Cost of living in New Zealand 2.

Cost of living in New Zealand 2.
The cost of living in New Zealand.
To compare the cost of living in New Zealand is necessary objectively and the representation will develop at all, depending on what country you come from and in which corner of New Zealand you will live.
This article covers as much as possible all aspects of life and possible costs in New Zealand.
In general, some things may seem more expensive, some significantly cheaper, but the total cost of living in New Zealand is comparable to the level that is present in all OECD countries (comment of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).
Consumer goods in the New Zealand market are presented at competitive prices with other developed countries. The cost of imported goods such as Cars, Electronics, Computers and Gasoline is the same as in Australia or other similar countries.
Oakland & # 8212; the largest city in New Zealand, according to MERCER, is 61st among the cities of the world in terms of cost of living, Wellington is in 83rd position, and this is much better than most major cities in the world.
For example, the rating of some cities for the cost of living in them:
Value Added Tax (GST)
VAT or the tax on goods and services GST in New Zealand is 15% and is used in most cases.
GST does not apply to rental housing, as well as to financial transactions, like bank charges or operating income.
In accordance with the law, prices indicated in advertising or on price tags should include VAT. But you have to be careful and always look for the phrase & # 171; including VAT & # 187 ;, since sometimes businesses do not comply with this rule in order to show their prices cheaper than they really are.
Average prices in New Zealand.
The prices are given by the Department of Statistics of New Zealand for the main types of goods at the end of 2015.
Bread white & # 8212; loaf (600g)
Milk & # 8212; standard, 2 liters.
Fish with chips (Fish and chips)
Gasoline & # 8212; AI91 (liter)
Other average prices (January 2016):
42 “LED TV.
Hamburger (Big Mac)
Car & # 8212; Ford Focus (Volume: 2.0L)
The average family budget.
Calculations are provided by the Statistics Department of New Zealand, are held every three years and this statistics is provided for the results of 2013.
Planning of finances.
People who come to live in New Zealand sometimes think that the cost of living in the NZ is greater than they expected. Salaries of some specialists may be lower than similar posts in Europe or the US, and the geographical removal of this country and a small population means that some imported goods are more expensive.
Before deciding to link your destiny with New Zealand, it would be great to explore the type of lifestyle that you will get when moving to this country. Then you will be able to adapt to life in New Zealand and enjoy this beautiful country without any financial surprises.
To find out the value of things in New Zealand, you can look in online stores and compare prices to which you are accustomed in your country.
Incomes and wages.
The average personal income from wages in 2014 was NZ $ 51,532. However, many families have several family members who work also for families receiving wages. The average annual income from all sources was NZ $ 88,712.
Of course, income varies widely depending on the position and direction you work in. There are various sites on which you can see the average income for various professions.
General expenses.
A number of non-profit consumer agencies and New Zealand agencies have created a website where you can compare the prices of many types of consumer products, such as clothing and appliances.
Comparison of telecommunications and energy prices is also available to the consumer, on the website of the agency for the protection of consumers’ rights and information of New Zealand.
Expenses for food.
The cost of food is NZ $ 91-109 per week, per adult male, according to a survey conducted in 2014 by the University of Otago. This study has full information on the regions, sex and age.
Most New Zealand supermarkets have online stores for their products. As an experiment, try to calculate the pricing of your weekly consumer basket, this can be done without leaving home. It should also be remembered that kiwi supermarkets regularly (as a rule weekly on Sunday) hold special promotions for goods and offers, so in fact you can pay less to the store.
To search for food products and household goods in the online shops mode, there are two supermarkets New World and Countdown.
Cost of living.
In order to determine the cost of housing in a city in New Zealand, you can use the relevant section on the TradeMe website.
Expenses for personal transport.
Often upon arrival in New Zealand, the question arises of buying personal vehicles, the more so the process of buying a car or a motorcycle is simplified and registration takes place via mail. The TradeMe site can give you a good idea of how much a particular transport costs in New Zealand.
The annual expense for owning a car is a vehicle license or registration (rego). The cost of registration varies depending on the brand of the car and its age. As an example, a Ford Focus 2L car with a gasoline engine costs NZ $ 271.27.
All cars must also be checked for suitability for use (technical inspection). It will cost NZ $ 50-80 (not including any repairs that may be required in the event of a malfunction). The frequency of technical inspections depends on the age of the car.
If your car is equipped with a diesel engine, the costs of road users (RUC), which are calculated per kilometer, are also paid.
The cost of fuel in New Zealand may vary depending on the region and locality. The National Organization of Motorists, Automobile Association (AA), monitors prices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch through online service at a cost of fuel.
The cost of insurance.
In the post-Soviet space, the insurance institution is not common, in contrast to developed countries, where virtually everything is insured. If you plan to reside in New Zealand, you should pay attention to insurance, which can be applied in various fields from health to personal and real estate. To get an idea of the types of insurance and companies, you can visit a special section on the TradeMe website.
To do this, you can also use Google search with the query & # 171; insurance new zealand & # 187 ;.
It is likely that living in New Zealand, you are thinking about buying a house for a mortgage program or a loan will be needed to start a business. For this you can get acquainted with the terms of the loan and what expenses are possible in such cases.
Utilities (electricity)
List of energy suppliers in New Zealand. Including there is a lot of information for example the calculator of the cost of energy in a particular region of New Zealand. Simply indicate the region of residence, which devices you use and the estimated annual electricity consumption will be issued.
A few tips for saving when shopping.
New Zealanders are always looking for the best deals for their budget and try to use discounts, if possible. There are several ways to save money on purchases:
Buy products in fruit and vegetable stores or markets. In New Zealand, there are many Chinese supermarkets, where the prices for fruits, vegetables and food are quite low. Details in our article: Prices in New Zealand & # 187; It is advisable to monitor prices on advertising or on the Internet, before planning purchases. Most retailers regularly have good discounts and promotions. You can find many good products at attractive prices on the New Zealand trade portal TradeMe. There basically are used goods, but some are new. For large purchases for cash, a discount is generally given: & # 8212; usually 10%, do not forget to ask the sellers about it. This is especially effective if you buy several items from one seller.
This article was prepared specifically for those wishing to link their lives with the amazing country of New Zealand. It is necessary to clearly represent not only how much you can earn and how to live, but also what mandatory expenses you expect.
If you are planning to get an education in New Zealand in order to stay working and live in this beautiful country. Write to us!
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