Costa Rica, Arenal. Where to live, what to do.

Costa Rica, Arenal. Where to live, what to do.
Near the Arenal volcano, we booked the Essence Arenal hostel, found, if my memory does not change, with the help of a tripadvisor. Quiet, cozy place away from civilization, to get there with the help of public transport seems to me unreal. Essence was chosen based on the price tag and lokeyshena, giving a mythical opportunity to observe lava flows.
The broken undercoat led us to the top of the hill, from which this view opens:
Some of the reserves of the Cuban rum perfectly complemented the idyll.
Sufficiently informative resource on the site –
So, what did we do in two days:
Thermal springs.
The most popular are three – Baldi, Tabacon, Eco Termales. We preferred the latter, because the first is excessively overpopulated, and the second is prohibitively expensive. ot-springs /
Eco Thermales requires preliminary reservation, we asked to call the owner of our hostel. The session lasts 4 hours, people start a certain amount, in our case there were very few of them. The entrance costs about $ 30, all drinks in the bar are drunk on parole, then at the reception you need to remember the used assortment and pay. 4 pools with water of different temperatures, a waterfall, lots of greenery, everything is beautiful and stylish.
In the evening, a romantic light is turned on.
Across the street from Tabakon (not the hotel, but the sources, this is important) you can splash completely free of charge in the same stream that feeds Tabakon:
A small waterfall forms such a Jacuzzi that no massage can be compared 🙂 It is popular with local residents.
Usually they suggest rafting along the rivers Balsa (rapids of 2-3 levels) or Toro (3-4 levels)
Of course, we chose Toro: I do not remember the exact price, but about 70 dollars. In Fortune these travel agencies are like ants in the forest. You can choose and bargain, bargain and choose. Of course, we were lucky, and the people got just one raft – three of us and another uncle with an aunt. The river justifies its name, once I even got very frightened when I was under the raft. The water is cold, but, fortunately, the rain was pouring down from above. No photos, but memory preserved the picturesque water bubbling, tickling the top of the vines and the unkind sounds of wildlife coming from the shores.
6. On the way to rafting they met the iguang party:
Trekking on Cerro Chato.
4 yosd per person, payment near the checkpoint. ike / index.html This is an extinct volcano, to the top of which you first need to scramble to the roots, and then go down to the crater, to the lake of fantastic color. On the way we found a real tropical rainstorm, which only added to the walk of charm and color. The day began with the fact that in our wonderful hostel reigned. It turns out that at night Arenal woke up and let out a little lava. Who did not sleep, he saw.
We found only smoke from the vent:
The trekking trail starts from the Arenal Observatory Lodge, in which there live a lot of pisota (about them later) and birds.
This is a canteen for birds.
On the way, you can look at the waterfall:
and you can not even look, the waterfall like a waterfall.
There are no trails, but there are beautiful natural steps. If I were a Costa Rican child, I would build huts in such places:
but our goal is also visible. And it’s just so, out of love for art.
Now about the pisotov 🙂 In Spanish, these little animals are called pisotes, or coats, they are from the family of raccoons, they are very nice and gluttonous. Run out on the road in large crowds and pull hands. It is impossible to refuse.
our last pineapple was sacrificed.
We met with pisotami on the way from Arenal in Monteverde.

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