Comments 57.

Comments 57.
Who are you fooling to enter and who has stupefied you? Brains, then turn on.
The video was not shot by Russia. Such videos from a dozen or more on the Internet.
We only believe in Russian channels? These channels, except delirium, do not carry anything. In Ukraine there are no nationalist gangs. And no one oppresses the Russians.
Delirium is borne by Ukrainian channels and such as you. I live in Ukraine and see what the media are saying and what is really going on.
Probably you live in another Ukraine. If you want war, go and fight, only not with us.
And the war in Ukraine has already begun such as you, when pretending peaceful demonstrators staged chaos in Kiev. At this time we worked peacefully.
So let’s drown everyone in the blood? Peacefully worked, Yanukovych for another toy. Slavery must be eradicated within itself.
I think that most of the Ukrainian people are still able to distinguish between true and false. Therefore, the speedy recovery of the young anarchists, stupefied by revolutionary romanticism, I wish. Will it be pain-free for these people, depends only on themselves. Do not do such terrible faces!
The truth is that no one will regard Russian troops as liberators. Want to live with the “emperor” your right. And we want to live differently. And we do not have fascism.
Where do the Russian troops tell you?
You have nationalism, but you have long been living on your own.
If you did not have schizophrenics like Saakashvili at the Maidan warm-up, and not the Nazis bought with the giblets riches rushing to power, and boiling with their endless shit, in all their problems blaming Muscovites, and now it’s fashionable to blame the “emperor”, then you would already long ago learned to at least just respect their nearest neighbor and brother.
A neighbor and brother living in the STATE who saved.
And you would have lived differently for a long time, and did not receive handouts from overseas pussies.
And who then in the Crimea took women and children hostage, and forced the Ukrainian military to surrender under the threat of hostage-taking?
Conscience you have – the katsapov – there is not a gram, and respect for yourself you want to threaten with automatic weapons!
So how do you differ from the Hitlerites? The fact that you do not have Hitler, but Putler? The fact that you are building not the Third, but the Fourth Reich (in translation, by the way, also the Empire)?
Tell us, who are you brothers? Where not sunny – everywhere you humiliate the rest of the people and exalt yourself! Ubermensch’y fucking! Even to us, to Belarusians, climbing packs in our forums and pissing us off when we communicate with each other on the basis of our native language! What do you ask, is it up to us? So no, you – like cockroaches – everywhere you climb and try to ruin everything with your shit!
But only Ukraine tried to throw off the garbage and marauder you put in order for the Ukrainian people to decide how to live by it – then your thugs appear in the Crimea and start beating, kidnapping, and even openly killing, people – in the overwhelming majority of cases – civilians.
There can not be a legitimate referendum under gunpoints!
Before the appearance of your thugs in Crimea, the current “vichy government” of Crimea, being then just a political party, with any president, even with your pahan Yanuka, gained a maximum of 4% of the vote – that’s the real figure of the “referendum” for joining the Crimea to Russia. Just counted the votes on the contrary, how beneficial to Russia!
Only let’s clarify that Katsapa is not a Russian people – but Putin’s gang. Many Russians are against the war.
Totally agree, but the normal minority in Russia – 100% -67% (the current “soared” rating Putler after the seizure of the Crimea) = 33%
And even then, the insanity of 67% of Russians and those crimes that have been committed and continue to take place in the Crimea do not just cast a “shadow of doubt” on decent Russians, but practically they are eclipsed: well, there’s no time for me to think about the cultural achievements of Russians when Russian bandits climb to my house and threaten my life and my family!
Russian bandits can not stop reading excerpts from works of Russian literature and reproductions of Russian artists, or dancing “Russian ballet”!
They do not even know about it and do not want to know! For 67% of Russians, Russian culture does not mean anything at all – for them the main Reich-Empire, in the person of Fuhrer Putler!
What can I say when, I remember, in St. Petersburg, a house in the center of the city – near the Gostiny Dvor – was painted in large letters “RNE” (Russian National Unity – a neo-Nazi organization), and nobody thought to overwrite them. Here it is a modern Russian culture!
And how much mud is poured onto Ukraine on Russian TV channels ?! The open text says: Russian – good, Ukrainians – evil, which must be destroyed, “DIRECT IN SORTIR”!
So, for now, I have no faith in the Russians! Apparently, they, like the Germans, need to survive their 45th year. It’s not for nothing that Putler arranged the seizure of Ukraine on the even 75th anniversary after the division by Hitler and Stalin of Poland under the pretext of “saving the German and Russian-speaking population” from the Polish oppression (1939 to 2014)!
Probably now I agree with you. They are drugged and the worst thing is that they want to be stupefied. It’s easier to live.
And the destroyed monuments to Soviet soldiers in Western Ukraine.
Idiots everywhere enough. In Russia there are no vandals?
Well, he probably writes about the monument to the Ukrainian pilot who was destroyed near Moscow to build a road. Such they have an electoral memory about the Great Patriotic War.
