Comments 14.

Comments 14.
Nuuuuu, it’s started. The theme of the illusory fictitious “singularity” filled the teeth. Everywhere and always they shout about their “exclusivity”, and they are still surprised that they begin to be disliked even by those for whom somebody’s nationality does not matter at all. This is called “run up”. Anyone can get his megalomania.
Schopenhauer said at the time: “When a person has nothing to be proud of, he begins to take pride in his nationality”
but my father is a nuclear physicist. Siberian Branch of Sciences. We are all Russian. so here are the Russian-smart as he is in physics as he in Soviet times, a lot of what worked-naizobretali. And the Jews there were mostly somehow in the kitchen and in power in Soviet times. On basements for experiments they did not sit especially. And in the Gorbachev era, they all moved together amicably to America and with all the patents for the fact that the Russians and others in the basements had worked. But this is nuclear physics. Once a Jew comes to mind when I think about it. And in my life, as not a bastard career at work – so certainly a Jew. They are not clever, but cunning. I agree that there is some special feature of the mind in them – for the manifestation of which they are all “loved.”
Read the Torah and you will understand by what laws the Jew lives. If we treat Jews the way Torah tells them, then we Russians will be considered fascists!
So they relate to us according to their faith, and we are Christians, but for some reason we all want to treat people according to another’s faith – either Muslim or Judaic. We must be ourselves, then we will treat the rest as Christians.
Love in yourself your ancestors! Love in yourself rusov! Falling in love with yourself, about the horror, the Jew, you become traitors to your people! There are a lot of such now: bankers of thieves, robbers, bureaucrats. This is the most provocative and stupid article! Ode to the enemies of mankind!
How is it Christian? Substitute another cheek? All power from God? Do not know what they are doing? We are God’s servants? God tolerated and told us? Marasmus and slavish psychology are killing our people and all Christian countries. Tell me at least one country where the people are thriving? We are fooled by the dead, zombified by tolerance and destroyed, and we go to the temple, beating our forehead against the floor and asking their god (YHWH) to be merciful to us. Wake up.
Forgive me, but one more thought. You love your neighbor and treat him very well, but he is a maniac, a pedophile, a pervert – from whom will it be good? Relax and have fun? Do you understand what you wrote yourself?
Again the same provocative question is raised by the same illustrations. Why do you need this, Tina, personally?
apparently pay well.
Thank you for your clever reflections.
And I read “just about love”
I agree with Love that this is a story about love, faith and understanding.
Studying other nationalities, we understand our attitude towards them better. ALL WE ARE ALL PEOPLE WE ARE PEOPLE. Do not despise anyone and sing no one. So it will be more just and in the Christian way.

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