Bulgaria: we obtain a residence permit in 2018.

Bulgaria: we obtain a residence permit in 2018.
Bulgaria is one of the most budgetary countries for the emigration of Russians. At one time it became fashionable to buy real estate there. But some people do not think this is enough, and they are wondering how to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria in 2018.
To whom in Bulgaria to live well.
So, you’ve already visited a sunny country, and not only during the season, you did not feel embarrassed, but on the contrary, you do not want to leave. How to move to Bulgaria for permanent residence?
Pros: calm, measured life, good climate, similar language.
Cons: in Bulgaria you can not build a career, it is difficult to find work there, and the salaries are small.
Conclusion: Bulgaria is very suitable for those who have already reached a certain level of prosperity, has a starting capital for investment and business, or does not need a world view.
Having an established business that allows you to receive income without active participation, and / or a decent pension, you can live there clovering. It will not be possible to get rich in this foreign country from scratch. Much, of course, depends on the person himself. But we will try to talk about general trends.
Reasons for residence permit.
We will not consider family ties and the presence of Bulgarian roots – this is not for everyone, let’s consider common cases:
registration of your business in Bulgaria, or representation of a Russian firm; investments; conclude a work contract and leave on a working visa; become a secured pensioner; to buy real estate in the amount of 300 thousand euros; stay to live for health reasons for the period of treatment; enroll in a Bulgarian university.
Immigration for businessmen.
One of the most common ways of obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria is to open a representative office of a Russian firm. To do this, you need to have a company on the territory of the Russian Federation or open a new one. There are no requirements for length of service. You, as a founder, may well want to open an office. And appoint yourself a representative.
A lot of trouble will be with the paperwork, but this method does not require large investments. Representation is subject to a number of restrictions, for example, you can not buy real estate and cars.
You can register your own company in Bulgaria. But then a foreigner is required to employ ten local residents or make a monetary injection into the Bulgarian economy. The minimum amount that the Ministry of Finance can recognize as an investment is from 50 thousand euros. Later, the owner of the company can dispose of this money at his own discretion. The firm, as a legal entity, has the right to own real estate.
Investing in your business 3 million euros, you can immediately become a permanent resident in Bulgaria.
If you invest in state or municipal enterprises of this country, then the amount of 500 thousand euros is enough. And to become a citizen of Bulgaria, one million euros allocated in the state sector of the economy will suffice.
Buying a property.
Another top way to get a residence permit in Bulgaria is to invest in real estate. It is not necessary to buy one object: the purchase amount must be at least 300 thousand euros. Availability of real estate for a smaller amount of money & # 8211; the basis for obtaining long-term visas, but not a residence permit.
Work permit.
Theoretically, there is such a possibility, but it is used very rarely. First, the employer, applying for a work visa, must prove that none of the local population is suitable for this vacancy. And then he should assign you such a salary, which in this country is an unbelievable amount for most employers.
To retire.
To get the status of a secured pensioner, it is enough to prove that you are a pensioner and receive from your state a pension that is larger or equal to the Bulgarian minimum pension. At the same time, like other categories of foreigners, you will need to acquire housing. This type of immigration is designed exclusively for those who want to remain a permanent resident of Bulgaria without changing their citizenship, because if you renounce your previous citizenship, the main source of income is also lost.
Long-term treatment.
If doctors have prescribed you Bulgarian resorts, and it is written in your medical records, then you can also expect to live in the country for six or twelve months. At the same time, you will not have the right to engage in labor and business activities, and there must be savings that allow you to live and be treated.
Obtaining education.
All those who enrolled in a Bulgarian university receive a residence permit for the duration of their studies. As a foreigner, you can not qualify for a free education, and the duration of study at the university when calculating the number of years lived in Bulgaria for obtaining permanent residence will be accounted for 50 percent.
Any of the above reasons can be considered as a way to obtain a residence permit for up to one year. Prolonging it five years in a row, get permanent residence in Bulgaria. In most cases, citizenship does not give very significant advantages, so many are quite content with the right to live indefinitely on the territory of the country. But the right to apply for citizenship five years after you get permanent residence you have.
We get visa D in Russia.
First you need to enter Bulgaria, and not just, but for a long stay visa – category D. These visas are usually issued in consular offices at the place of residence. The grounds for obtaining them are the same as for obtaining a residence permit.
In addition, you will need a passport, photos of the Schengen sample, application form, certificate of criminal record, medical insurance for 30 thousand euros, documents for real estate. On the bank account, you must have at least six Bulgarian minimum wages or pensions.
Make all references or copies of documents in duplicate, find out which of the papers in your case need to be certified with an apostille: the second set of documents will be needed for you already in Bulgaria.
A visa will allow you to stay in the country for up to six months. During this time you need to have time to apply for residence permit.
Time resolution.
While the term of your visa has not expired, hurry to the Bulgarian Migration Service. They will need to submit:
Passport with a D visa for extended stay; application for a residence permit; receipt of payment of state duty; insurance policy; documents for housing; certificates from the bank, confirming the existence of a living wage; documents on the registration of a company, enrollment in an institution of higher education, on pension payments & # 8211; depending on your situation.
Within two weeks your application will be considered, and if all the documents are in order, you will be able to get permission. It is necessary to extend it every year, on the territory of Bulgaria, confirming its status as a complete package of documents.
What does a residence permit in Bulgaria give? Visa-free entry and the right to engage in business.
You can not get free education, a Bulgarian pension, you can get a car. You can register it only with a legal entity – a company that is open in Bulgaria. Free medical care is available only in case of emergency, so you need insurance for the entire period of your stay.
Permanent stay.
You can change your status from temporary to permanent only after five years (if you are not an investor). By this time you need to get your own, and not rented housing.
What gives permanent residence in Bulgaria for Russians? He practically equates you with citizens, with the exception of the possibility of holding positions in the civil service and suffrage.
And this means that you have the right:
receive a minimum pension and other social benefits; to get a job, study in universities on general grounds; as a permanent resident of the European Union, you will be able to make out a Schengen visa in a simplified scheme: you will not need any invitations or tourist permits; you will have a better chance of getting a job in Europe. Not all employers, looking for a cheap variant of the workforce, are ready to support in obtaining visas for Russians. Therefore, it is much easier for them to put forward demands for the existence of permanent residence or the citizenship of the European Union.

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