Yuriy72, you have a grandfather not in the eses of the division “Galicia” served during the Great Patriotic War? He brought you up.
Well, you can not do without lying lies. Do you get many pieces of silver other than 30?
What kind of a Slav are you? You are a freak, geek. Dollar sender. Six.
Can you respect each other? Do you really need a war? It’s for a long time. Understand no one in Ukraine did not humiliate the Russians. It’s a lie. Sam all my life I speak Russian.
War is not needed neither by Russians nor by Ukrainians. It is needed only by one country that pushes us – the United States. Find on the Internet the annual report of the European Parliament and the speech by the representative of Austria, who refused to vote for him. Maybe then your eyes will open.
We do not have any troops of the USA or Europe. How there are no Ukrainian troops in Russia.
Why are you so frustrated? Does Ukraine have a capable army? There is no one to fight Russia, and there is no need, small gangs do not count. See your TV less.
Read my comment carefully and find on the Internet what I advised you. And even before the February events, the US was appointed prime minister of Yatsenyuk. This is also on the Internet. And you say that the people decide everything on the Maidan.
If we are talking about lies, the West has shown its hypocritical true face so many times, but everything repeats itself despite the lessons and sufferings of people.
From the Balkans to the Arab countries and the latest developments in these countries, there have been lies all over the place, covered by beautiful conversations about freedom and independence, etc., and everywhere the terrible consequences of this lies, which becomes known after a short time. And everything again comes back another round of lies.
In fact, there is no need for troops. Sufficeable hypocritical pseudo-politicians, with just a terribly perverted sense of their own importance, rushing to power in all ways, will bring you these people a lot of grief. But as usual they say that in all the Muscovites, the empire, and the emperor are to blame. They beat against the same wall with their head, all the same, God will not teach you what to do with Russia and everything will turn out. Instead they continue to hate only and again bash about wall.
And we do not want Russia. This is our right. Why should we lead by fortitude to happiness?
So you are no one and does not persuade. You have been more than 20 years old as untroubled and in what you own hands and divide Ukraine, and finish it off, are to blame themselves.
So demand the withdrawal of troops from Putin. We ourselves will live, it can be hard, but this is our way.
Live as you want. Only Crimea, Russian blood drenched, do not heal. Our Crimea was and will remain our – Russian.
You have already plundered your entire Ukraine. President your more dragged, and you, the Ukrainians, who as much as you could. On the little things. This is still enough. Impoverished Ukraine. You’re not khokhly, but rats.
As I understand the Russians do not want the world. Antennae must be glued to Putin and racial superiority in action.
Here zadolbal with his war. How to ask for money, so Russia should be treated – save, help, we can not earn. In any other cases – enemies, racial superiority seems to be, you see. As the millenniums have been advancing on their rake, and continue in the same spirit.
Money for Russia Yanukovych asked for himself. Your state is increasingly slipping into chauvinism. I emphasize-state.
Do you have a portrait of Bendery or Shukhevych on your wall? Anger and puff.
Do not hang. Anger where did you see? Is it because I do not want intervention? Then I’m angry.
It’s you interventionists. All the carpathies in Russia are grazed. He earns money and goes home to Zapadensk Ukraine sends them. What are you running the farm? Is it your fault to the President? Why did they choose him? On a freebie strive to snatch what lies badly – you are looking. Why was their economy ditched? All of you together have ruined and stolen your Ukraine. It is convenient to blame the president of his and the Russian, us – Russians. You are assholes. Begin to correct yourself, and lead your life to the mind. Small you and cheap.
I am generally for peace throughout the world. I’m for the fact that the US withdrew its troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, NATO withdrew troops from Libya. When Kosovo wanted to secede, and Yugoslavia was against, NATO bombed Yugoslavia. Why were you silent? And when the Crimea wants to self-determine, it’s illegal. Let the inhabitants of the Crimea decide for themselves how to live on. And the presence of Russian military in the Crimea does not allow blood to spill there. And then such as Tyagnibok and Parubiy would drown the Crimea in the blood.
But who convinced you of the bloodthirstiness of the Ukrainians?
Who opposes nationalism in the east and south of Ukraine in your opinion? And what will the nationalists do with these people who do not support this whole movement, which now comes from Kiev?
You. In lies and bloodthirsty, you persuaded. You lie lame. You’ll be shooting around the corner, not agreeing with you.
If nationalism is to be an independent state, then I am also a nationalist. No one is festering or bothering any tongue.
Ah, so we scared you. I tell you. Come to Ukraine. I will personally walk with you, we will speak the streets loudly in Russian. Ask people if they want to Russia or not. Maybe we’ll catch a gang. And my site probably vvobshche terrible.
With that hysteria in relation to Russia, along with one of the first laws passed regarding the language, the performance of nationalists in the west of Ukraine against even Russian, and just Russian-speaking, other facts, you leave your stories for transatlantic patrons. They will like it.
