Comments 26.

Comments 26.
Yeah. A terrible picture is drawn. But in fact the colors are thickened. I visited Karabash several times, when we designed quarries for the extraction of the silver shale near the town near Lake Serebry. Very beautiful places!
And the dirtiest city is not Karabash, but Dzerzhinsk.
I wanted to show my hometown, sheltered sulfuric gas.
I think there are a lot of such cities in Russia ..
but two new villas in PLEASE Seichaya are being built for TANDEMA. The cleanest ecology. Insatiable animals.
and in what year were you there ??
The last time there was July 3.
Yes, I asked Yura when he was there)))
Last time in 2003.
Yurochka .. and this data for 2011 .. all flows .. everything changes ..
And I thought that Saratov is the dirtiest. Hence, we still have hope)))
Well, it’s not true .. Saratov every year becomes more beautiful and beautiful ..
and I said about it, that Saratov is beautiful! In the old cities, its egregor, the soul calms down there, it becomes lighter.
Tariana, you would tell us about the dirtiest cities in the Czech Republic or about a new homeland.
only in an excellent degree? Do you see information about Russia?
first-hand. Do not forget, we live in Russia.
you live, and I lived .. and often I go to Russia .. it turns out, you can talk about Russia in a negative light, and me, if I live in another country, you can not? as far as I can remember, I’m still a subject of Russia .. and I love her no less, and maybe even more than even some Russians .. and such articles are exhibited not for joy, but for pain for her .. for Russia ..
and in the Czech Republic there are NO such cities, because there is no heavy industry, and here are obsessed with ecology .. in the courtyard, spruce will not be allowed to cut without the permission of an ecologist. Here so tio ..
You sang an old emigre song about the love of Russia, it’s like living with Vasya screaming about love for Pete. Of course you all know.
about Russia and that you need to wash your finger before you point at someone else’s stains. You certainly know that the dirtiest ones.
the cleanest cities are everywhere, everything is relative and the presence of heavy industry and the presence of lawns is not straightforward.
Well, you should. and in you began to speak of hatred for us, emigrants .. interesting, but what have we done to you? what exactly did I do to you? why such hatred?
by the way, the author of the article is not me .. and the one who lives in Russia .. and before I offend, it would be worth to think about it ..
Well, what can be the hatred of emigrants? You yourself pedal this topic, constantly shouting that you love.
Russia and you find it difficult without it. If you watch TV, you get the impression that all Russian patriots are abroad.
-Constantly what is achieved, what is demanding. Very much like sexmen-they are not touched,
and they vseravno give a gay parade.
You see Mednogorsk is not so far from us and if the topic is lit up we can always go and see.
Of course, I understand that the article is chosen with a patriotic bias, but I’m even more interesting about the Czech Republic,
where you live and, undoubtedly, you know better.
Well, firstly, I do not cry that I love Russia and without it I can not live .. on the contrary-I am perfectly comfortable without it, but I do not hate Russia .. I do not need to fret ..
if you did not like something in the topic, it was easier to write WHAT you did not want to be satisfied with, and not try to put all your sins on me.
Tariana, never had and do not have the desire to offend anyone. Just look at how all the others syrup poured on each other, and on top with sugar powder-added mustard.
There is a tell-tale about two worms, which were fun and good, until they were told that they live in the ass.
I mean that if we can not help people, then at least we will not save wounds.
About your great love for Russia, you wrote a dozen lines above, on such discrepancies catch investigators, not investigators. Do you qualify?
Do you know how these people are called who pour a spoonful of tar? I think that you know.
I’m just wondering, is it all, who is putting the topic here, how does it help Russia? why is this demand exactly from me ??
Poor people, suffer from the factories – which emit poison – and nowhere to go.
Here, like in one topic a couple of words for Georgia were written, so what a “lieutenant colonel” came and banned talking about Georgia and at the same time about Ukraine – beforehand offended at all and left for another place of construction to arrange. I did not listen to him. And here you just have a sauce in the form of seasoning – I do not see any connection with my comments in the spy topic and your conversation here.

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