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Moving in Ukraine greece

Moving in Ukraine greece ATTENTION! POSSIBLE DEPARTURE FROM KIROVOGRAD! Warranty from leave to leave! Excursion to Thessaloniki in cost. 4 days in Greece! Day 1-2. 7-30 group pick-up and boarding the (more…)


en_india. Lovers of India. live in India. Respond, who has a similar experience! Or who is also going to take a chance! Let’s try together. 34 comments – Leave a comment. To move, you need to weigh a lot (more…)


Discussions. What needs to be done and what needs to be had to move to Germany? 114 messages. To move to Ger. You need to know German, take exams on it, know the history of Ger. Wait until they make VISA, (more…)

Move to Donetsk

Move to Donetsk In one of the consultations, the tax reads that “It is advisable to add to point 38.9 of paragraph 38 to the day 10 of the XXth day of the XXth PKU, when the hour of nahrauvannya (vyplati) (more…)