By suitcases!

By suitcases!
How to just get a visa in the US? Probably, all the same in any way. The United States Visa System & # 8212; one of the most complex in the world, visas there are a huge number of types. However, if you understand, everything is not so difficult. All American visas are divided into two types: & # 8212; immigration and non-immigration, and for obvious reasons the first one is usually more difficult to obtain than the second one. With a nonimmigrant visa, the situation is somewhat simpler.
Nonimmigrant visas in the United States are different & # 8212; working, business, student, tourist and others, but all of them assume a short-term or long-term stay in the US without immigration intentions. This is where the quotation comes in & # 8212; if for example, to arrive in the United States on a non-immigrant visa, and then try to find work and change a visa for an immigration, an immigrant can be accused of deliberately concealing immigration intentions, refusing a visa and expelling from the country.
Most often a visa is issued for category B. Type B1 involves a business trip, and B2 & # 8212; travel for tourism or medical treatment. Visas of type B are single and multiple, and are issued for up to three years. However, to obtain even a tourist visa it is necessary to prove to immigration officers that you are not going to stay illegally in their country. For this purpose, you can get help from work showing your salary, confirmation of ownership of your property (real estate, apartment) at home, proof of strong family ties in your country (family, children), as well as business invitations from partners, confirmation of hotel and airline reservations.
For students and simply those wishing to study in the US, the corresponding visas, F1 and M1, are also issued. The first is issued for study at an accredited educational institution, for example, at a university, and the second is # 8212; for non-academic training, for example, for refresher courses or language courses. In both cases it will be necessary to provide the US Consulate with a confirmation of your enrollment.
For those who plan to work in the United States, a work visa is required. It can be of different types, but almost always a H1B visa is issued. In the case of a work visa, in addition to the standard package of documents. It will be necessary to provide characteristics and recommendations from employers, documents confirming the qualification (certificates, diploma, etc.), as well as an invitation to work and accompanying documents (a petition on hiring a foreign citizen for work) from the employer himself or from a recruitment agency.
It is worth noting that only immigrant visas require further (if all conditions are met) accommodation in the United States. Work visas, however, are also immigration if they imply a future immigration of an employee, for example, a working visa of the EB type. Obtaining it, of course, is much more difficult. Also, immigrant visas include visas obtained in the case of family reunification, marriage with a US citizen / citizen or in the case of a Green Card Lottery. As for the working visa type EB and its subspecies, the chances of obtaining it are from qualified specialists, eminent scientists or investors willing to invest in the US economy at least one million dollars.

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