Comments 16.

Comments 16.
I posted an article on this topic: Who sponsored the Russian revolution, but silly and today they are talking about the need for coups.
Be that as it may, the Jewish leaders restored the country practically within pre-revolutionary borders, with the exception of Poland and Finland, and the Slavic leaders disorganized the country, depriving it of almost a quarter of the territory. And how many died then and now it is difficult to establish a lot of lies.
At the beginning of the war of 1914, the territory of the Russian Empire was 21,800,251 km and, thanks to “wise policy” and “decisive actions”, the territory decreased by more than half.
I foresee angry outcry and objections, various levels of illiterate inadequate opponents with links to various Internet scraps such as Wikipedia, but alas, take it!
State Education The Russian Empire was a unitary state. The unitary form of the state is a kind of state structure in which the country is divided into several administrative units that do not have the status of state entities.
The notorious “scoop” was the Union of Republics. The Republic is a form of state administration based on an electoral principle, from which it follows that the USSR was a union of independent states having their own Legislative and Executive power; a rare moron will risk, today, call the current EU – the United State!
Proclaimed on October 25, 1917, as a result of the seizure of power, as the Russian Soviet Republic, since July 19, 1918, the officially named Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, in fact, is also not one.
The federation is a form of state system representing the unification of several sovereign countries into one state: one recalls the recent scandal with Tatarstan insisting on reforming the Federal Treaty.
The Russian Federation, not being unitary, unites, among other things, 22 republics, 4 autonomous regions and 1 autonomous region – now you can safely count the territory of Russia and compare it with Russia, which we lost.
Only here the output of these republics was not so simple, as it seems and until the end was not registered in the constitution. Because it was purely formal division. However, the Uzbek who organized the massacre in America is still called Russian, and Pindostan says that the largest supplier of people in the IG is Russia, and we have nothing to do with these churkestans for 25 years.
Only, here each republic hated Russians and believed that it feeds Russia, and Russians looked at them in every part of the body.
Do not porridge, you yourself know that you write nonsense.
In the 1950s, the incomes of collective farmers in the Uzbek SSR were 9 times higher than in the RSFSR, and the cost of gross harvesting of crop products per 1 workday at procurement prices in the Non-Chernozem Zone was estimated at 10 times lower than in the Uzbek SSR and 15 times lower, than in the Georgian SSR.
With more than half of the country’s adult population left and more than 60% of the industrial working class in 1980, Russians accounted for only 26% of the deputies of the Supreme Soviets of the Union Republics, 35% of the deputies of the Supreme Soviets of Autonomous Republics and 45% of deputies of local councils. Thus, Russians are represented in the higher bodies of power two times lower than in the industrial working class, which contradicts the assumption of the leading role of the industrial working class.
The situation with national history, science and culture is no better. The RSFSR is the only one of the republics that does not have its Academy of Sciences.
In 1981-1982. 15 out-of-competition places in the graduate school of the Institute of State and Law of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR were distributed as follows: 7 places to the republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan; 4 – the republics of Transcaucasia; one by one from Belarus and Latvia, and one by one from Bashkortostan and Udmurtia. Indicators of the socio-cultural development of the Russian people are at one of the last places and in the event that they are compared with the corresponding indicators of the peoples of the RSFSR.
According to the 1979 census, in terms of the number of people with higher education per capita of the employed population, Russians were among the peoples of the RSFSR at 16th place among the townspeople and 19th in the rural population, yielding half or two times even to the peoples who were not written in recent times – the Buryats, the Yakuts, Chukchi.
Yes, and where is this? Uzbek, Saifullo Saipov, who won a hiatus in the United States by lottery and became a radical IG after some time, transferred 29 people by car to the US on November 1, 2017, is considered an agent of Russia, he is called “Russian”! What kind of fuck is he Russian? For many years, Uzbekistan has already been a “sovereign state”, which was not part of the USSR, was a republic with a mixed population, who was the “state of the pancake,” Yeltsin and others like him, there were no Uzbeks, and they were not going to leave the USSR, yes and no one was going to, this part was called Turkestan and was part of Tsarist Russia, since the time of the “king of peas”, you can specify the date. “There was neither Uzbekistan, nor Turkestan, nor Kazakhstan, and other churkestones, and Yeltsin made them. go to fight in IGil, and in the US they yell that we deliver them oud! And if they were a part of, as before, there would be no problems.
Turkestan was a part of Tsarist Russia, and the Republic of Turkmenistan is a form of state administration, with its Legislative and Executive authority.
Even the CPSU consisted of 14 parties: the Communist Party of the RSFSR was not. – Still we shall communicate on a theme of equality?
If only Gorbachev, and then Yeltsin and two other idots would not ruin the country, nothing would have happened, no one was going anywhere. The referendum was also 80% favored the preservation of the Soviet Socialist Republic, Nazorbaev was furious, he never forgave EBN like that. Therefore, the “color revolutions” began, EBN did not even understand that he was not a USSR breakaway, he would have had more power, and he had only the goal of seizing power, and the country of the empire was deeply rested. And there is nothing to say about any equality. In all of this, the Russians suffered most of all, who were in these republics, some got married, some were born there because the ancestors were still there when the tsar arrived (Baku, naromimer), when they were sent after the institute. I might be able to get into Chernivtsi if I had not entered the 4th distribution, but let’s say the 10th. My classmates are now fleeing Ukraine, but here they are no longer needed by anyone. What a fuck equity.
I congratulate all on the 100th anniversary of the greatest event of the twentieth century, the Great October Socialist Revolution! It was, is and is our holiday.
But now I would like to ask why all these arguments and lamentations on the topic, what would happen if they revolve around individuals and nationalities, especially Lenin and Stalin, and in no way touch upon the essence of the doctrine that allowed to raise Russia and save it? Why did the people follow the Bolsheviks, why did he believe them then? Is it because, as the notebook “people’s lovers” like to say, stupid slavish cattle or for other reasons? These are the questions in all SMRAD (the media) are silenced and circumvented. Why should these “sufferers” for holy Russia not figure it out, there are opportunities – computers can help calculate the possible number of victims among the Russian population in the event of the victory of the Provisional Government? This question is also skillfully dispensed with. Where would Russia be and as a result of such a victory? Let this also be a subjunctive mood, but nevertheless such questions have the right to exist. And this is not only my opinion.
Absolutely agree with you. Everyone somehow shyly conceals what was happening on the eve of the revolution, that neither the Tsar nor the Provisional Government was engaged by the people, they divided the pieces from the “pie called the Russian Empire,” and Lenin proposed a clear, clear program and he did not say what would happen it’s easy and nice, now we’ll all go straight and find ourselves in communism, he always said that it would be difficult and blood will be.
But everyone is silent about this, only they lie that the tsar was a douche, a seed and a good man, I admit, but a “good man” is not a profession. He would be in the head of the empire and it was necessary to be the EMPEROR and think about the balance in the country, but the liberals themselves did not want this, they themselves broke up everything and did not themselves cope with this machine, and Lenin coped, and then: “And bitch, took away power, did not allow the treasury to divide, the brainwashed cowboy! Have him! ” Who let ANTANT in Russia? Everyone went in like wolves to tear the pieces started. But it did not work, gentlemen of the gays, tear your ass now! I apologize for being abrupt, but tired of listening and reading all this abomination and lies!
But what about the other, if there is nothing to counter the Lenin program, from the word absolutely.

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