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Russian Bulgaria. A look from the inside How to start moving to Bulgaria and get a residence permit.
Move to Bulgaria. Get a residence permit in Bulgaria. Open a small business in Bulgaria. Buy an apartment or a house in Bulgaria. For life, for business, for the soul.
Where? In which place? To enjoy everything and everything was good.
1. Come by yourself and see everything.
2. To come and hire a guide-interpreter and see everything.
3. Do not come to watch nothing and immediately buy everything. On the Internet.
The only correct option is & mdash; to come to explore in Bulgaria. Drive through the country, through towns and villages, along the sea coast and mountains. Drive through the whole of Bulgaria and choose a place. Drive through Bulgaria with a guide interpreter. A week is enough. I’ll tell you everything I know and show you everything where I’ve been. And for 15 years I know all the places in Bulgaria. Places where there are no gypsies, places in Bulgaria where you can buy houses for housing and business from 5000 euros. Places where you can open a business and receive loans and financing from the European Union. Places where to live is really interesting, quiet and beautiful.
So did my colleagues from Siberia. So do others & mdash; those who want to live in Bulgaria, do not be deceived, open their own business and get a residence permit in Bulgaria.
Have subscribed, have phoned, have arrived, have taken the car under hiring and have gone on the country of ever-red tomatoes.
The goal was set. To leave completely, to fall down. To settle down and settle in Bulgaria with reasonable expenses.
The budget is 25000 euros for everything. On the family. On moving, on arrangement and on opening of the business. You can also meet a smaller amount if you spend a year in Spartan life.
The amount is quite real. You can do everything. If you do everything right. And buy where to live & mdash; apartment or house. Open your business in Bulgaria, bringing in income, sufficient for a family life, traveling and resting regularly, teaching children and treatment.
1. Get a residence permit in Bulgaria.
2. Decide on the type of business. What to do in Bulgaria.
3. Understand where and how to live. Buy or rent a house.
To start actions it is better on all three variants. To receive residence permit in Bulgaria will help. There are many openers who will prepare all documents for a fee and you will get a residence permit and your family members will get a residence permit in Bulgaria too.
Start business . Organize everything, install equipment, open production, prepare documents for obtaining loans, investments, organize sales of products, organize export-import and all other issues concerning the opening and launch of business in Bulgaria can only me. And no one else. I do not boast, but I say reality, based on a fifteen-year life in Bulgaria. You can try to open a business in a foreign country and then manage it. It will be necessary, but the costs and all current moments will cost you much more money in the future. Check yourself.
Why will I interest you?
Because I have experience. Because I know almost everything about life in the country. Because I do not see in you a bag of money. I will have the task & mdash; organize your move. It’s simple. We agree. Next we remain friends and my help is immeasurable in supporting you and your business in Bulgaria in the first stage and beyond. Do not believe & mdash; check yourself. And there will be many questions and everything will be decided together and you will see everything. All I have is what is needed for life, love and adventure.
Call us and we will explain everything:
Take part in my workshops & mdash; there you will learn everything in detail.
Create your own business that generates income.
There are many options. At seminars (you will choose the time yourself, when it is convenient for you), we will consider different options and thoroughly study all the risks that may be. You can start a business or some local project with an amount of 5,000 euros, and the resulting income, subsequently, can be a reinforcement for the family budget. For living in Bulgaria.
So you can attend seminars and learn everything in details and in details, what’s going on and how to be and live. A private seminar and for one person will hold and tell. In the personal order. At a convenient time.
Seminars two-day, useful, in Varna are held. On the basis of the hotel is good and family-friendly with a home kitchen and a comfortable environment.
Clever words on creating a business or micro-investment in simple language are told and can be useful in deciding your how to live on.
You can create yourself in Bulgaria good and permanent sources of income. In addition to opening a bakery. A lot of them. It is important to understand what you want. A lot and at once & mdash; can not be. Banks now & mdash; an alternative only for storing funds. There is no income there, and the maintenance and storage fee reduces your amount in the bank. We’ll tell you about that at the seminars. Investing in your own business equipment & mdash; correct solution.
At the seminars we will consider the issues of opening and doing business in Bulgaria:
– calculation of profitability of the project.
– choice of location and premises.
– requirements for premises and equipment.
– changing the purpose of the room.
– registration and obtaining a license.
– Sales organization and ways to capture market share.
– taxation, reporting and accounting.
– marketing, advertising and branding.
– other issues of life in Bulgaria and doing business.
Accommodation 3 star hotel, catering (dinner and breakfast), private consultations.
Invoice if necessary.
Life is Beautiful. Do good, take care of yourself and others.

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