criminal record is not required for immigration?
My husband’s conviction has stayed on the calendar for the whole period of the most part of the term falsifecirovna seichas not important passed the year we want to abandon the citizenship of your country and ask for asylum in any country in Europe do not tell me where you can turn to what country in these matters lyalnye thanks.
Yes, and another time whether I am married to a person with a criminal record one to apply for citizenship after his receipt to do a family reunion and that would be for my account my husband was also given citizenship is it possible or is it better to buy real estate in my name or his name tell me all the options how can this be done.
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