Can I go to Ukraine by my passport

Can I go to Ukraine by my passport h1>
Recently I had to change my last name. And together with this joyous event, plunge into the chaos of the domestic bureaucracy: first replace the civil passport, then the pension one, in turn – the medical policy and TIN, probably, something else that I did not need. Everyone who has had to face this horror carousel will understand me. And now on the agenda came the replacement of a foreign passport. Even the electronic portal of the “State Service”, through which you can apply to replace the “wanderer” remotely, sometimes plots into hysterics. And so, filling in the boxes “where did you work for the last 10 years according to the labor” (nothing that the age of majority caught me only 5 years ago, I had to write “2005-2010 – schoolboy”), I figured: can I not change the “zagran “?” Who will know?
By a simple collection of information it was found out: it is really possible to go abroad on the passport, in which the maiden name is indicated. Of course, provided that the passport is still valid (my end in 2017). In one of the travel agencies confirmed: you can leave, only in a visa-free country. When applying for a visa, you need a Russian passport or a copy, and the mismatch of names will clearly strike the consular officer’s eye, and the outcome is obvious – “refuse.” But Vietnam, Egypt (if you can find the plane), Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Montenegro and others – at your service.
“You can use your old documents within a month from the date of the change of the surname. It is necessary to change all documents in which the old surname is indicated, since they are considered invalid, they belong to a person who is no longer there. Use them illegally, “- told me in the legal agency” Felicia “.
“You can go to a visa-free country,” the girl assured me, picking up the phone at another legal agency. – You do not carry a civil passport with you. There are no such data that you changed your name, the border guards do not. I have many friends went abroad with a passport for a maiden name, never a problem. ”
“With this passport you can not go abroad – after listening to my question, they answered in the legal agency” Persona Grata “. – The documents are valid for a month after the change of the installation data. If the main document changes, then the passport must also be changed. The chance to get caught is. ”
It is clear that the law says one thing, but practice shows a different picture. “You can leave for a visa-free country. No problems on the border will not be: in any case, our tourists so flew, “- said in the first travel agency, in which I called.
The terrible word “base” goes around the citizen if he is not wanted, for example, or the bailiffs do not chase him for demanding payment of debts.
“At the border, the inspection bodies proceed from the documents submitted. Such data as the change of name, they do not contain, “- a source familiar to the orders on the border told me. In order to see to the end how control at the border is going on, I called the FSB border guard service. Such a dialogue took place with the staff member after I asked my question:
– According to the current regulations, when changing the surname, name, patronymic, appearance of a citizen must be replaced as a document for internal use, and for international.
– How can they check on the border?
– Ask if the data has changed.
– I understand the administrative side. I’m interested in practice. That is, when I will board …
“Did I answer your question?”
– Yes. That is, on the border, I can be asked about the change in the installation data, and depending on this, a decision will be taken to release abroad?
Actually, everyone can draw a conclusion from this, he needs it. And I’m still waiting for the FMS to answer my questionnaire with the “schoolboy”. I’m going to a country with a visa regime.
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