Cambodia: business, residence permit and permanent residence for Russians and Ukrainians.

Cambodia: business, residence permit and permanent residence for Russians and Ukrainians.
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Immigration to Cambodia.
Moving to the Kingdom of Cambodia for permanent residence has many positive aspects. To Europeans and Russians in particular, they are treated very well and respectfully. It is lost in the jungle, but the bright and amazing state attracts immigrants with its ancient culture and identity, eternal summer and sea lakes, low cost of living and availability of real estate.
Phnom Penh & # 8212; the capital of Cambodia.
Visa and citizenship.
Loyal migration policy has caused a large influx of foreigners into the state of Cambodia. Emigration in terms of issuing a visa and residence permit is very simple. It is enough to pay 340 dollars for a business visa – and you can stay in this country for any length of time. Such a visa is issued for a year, but it can be repeatedly extended.
Visa in the passport upon arrival in Cambodia.
In the state in general there is no concept of a residence permit as such, and the wording “on a permanent place of residence & raquo; exists only on paper. The authorities are interested in the inflow of currency into the state treasury, therefore at a minimum they impede the entry of migrants.
You can apply for citizenship in three legal ways:
Marriage with a citizen of the country. Such a marriage must last at least three years, after which it is possible to file documents for the registration of citizenship. There is no guarantee of positive approval of the application, it may well be rejected.
E-visa (online visa).
It is worth noting that the fulfillment of all these conditions does not give a 100% guarantee for the registration of citizenship, the last word of power is reserved and may well be refused.
Investment infusions. This is the most common method. In other words, the right to be considered a fully fledged Cambodian is & is bought & raquo ;. The starting capital must be at least $ 300,000, after which the permission from the authorities to implement the project is taken. Another way is to replenish the kingdom’s budget in the amount of 250 thousand for the purpose of economic development. In this case, the temporary residence requirement of five years is not taken into account, but all other conditions of naturalization must be met.
Documents when receiving a temporary card.
Dual citizenship is not provided here, therefore from belonging to one’s nation will have to be abandoned. In general, obtaining Cambodian citizenship is not an easy and complicated procedure. All emigration to Cambodia from Russia has less than a dozen real cases of obtaining this status by our compatriots. For falsifying documents during this procedure, criminal liability is provided here.
Work in Cambodia.
The most common work in Cambodia for Russians is connected with the tourist destination. The vacancies in this field are excursion and transfer guide. The basic requirement for job placement by a guide is knowledge of the English language.
Business visa to Cambodia.
If the goal of moving to the Kingdom of Cambodia is permanent residence, you need to enroll in the Khmer language courses. The main places where there are vacant places are the capital of Phnom Penh, the main resort of Sihanoukville and the city of Siem Reap, from which the exit to the main sight of the country – the temple complex of Angkor Wat.
Angkor Wat (a huge Hindu temple in Cambodia, which is dedicated to the god Vishnu).
In other cities it is extremely difficult to get a job for our compatriots or Ukrainians, especially without knowing Khmer. You can search it with the help of the Russian-language forum, finding the necessary thread where the vacancies are published.
Popular jobs.
Staff: waiters in restaurants, managers of hotel complexes. To work as a waiter, experience is not required, only knowledge of English, but work in the hotel assumes the existence of experience in this field. But the payment here will be worthy.
The missing city of Angkor.
Teachers, and any qualifications. For those who decided to get a job in the school, accommodation and meals are provided.
Doctors – having a diploma of education, you can easily find a job in local clinics.
Features of life.
Life in Cambodia for Russians, as well as for other foreigners, is quite low in value. Local products are cheap, imported on the contrary. Approximate cost of lunch in a street cafe – one dollar, in a decent restaurant – six. In the shops and supermarkets is sold inexpensive and delicious bread, lots of fresh fruits. Local alcohol is also characterized by low prices. Rent an apartment will cost $ 300 per month. The room and at all can be rented for $ 50, but the amenities will be on the street.
The Kingdom of Cambodia for permanent residence is also good for those who want to develop their own business. There are no special problems with registrations, and the field of activity, especially in the sphere of tourism and the hotel complex, is very large. Certainly, having decided to move, it is necessary to pay attention to the responses of Russians who have already done so.
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