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Forum Anordnung des Bundesministeriums fur die Aufnahme judischer Zuwanderer: a) der Nachweis der judischer Nationalitat oder die Abstammung von mindestens einem judischen Elternteil durch staatliche (more…)

Life is like a dream.

Life is like a dream. An independent trip to the Benelux: rich and budget. In the summer of 2014, we decided to fulfill my old dream – to visit Amsterdam. However, knowing full well that in Europe we had (more…)

China labor emigration

China labor emigration This is the largest labor migration in the world; migration from Mexico to the US & mdash; a pitiful trickle against the background of this flow, not to mention guest workers in (more…)

Africa has a counterattack.

Africa has a counterattack. The colonization of Europe by settlers from the Black Continent is the main trend of the near future. A hundred years ago it seemed that the northerners had gained the upper (more…)

To Finland for food.

To Finland for food. You can get to Finland by air, by train, by bus, and by private car. Before Lappeenranta and other nearby cities people go by buses and cars. Automobile communication between Peter (more…)