Comments 41.

Comments 41.
Thank you so much! very important information.
impressive. even kept for myself.
Huge thanks for the information, just read on the Internet about flights, very timely – a week later fly away!
please fill out the profile, please!
excellent work)))) there are a couple of additions, in the stream. where to send?
You can write them in a separate post, in the heading “Useful Information”.
And fill in the profile, please!
94. To exit to the UK, if the next flight is less than 24 hours later, a visa for Russian citizens is not required.
Just a question. For a flight with a transfer in the UK it is enough to have a Schengen visa or do you need to have a transit visa?
THANK YOU for your work.
The Schengen visa to Britain has nothing to do with it. And if you change in Britain, without changing the airport, you will not pass border control at all, if you need to move to another airport, if you have all the necessary documents for the country of destination (tickets, visa) you can allow visa-free transit for 24 hours.
(do not need to shout in big letters)
in AirAsia in the economy you can take in the luggage 15 kg, registration online. In Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Phnom Penh do not pay attention to the advantage of 5 kg.
If you fly Air Emirats through Dubai, the ticket gives an opportunity to issue a special. a visa to the Emirate for a period of 72 hours. It is possible to arrange on the site or in the port, una infostoykah.
The most chic appearance when landing in Naples (the plane makes a circle over the bay, Capri, Ischia and Vesuvius). The spirit captures!
A comprehensive answer to all questions! Thank you, Mr. Bukhanov!
Thank you! It is very instructive, in a month there is a journey and I have received exhaustive information on emerging issues!
Decent work. Thank you.
First we read the rules of the group, then we write. Not the other way around.
Interestingly, locks from suitcases are cut only in the States or somewhere else is this practice common?
This is a MEMO. Thank you, have kept.
As far as I know, online registration more than 24 hours is possible only in DELTe. If someone in the course tell me what else a / k allows you to register more than a day.
Now AirBaltic allows you to register through your website. Check-in at the airport is chargeable.
Concerning paragraph 81: As far as I know, foreign objects, including paper, are not recommended to be flung in the airplane toilet, this leads to a clogging of the system, and a very difficult cleaning.
Read with great pleasure. Thanks!
now read the rules of the group, please.
I am flying to Gothenburg by train through Helsinki. Is one Schengen visa sufficient?
We ask questions in a separate post in the “questions” section
Undoubtedly, thanks to Mr. Rogowski for his work and to his colleague bukhanov for his retreat.
There are several mistakes, yes. But much is useful.
One thing is not clear. If the memo of Mr. Rogovsky was made by himself, why at the end of a useful article give a redneck board (129)? Type of banter? But in fact many stopudovo will be perceived as a guide.
Gay collective farmers of course, will perceive 🙂
And I once somehow in the Domodedovo “duteka” almost in front of the cashier broke a huge bottle of DKNY (not through my own fault – there is a specific box, which in self-service stores is usually sealed with tapes so that the bottles do not slip out) Ahead of me stood people with the same bottle only for men and with a very rag-bag (probably bought in the same store in Berlin, which is mentioned in the article, for 2 euros). In general, everything that crashed splashed on his bag. So he began to complain to me about it. Who was that gay bore?
thanks for the info – just a fountain of the reasonable, kind and eternal. Respect.
Well, yes, thanks to the personal from the collective farmers and especially from the collective farmers for the capital work. Our, as always, in their roles, it is easier for them to make multi-volume works and go to Kamchatka to detour through Kaliningrad than to just buy a ticket, board a plane, and so on. Abroad, people, by the way, look at many things more easily, they are not understood by such Talmuds in principle – this is the main complementary advice.
P.S. And about the hidden places at the airport, this is why – for a secluded breakfast-lunch-dinner?
Well, why is it necessary to have a “breakfast-lunch-dinner”? Many sex in public places pins, and multiply it by accidentally met in such a secret place stranger! You never know what you want to do Russian at a big transit airport! – “Things to do in Denver when you’re dead”
Hello. We plan to fly to Barcelona with a transfer in Frankfurt or Prague. There will be several hours during the transplantation in the airport. Will it be possible to leave the transit zone and walk around the city. We will receive the Schengen visa with the country of visit – Spain. Thank you.
Cmozhet, if the visa will be Schengen, and not LTV. And if LTV, then you and the plane to Prague / Frankfurt will not be imprisoned 🙂
And – we ask questions in a separate post in the “questions” section
Thanks to the author for such a serious and interesting work. I’ve been around the world a lot, but even for me some moments are a serious discovery. Sincerely, Svetlana.
Hello, in a week flight New York-Tampa (domestic flight), flying Delta Airlines, everything seems to be nothing, but besides the usual things with a guitar (quite expensive, so it’s not an option to take to the luggage). Tell me please, will not there be problems with its transportation and how to behave if problems arise? Thank you in advance.

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