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How the Belarusians go to the purchases in Poland before the New Year. Report with the PP & la Brest & raquo;
The most popular destination for pre-Christmas shopping from Belarusians is neighboring Poland.
On the eve of the Catholic Christmas, AUTO.TUT.BY left for the Brest checkpoint and looked at the motorists and bus passengers driving in their luggage before the holidays, and also learned whether the “purchases” were profitable.
“Pass a thousand cars a day”
On Friday afternoon, on the eve of the Catholic Christmas before the barrier on Varshavka, there was not a single car – a rare sight. But in the direction of Belarus cars moved continuously. Basically, all cars that cross the border – with Belarusian numbers. Occasionally, cars with the code PL – Polish guests pass by.
– Those who return to Belarus, as a rule, went to the Polish shops in the morning, bought, and now go back. But there really is not a lot of cars to leave: after all, the working day has not ended yet, customs officers explain to us. – After 17.00 cars and minibuses there will be more. And tomorrow, on Saturday, there will be a lot of people wishing to go to Poland – this is perhaps the only day off before Christmas, when you can make purchases in the market and in the “crypts”.
The Brest checkpoint is the largest on the Belarusian border, through which cars, minibuses and tourist buses are moving. In the country cars enter two green and eight red corridors. According to the norms, 1350 vehicles a day can travel there and back, but customs officers often make out more cars. However, the turn from the Belarusians, wishing to leave for Europe, does not become less.
– In the summer we had a record: 2300 cars were passed in one day per day, and the usual case is about 2000 vehicles. Moreover, cars and buses go not only from Brest – from all regions of Belarus. Now the flow of cars is less than in the holiday period, but by the New Year there will be more of them – a typical situation, we are ready for it, – noted at the customs.
“We can not miss in” exceptional cases ”
Violators meet on the border constantly. Most often these are those who do not fit into the norms by weight and the cost of the goods carried, carry limited and forbidden to transportation items – cultural values, narcotic and psychotropic substances. Often in the baggage of Belarusians, customs officers find meat, sausage, fruits and vegetables, which must undergo phytosanitary and veterinary control.
– With meat products it is necessary to become in the red corridor and present them to the control of the vet. If the finished product weighing no more than 5 kilograms is produced in an epizootically safe country, in the factory packaging, which has all the information about the product – the goods will be allowed to be imported into Belarus. But if these norms are not respected – the produce must be returned to Poland, it can not be left on the border.
Of course, motorists are unhappy about the news that they will have to return back. Some try to persuade the customs officers and the veterinarian to “have mercy and miss,” clutching at the heart.
– Well, we can not “in an exceptional case” miss them, such cases, you know how much! And those who become “bad”, we suggest to call an ambulance directly to the border.
“We pay money and do not believe, it’s still cheaper in Poland”
While we talked with customs officers, new cars and buses continually came to Belarus to enter Belarus. More cars became red channels: in each of the eight corridors – three cars.
Almost all motorists in both canals are Brest residents. As a rule, they go to Poland regularly, the norms on weight and the cost of the goods transported have long been “chosen”, so their luggage was half empty and even empty.
“I often travel to Poland, I can not carry a lot of goods,” explained the driver of the blue sedan standing in the green corridor. All his purchases fit in the back seat of the car.
The man bought several small packages of fruits and vegetables – “for the daughter” and a meter artificial fur-tree.
– I do not know, it’s cheaper than in Belarus, my purchases or not – I do not really look at prices. Although in Poland everything is cheaper – you can not count.
Behind him on the universal is Brestchanka Anna with a friend. Girlfriends “spun” to the neighboring Terespol for only a couple of hours. During this time, the girls managed to buy goods for the house, household chemicals and gifts for children for the New Year.
– There are a lot of people in the shops, there are enough Belarusians. This is understandable – it is cheaper to buy there than from us, and if you also get into the stock, it turns out to be profitable at all. So I bought a children’s game: balls roll down the roller coaster, it cost 30 PLN (about 17 rubles), we probably will be more expensive.
Products Anna did not carry, says, although they are cheaper in Poland, but there are a lot of goods banned for transportation. Meat and sausage the girl also never in Poland buys – “European tastes, ours are much better”.
– Before the New Year I will choose another weekday and go to Poland – not all the same gifts have been bought! And among the week there are almost no queues on the border, so the trip does not turn into torture.
Meanwhile, in the red corridor, large-sized purchases are unloaded by the driver and passenger of the minibus.
– I bought two double glazing units. I build a house, and it takes a lot of money for this, so I have to save money. If it turns out, building materials from Poland I carry. A benefit is: we have one window costs $ 500, and the neighbors – only 200. Only two windows saved $ 600! – said the motorist Sergei.
Before the trip, the man specified whether he could duty-free transfer his purchase, so, outweighed the goods at the border, did not worry – will do without additional spending.
– Unfortunately, New Year’s gifts could not buy anymore – there would be an advantage, so for now I will manage without them. It seems to me that 50 kilograms is too small a norm. I do not resell the luck – for myself, and so I have to wait three months to make more purchases for the construction site next time.
We did not notice the machines filled to the top with purchases. Rarely, motorists drove and New Year’s goods: balls, garlands and Christmas trees. The main purchases are appliances, detergents, household products, toys, alcohol.
In the luggage of passengers arriving by regular buses, there was the same assortment of goods.
– Oh, yes, I do not have big bags, that’s for you! – nodded to three large packages of Polish Biedronka and Auchan woman. “They’re light, almost weightless.” There I have jeans, bought for 60 zloty (about 30 rubles), pants for my husband, candy, a few packs of coffee, something else for little things. Earlier it was more profitable to travel, but now because of the course it is not very good to buy. That’s who buys equipment or lots of goods – then yes, it turns out much cheaper.
“Pay for fuel, insurance, lose time in line. Doubtful benefit �
In the queue for inspection there are two girls with small backpacks. After studying one of them remained to live and work in Germany, and the second – in the Polish capital.
“We take some presents to relatives and personal things.” These insane purchases with huge bags are not for us – we have become unaccustomed to this already, we live in a completely different world … We are looking at this now with bewilderment.
At the checkpoint we met other Belarusians, skeptical of foreign shopping tours.
– Now the price tag has leveled off, it’s not very profitable to go, given the cost of fuel, insurance and time lost in the queue. People just got used to going there for so many years and doing it by inertia, – said the driver of the SUV Georgy. – I recently bought tires from our car, and then I saw how much it costs in Poland – almost the same price! Even if I returned the cotton wool, then all the wheels would cost me $ 20 cheaper! Doubtful benefit …
– We worked in Poland for a month and a half – we collected wooden houses. Earned money, but now we go home. We did not make any purchases – it is unprofitable to pull out from there, for the time that we were in Poland, we have all learned, “the Belarusian builders shared their information.
“True guys say,” the driver of the old minivan nodded. – Earlier I myself drove people to Terespol. And now there are fewer and fewer people – the norms were introduced! And if you buy equipment, a large sum of money must be given immediately. Why, if you can buy everything in installments in Belarus, so you will be delivered directly to the apartment …

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