Canada: Regions of Montreal: where to settle for beginners? p.2.

Canada: Regions of Montreal: where to settle for beginners? p.2.
Continuation of the story about the areas of Montreal. What about the gardens and schools?
High requirements for getting there, too, are entrance exams. If you want to give your child a very good education in the future, then no doubt, the sooner you send the child to a private school, the better. The cost of studying in a private school varies somewhere around 400-600 dollars a month, depending on the school. If you belong to a social group, or if, say, some schools, by the way, ethnic Russian schools have an agreement with private schools and colleges that allow you to give discounts of forty, fifty percent when studying in these most private schools. That is, also keep in mind if you want to send your child to a Russian school, some one, to one of the Russian schools in Montreal, ask if there is an agreement at this school with some private school, or with some college on discounts for the training of their graduates or those who study at this school. This can significantly save your budget.
What else to say about the districts? Yes, I started talking about remote areas of great Montreal – Dorval, Pointe-Claire and Pierrefond. If you do not have a car, and if you have a large family, then keep in mind that you will have to wait for the bus 20-30 minutes to reach the Plaza.
What is more profitable: to buy a house in Canada or rent it? Simple arithmetic.
I also wanted to say about the stores that are located here. There is not, as a rule, as we used to, a foot of storages near the house. Foot Stores are, so-called, step-by-step stores where you can come and buy anything – food, individual shops for things, haberdashery shops. There is no such thing here. There are all sorts of different private shops that specialize in something there that finish work around six o’clock in the evening. And here there are, so-called, de-paniers. In the depaners only beer, chips, something to bite for one bite, sandwiches are sold. That is, normal food, they can not be bought seriously.
Therefore, most people in order to zatar food or things, they prefer to go to shopping centers for them. In order to go just to shopping centers, which are located on the so-called Plaza, you will need to use the bus. That is, as I said, in these most remote areas buses run once every 20-30 minutes. Accordingly, each time you will have to adjust to these very buses, which normally go every 7-10 minutes. Then it will be necessary to have a large number of bags on the handles, if you have a large family, drag from Plaza to the bus stop, and then from the bus stop to the house. a pleasant little.
In principle, without a car in Montreal, specifically in Montreal, to live very well and calmly, there are no problems, but if you live in fairly remote areas of Montreal, then you will need about an hour and a half to get to the center , down to downtown. If someone lives close to the Corverts, let’s say, I do not know, it will take an hour and a half and an hour. But still, it’s a lot. According to the Canadian city standards – this is very much, given the fact that the towns here, they are quite small in comparison with what we have.
Usually people who live in Montreal, they reach downtown, to the city center, by public transport within 40 minutes. So make corrections too for these moments. Once again, I emphasize, one more time in Chinese, however that may be, no problem with you in order to get to any point of the city you will not have. The only question is how much time it will take for you. If you live anywhere in the city, in the areas where I said – Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Cote-des-Neiges, Rosemont, Upper Lachine, etc., it will all go away about 40 minutes. If you live in other areas, then, accordingly, the period will increase.
In kindergartens, in schools, I repeat again, there are no problems. Absolutely everywhere they are. Naturally, in those areas, which I listed at the beginning, as benevolent areas, there will be a very large number of Russian-language kindergartens. And you will have the opportunity to save your children from Russian culture, Russian-language culture. Or Ukrainian culture, because there are Ukrainian gardens, as you like. That is, there will be no problems in this regard. Most importantly – come. That’s all.
This concludes. I wish you all the best, my friends! And good-bye!
You can emigrate to Canada in a variety of ways, for example:
& mdash; Use the program for skilled workers. To do this, you must meet several requirements: it is good to know English or French, to have higher education, work experience in your specialty, etc.
& mdash; Move through the provincial program, for example, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba or Quebec.
& mdash; Enroll in a Canadian college or language course. You will master a new profession, get local experience and this will help in the future to obtain a Canadian passport.
& mdash; If you do not know how to file documents and want to be sure of the result, contact immigration lawyers. They will help you to immigrate to Canada quickly and in the most beneficial way for you.
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