Comments 19.

Comments 19.
Thank you for sharing, Alesander! All cats are beautiful! But there are no Russian blue. With outfits fun, of course, only not to cats.
Alexander, thank you for the wonderful photo essay.
Yes, all the pigs are beautiful. And they noticed with what loving eyes their homely people look at them. It is wonderful.
I do not think that someone will support me, but all the same I’ll risk my opinion. In my opinion, people just amuse their vanity. And cats – it’s just torture and stress, and the costumes can be put on cats, just stupid. Cats are beautiful in themselves, and regardless of the thoroughbred.
I agree completely, I love my noblewoman no less than if she were with a pedigree. For a photo-thank you.
Oh, I forgot to notice that the pictures are beautiful, thanks to the author.
Well, first of all, my huge hello to the guy with the British! He could not stop eating the same cheeks as a pet! The first Scot with lop-eared ears – the very charm. I did not understand what kind of breed “sheep” with curly hair, I did not see the kind of such. Very interesting and flexible cat “in apples.” True, he also has strips. I kiss everyone in noses and press my paws!
Curly cat – it seems to me, Cornish Rex, there is such a breed, a relatively new one.
I love all cats, but how many cats are saved from the Minsk burial, exported even to Russia, they try to attach to zoosecurity forums and on facebook. Here for them: doomed, affectionate, abandoned, unhappy, homeless people need such an exhibition. And so well-fed, rich, loving prestige entertained.
As they say now “+ stopitsot”
Very good and efficient offer! At such exhibitions it would be possible and the hosts to find at least someone!
Thank you, Alexander, for the report! Very beautiful components, good quality photos, nice to look at. An amazing frame is captured: the cat jumped, ran away from the owner, probably.
In the case of unfortunate and abandoned animals, the organizers of the largest exhibitions provide assistance to such animals. Repeatedly saw at the exhibitions Royal Kanin allocated places for shelters, raising funds for them.
I really want to know from Necklair and Mursi, specifically, what did not please you.
the expression “well-fed, rich and loving prestige”? And how do you know that animals suffer in costumes? You put these costumes on cats, participated in exhibitions?
Just those owners who “just amuse their vanity” at exhibitions, will not throw cats out on the street and replenish the army of disadvantaged animals. Before you express your opinion and bear negative feelings in the Club, go to the exhibition and plunge into this wonderful world of cats, then you can stop pointy annotating interesting material.

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