Comments 4.

Comments 4.
In the Czech Republic a little better, take a walk not through the main streets of Prague and Charles Bridge. Sugar factories were bought by the Germans, immediately destroyed them, and sugar from Germany is bought at a good price. All products are more expensive than in Russia, they eat tasteless apples-pears and other rubbish from different countries of Europe. The moorings there are working on construction sites and notice, silently and bowing the Ukrainians to the ground. Gastarbeitery Europe. pridurki.V Russia, they were people, but it’s hard for people to be.
Ukkov generally expects the worst forecast. Such a wonderful land and climate, why are there need of shelter? Ah, yes, they do not decide themselves anything, they have long globally liberalists rejoice.
That’s why the Western jackals howl in Byelorussia – they say the last totalitarian country. At the same time, Batka had the intelligence and the will to show the western jackals a large and thick Bolt. And the local otcheppentsev-zhopolizov, whining at the money of the EEC (like our dinosaur Alekseeva) to put in jails.
Good for you Father. The example of Bulgaria is very revealing. By the way, recently friends hit an auto race along the Belarusian roads. We arrived in full ecstasy – we visited a time machine in the golden age of the USSR. In the shops everything is there, and everything is Belarusian and everything is abundant, calm people, confident in the future, dreaming that Batka stayed at his post for as long as possible. No traffic jams, no blackheads at all. No one. There is no corruption. Thieves-as it should be in prisons.
And the Bulgarians (brothers) – their god punished them, bitten their hand feeding them. Few defended them and shed Russian blood. Gypsies, what to take from them. It was not necessary to take off your pants and turn to the West asshole. They quickly became fucked-up patience. Another example is a warning.
Brothers! You are not deceived, you are KI-NU-LEE.
Russia under Plevna freed you from the Turks. And in response, you have fought against Russia on the side of Germany for the entire 20 th century. Live as you want. The Russians no longer touch you, for nothingness interests nobody. Look in the morning in the mirror. You became Turks. The phenotype corresponds to the genotype.
And I remember how my Bulgarian friend in one elite university in the USSR, his fellow tribesmen called the henchman, and me a Russian dog.
We will not even fight with you. Just stop riding on your sunshine breezes and 3.14 in the economy !;)

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