business immigration to Slovakia.

business immigration to Slovakia.
Pmj Slovakia.
In the section Other about cities and countries to the question How is Slovakia in terms of immigration and residence, a normal country? given by the author J. the best answer is a good forum on immigration to Slovakia here
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Why make a visa to Slovakia?
-Of course, to go there!
After all, Slovakia is mountain peaks and plains, unusually clean air and healing springs, ice caves, skis and water parks, comfortable hotels and cozy boarding houses, unique cultural and historical monuments, interesting castles, castles, manors, peculiar architecture, as well as folk art and folklore.
Slovakia can offer its guests not only ski holidays, but also treatment, as well as a rich excursion program. There are about 1200 thermal and mineral springs and 22 medical resorts in the country. It is believed that they are not inferior to similar resorts in Switzerland by the effectiveness of treatment, while the cost of treatment in Slovakia is much lower. Another not unimportant factor is the proximity to Russia and the kinship of the Slavic peoples (there is no language barrier and the feeling of a “foreign country”).
Business immigration to Slovakia.
We open a company in Slovakia.
Our company provides a full range of services for the registration of companies, registration of enterprises, registration of LLC (s.r.o.), registration of JSCs (a.s.). We conduct registration of companies throughout Slovakia.
There are 3 ways to open a company (s.r.o. – OOO) in Slovakia. The reason is that under the law of Slovakia, residence permits can be obtained on the basis that a foreign citizen is the general director (manager) of a Slovak firm, not the founder (its owner). On the other hand, according to another Slovak law, the company will not be registered in the Commercial Register if the CEO is not an EU citizen or does not have a residence permit or permanent residence in Slovakia. Such a vicious circle is solved by the following three ways of opening a company.
The first way: Buying a ready-made company.
There is already a Slovak firm that we have already discovered, or by other persons. We change the founders and the Charter of the company for you. It takes about 3 weeks. However, the same amount of time it takes to open your company from scratch.
The second way: the opening of the company.
This method is convenient if you do not need an operating company right away. By the terms it turns out 3 weeks (firm) + 90 days of residence permit + postal transfers = about 4 months and you will have a firm and residence permit in Slovakia.
The third way: Opening of the company with the provision of the CEO.
This method differs from the second, only in that for the time you get the status of residence permit, the firm will be able to work and make a profit. Cost of Services & quot; CEO & quot; is specified additionally.
List of documents for the registration of a company in Slovakia.
1. The first page of the passport is a photocopy.
2. The civil passport 1,2 and 11 pages – a photocopy.
3. Birth certificate – a photocopy.
4. Certificate of marriage – a photocopy.
5. Power of attorney for company registration, account opening, signature. (Sax) is a notary.
6. Certificate of the director’s non-conviction – the original.
7. Statement of the manager of the deposit on the payment of UV / c / notary.
8. The application for the maintenance of children (up to 15 years) is a notary.
9. Activities – information.
10. Company name – information.
11. Distribution of UV-information.
12. 10 types of activity – information.
The maximum number of founding directors is up to 3 people.
Sufficient formal existence of the firm, i.e., the fulfillment of minimum organizational and reporting requirements. For example, the correspondence of the legal address of the firm to the actual location, or the possibility of contact of government officials with company officials, the timely delivery of prescribed reporting, etc. And although the firm’s officials are subject to certain requirements (no criminal record and having a residence permit in the Slovak Republic) If these requirements are met, the functions of the officials may be performed by the foreign founder.
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In search of prospects and opportunities or for what it is worth moving to Slovakia.
In an environment where economic sanctions from Western countries have significantly interfered with the local business of states outside the zone of the European Union, more entrepreneurs are beginning to look for ways to save it. Someone wants more freedom and opportunities, and someone – to ensure for themselves and their loved ones a quiet life in a stable Europe. And if there are practically no chances to influence the situation in the big political game today, the options for securing one’s own future and obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia for Ukrainians, Russians and other CIS citizens are quite real.
And it is much easier to do this than sometimes seems to many of our compatriots. The need for an influx of investment and new qualified personnel forces some European states to create favorable conditions for foreigners wishing to live and work in their country. As a result, it became easier to obtain a residence permit (residence permit) in Europe. It is primarily a question of the states that are still gaining economic potential, but which are already full and worthy members of the European Union.

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