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Greece & ndash; the country is the heir of the world’s oldest civilization. The history of the state is more than 5000 years old. On the map, the country looks like an entire island, but it also includes about 2,000 small islands. The population of 10 million people annually welcomes up to 17 million tourists. The cultural and historical heritage made Greece one of the most cognitive places for tourist resorts. It gives an opportunity to come in contact with the ancient world, which many of us know only from the history books. The first Olympic Games, ancient philosophy, mythology & ndash; with this all you can get to know closely only in Greece. Athena & ndash; The capital of the state – is the oldest and most fascinating Greek city. Athens Acropolis, Knossos Palace and many more surviving buildings & ndash; true wonders of architecture!
Advantages of residence permit in Greece.
The right to visit any of the Schengen countries in a visa-free regime and stay unlimited. Accommodation of an immigrant and all his family members in the territory of the European Union for the entire period of validity of residence permit in Greece. Automatic extension of the residence permit in Greece with the simple confirmation of your status.
Ways to obtain residence permit in Greece.
Living without the right to work. This type of immigration to Greece is suitable for financially independent individuals. He obliges to have on the account in the Greek bank from 24 000 euros. The account must be replenished on a monthly basis by at least � 2,000. Such residence permit in Greece is issued for 2 years, but in the future it can be renewed several times, each extension for a period of 3 years.
Real estate in Greece. To obtain a residence permit, you can also buy property in Greece for a total of 250,000 euros or rent a room, paying the same amount of money. An immigrant tenant will need to sign an official agreement with the lessor, the term of which must be at least 10 years.
Business in Greece. You can open a business in Greece on your own business plan or as an affiliate from a foreign company. In both cases, the total investment in the economy of the country should be 300 thousand euros or more. The validity of this residence permit is & ndash; 3 years with the right of extension for another period.
Work in Greece. It implies the conclusion of an employment contract with the employer even before coming to the country. At the same time, wages should not be less than the minimum, and the company must provide evidence that there is not one willing EU citizen found this vacant place. Working visa to Greece can be valid up to 12 months, if it is seasonal work – half a year. After the completion of this period of residence permit can be extended for another 2 years.
Education in Greece. Anyone who wants an immigrant can apply for study at a higher educational institution in Greece. To do this, it is enough to have 500 euros on your account in the bank of Greece and to replenish your account every month. The validity of residence permit for training is 1 year, it can be extended for the same period of time. If the training takes no more than 12 months, the residence permit will be issued exactly for the period of study. Future students are given the opportunity to take another 1 year of residence before basic education for a deeper study of the language.
What gives the registration of a residence permit in Greece.
Getting free higher education in Greece. The diploma obtained will be European sample. Provision of discounts on food, travel, housing and medical care for immigrant students. Registration of residence permit in Greece occurs immediately to all members of the family. Possibility to keep the previous citizenship, that is, to have 2 passports at once. The right to buy a company in Greece or to open a business. No need to stay in the country for a certain period of time. Google+
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