Those people who perform in eastern Ukraine, Kharkov, Donetsk, Chernivtsi, south Odessa.It people who do not want to go along with the Ukraine that is now dictated by the current Kyiv.People of the regions that are industrial, workers. They have reasons to demand a popular referendum and determine their future and the future of their children themselves.
What will you do with these people who disagree with the nationalists?
Nationalists are people with an outrageous sense of their own importance, on which Western politicians play. Because it is very convenient to manage such people, you just need to make it so that this sense of self-importance is constantly nourished in various ways. Constant meetings, recognition of their leadership and their exclusivity in the “battle for independence”, in the form of good benefits in dollar terms, expensive representative cars and escort suites. For overseas patrons it is only a chessboard far away from their own country, or a puppet party. Whereas for a neighbor it is scars and pain. All your independence is built on the dollar simply speaking. If it was not so, then you did not break, but built your own statehood, considering the centuries-old ties of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine. Itself to a strong Ukraine. And such a Ukraine that you are building in Europe does not expect anything good. Such a Ukraine is waiting only for empty political sales executives.
Russia will have to build its policy according to the realities and threats from such neighbors.
Ah, so we scared you. I tell you. Come to Ukraine. I will personally walk with you, we will speak the streets loudly in Russian. Ask people if they want to Russia or not. Maybe we’ll catch a gang. And my site probably vvobshche terrible.
You think too much of yourself, because of how I understand the young age, and the experience of the Revolution with all the romance in your head. Now there is a policy defined by the state in the person of so-called power. That is, it is possible that after some time you, rEvolutionary, can themselves be completely out of place where they expected.
I am 41 years old and I remember the USSR well. And I do not want to go back.
You surprised me!
I am 45 years old, and I am Ukrainian, was born in one of the Asian republics of the former union. I can judge American “pseudo patrons of democracies and autonomies” from experience and conditions in the same Asia.
Everything is capable of breaking out from their submission, and will turn into bloody chaos from giving these “players”.
It’s hard for me to judge on whose behalf you are speaking.
If you want to live well, you do not need to start with what would destroy what you did not build, namely the structure of the economy and industry associated with Russia, what the fathers and grandfathers of those who lived there built. It needs to be based on. Especially as you will not build.
And nobody calls you to the USSR, this is strange reasoning in 41 years.
He lived 41 years old, but he did not make up his mind. The moron is over.
The melkota is bosyatsky. You think about yourself a lot. Who the hell are you scared of? Melochevshchik.
We will. If you do not understand this, then probably just do not want to. And my article about whether Russian wars want to be? And in response, the accusations of all sins. Tell me what threatened Russia my site? Think about it.
You will excuse me, and please do not be offended.
You will not, here you are. Build and work will be others, those who have always done this without a buzzy on the square.
And for you as you yourself have now written it is important to recognize your writing talent, I guess. And the grievance you have for the fact that Russia has closed your site. But this is also a confession, so you should rejoice, you are noticed.
Maybe the best thing then is to offer their services to Western media? you will expose the emperor and the empire, and you will be a fighter for the independence of Ukraine, a mouthpiece so to speak. You will be invited to important meetings where, along with imposing Western gentlemen, you can give your miserable asses greater importance.
A lie your website splashes in all directions. Lying is not dangerous in itself. The person is chatting and letting himself. Like that dog in the wind. You are rallied under the champion of peace and defender of poor Ukraine, offended by the Russians and the Russian president. You can not reconcile anyone with a lie. Fascinating scum try to justify.
Here’s your fault. With such as you only need to explain the truth. Truth you try not to hear. There is such a kind of deafness – in scum.
Which is what you slippery type. Freedom of speech for its own. For dissenters of the camp? Before Fascism one step. Do not do it.
Uh-huh. freedom of speech.
Whether they want it or not, I do not know, but it’s already being driven! And now it became clear that friends for them do not exist – only potential slaves and hostages!
Crimea showed that Russians do not even have a concept of honor, let alone the honor of the uniform! The Russian military are ordinary terrorists, bandits and thugs!
I now begin not to regret the Russian people, but to be afraid for their adequacy. How quickly they went the way to Nazism. which for some reason is attributed to us.
Yeah, even the Belarusians here are addicted, artists.
You do not move your propaganda here, all this your howling penny is not worth a penny.
And I’m sorry those whose heads from this utter hysteria were in uttermost asshole.
Ordinary Russian Nazism.
I read your correspondence. Added his comments on the progress of your (Yuri72 and Arthuri) sayings. In a pair you are not bad at it. How mass, nationality, even legitimacy is begged.
When two bastards perform one order – a beautiful illustration.
There is no hypocrisy. Now it lives under the trident OUNovskim.
Nothing new. Pure Russian Nazism. We are good, and all enemies are around. Well, insults naturally. Without them, the Nazis can not.

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