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Life and work in Poland.
Loan in Poland by residence permit.
Being in Poland on the basis of a temporary residence permit (Hour Watch Card), the situation with obtaining a loan looks a little more complicated than for those who have permanent residence, but it is still realistic to take out a loan and a mortgage, including the Watch Card.
When drawing up a consumer loan, the payment period may be limited by the validity of your card. In the case of obtaining a mortgage loan, the requirements and list of documents will depend on each particular lender.
It should be remembered that banks are private organizations that do not have a clear list of documents, in any case, you will need documents that identify your identity, and you will also need to provide: a residence permit, a foreign passport, PESEL (if available, although some banks have this mandatory document).
In some cases, banks may require that your Travel Card be valid for a period of at least a year. Even if you plan to extend your residence permit from the same employer, but you have less than a year left before the expiration date, you may be refused.
There is no specific list of requirements, but you may need the following documents:
The contract from the employer and other documents that confirm the fact of your employment and the amount of income. If this is not Umowa o prace, and another type of contract is Umowa o dzielo or Umowa zlecenia, then the bank may put forward additional requirements indicating the validity of such an agreement, or limit the amount of the loan; Certificate of payment of taxes (Zaswiadczenia o niezaleganiu w podatkach); Certificate of criminal records (Zaswiadczenie o niekaralnosci). To get a mortgage loan, the bank will require you to have a preliminary contract (Umowa wstepna) from the developer from whom you plan to purchase a home, or with the seller from whom you buy real estate. It should be noted that the contract concluded with a well-known developer will not bring you any particular problems. But, if you have entered into an agreement with an unknown firm, the bank can refer to the opinion of the appraiser (opinia rzeczoznawcy) on the cost of housing, this applies to the apartments of the secondary market. If the appraiser concludes that an apartment can not cost more than 500,000 zl, and you ask for a loan of 550,000 zl, you may be refused.
To apply for a mortgage, you will need the following documents:
Raport BIK (Biuro Informacji Kredytowej) – a report on your credit history (payments / delinquencies), information on cases when you acted as a guarantor for loans; (but the availability of this document is not a condition for obtaining a mortgage) Contract of employment / contract + information on income from the place of work; Tax declaration PIT; The history of the movement of funds on your bank account.
For more information on loans in Poland, you can also read Credit in Poland.
Loan rates in Poland.
To find out the rates for mortgage loans help site, you can independently calculate the amount of monthly payments, as well as pick up a suitable offer of the bank.
When making loans in zlotys, you should study how the bank will calculate the value of your loan. If you want to borrow 100,000 PLN at 5% per annum, these 5% can include 3% of the bank (marza) and 2% of the WIBOR rate. In Poland, the interest rate of WIBOR is set by the Council for the Monetary Policy – RPP (Rada Polityki Pienieznej).
WIBOR (Warsaw Interbank Offer Rate) – indicates the interest rate at which banks lend to other banks the currency on the interbank market.

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