Border checkpoints of Georgia. Traffic rules of Georgia.

Border checkpoints of Georgia. Traffic rules of Georgia.
The order of crossing the state border of Georgia by car.
The entry of foreign citizens into Georgia without passage of border control, including from those territories where the jurisdiction of Georgia is not temporarily extended (in particular from Abkhazia or Tskhinvali through the customs checkpoints of Gantiadi-Adler and Rock-Nizhny Zaramag) is considered illegal and punishable by a fine of GEL 400 for the first violation.
In case of a repeated violation, the fine is increased at least 2 times – up to GEL 800.
In addition to the fine for this violation, a penalty of imprisonment for three to five years is provided.
Violation of the border under aggravating circumstances (for example, committed by a group of persons) is punishable by a fine from GEL 800 or imprisonment from four to five years (Criminal Code of Georgia, Article 344).
Crossing the border of Georgia.
To cross the state border of Georgia by car, in addition to the passport, you will need the following documents:
Certificate of registration for the vehicle.
In the event that the owner of the vehicle is left at home, then you must have a notarized power of attorney in English. It is not necessary to translate it into the Georgian language.
If the visa-free regime does not apply to you, then you should get a visa.
Citizens of the Russian Federation, entering the territory of Georgia for up to 1 year, do not need a visa.
To obtain a Georgian visa at border checkpoints, it is required:
Passport or a replacement travel document Fill in and sign a visa application form in Georgian or English Pay the state fee for issuing a visa in a national or convertible currency. From September 1, 2014, the cost of all types of Georgian visas is $ 50. For children, regardless of their age and from that they travel with their passports or are entered in the passport of the parents, you must obtain the appropriate visa and, accordingly, pay its full cost.
At the checkpoint “Daryali” (formerly Kazbegi) Georgian visas are issued in the usual way.
Additional charges.
In Georgia, there is no requirement for mandatory car insurance and civil liability.
When crossing the Georgian border, motorists are not subject to any additional fees and taxes.
Border checkpoints.
By car to Georgia legally, you can get through the following border checkpoints:
The border area of Georgia – Turkey:
Checkpoint Sarpi – route E70 Batumi-Hopa Checkpoint Vale – route E691 Vale-Posof Frontier section Georgia-Azerbaijan:
Checkpoint “Krasny Most” (Citadels Khidi) – Tbilisi-Rustavi-Ganja-Baku highway “Vakhtangisi” checkpoint “Tsodna” checkpoint – Baku-Belokany-Telavi highway The border section Georgia-Armenia:
Ninotsminda crossing – Akhalkalaki-Gyumri highway Guguti checkpoint – E117 highway Tbilisi-Yerevan Sadakhlo checkpoint – Tbilisi-Vanadzor-Yerevan road Akhkerpi checkpoint Frontier section Georgia-Russia:
The Daryali (formerly Kazbegi) checkpoint is the Vladikavkaz-Tbilisi route.
In accordance with the agreements reached during the meetings of the expert groups of Georgia and the Russian Federation, mediated by the Armenian side on October 28, 2009 in Yerevan and in the presence of the Swiss side on December 23, 2009, from March 1, 2010 the movement through the “Daryali” ) – “Upper Lars” (Russia).
From June 1, 2013, Verkhny Lars checkpoint operates around the clock.
This decision was made in connection with the fact that large queues accumulated on the border, especially in the summer.
The Georgian Military Road is open for passenger cars.
In connection with the normalization of the situation and the ability to ensure the safety of travel from 18 hours and 45 minutes on January 20, 2018, the movement on the Georgian Military Road for passenger transport was resumed. But at the same time, in the next few days, deterioration of weather conditions in the territory of Georgia is possible, which may entail the termination of traffic on this highway.
Earlier from 22:45 on January 18, 2018, due to worsening of weather conditions on the territory of Georgia, traffic for all vehicles in the section of the city of Vladikavkaz, the locality of Lars, was prohibited in the direction of departure from the Russian Federation.
Web cameras at the Upper Lars checkpoint
Image from web cameras installed at the checkpoint “Upper Lars” (provided by the North Caucasus Customs Administration).
On the left side of the camera, they show the entry to Russia from Georgia, on the right side – the exit from Russia to Georgia. The update takes place approximately every 15 minutes.
In the video below you can see what a road can be through the Cross Pass in winter time. Chains along this road will not be superfluous. In the springtime, too, you need to be careful.
Border crossing.
The procedure for passing the border from Russia is as follows:
You pass the barrier and go to the border control, including the inspection of the vehicle with the use of mirrors. After the inspection, all must pass passport control and get a stamp about crossing the border. After the passport inspection it is necessary to pass customs control. It is necessary to unload all the things from the car. Do not exclude the inspection of the vehicle with the use of an X-ray machine.
This procedure is applied both at the entrance and at the exit from Russia and can take 2-3 hours. In practice, a thorough inspection using mirrors, an X-ray machine and unloading all things is rare enough. In most cases, questions are asked about what is being carried and visual inspection of the interior and trunk is carried out.
The order of passing the border from Georgia is much simpler and takes no more than 10-15 minutes.
When approaching the customs, the border guard stops the car and disembark passengers. Passengers pass passport control separately from the driver in the neighboring building.
In most cases, the driver does not even need to get out of the car. All documents are submitted in one box. Tourists are photographed through the open window of the car (note did not notice that I was photographed). No visas are placed on the passport, only a stamp on crossing the border.
After passing the passport control, the goods are inspected in the car. In most cases, the inspection is only visual.
In the video below you can see the passage of the border to Georgia from Russia (checkpoint “Verkhny Lars” and “Daryali”).
On our youtube you can watch a video about the passage of the border between Turkey and Georgia at the checkpoint “Vale”.
Crossing the border of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
To cross the border of Abkhazia and South Ossetia by car, you will need the following documents:
Certificate of registration for the vehicle.
In the event that the owner of the vehicle is left at home, then you must have a notarized power of attorney for the vehicle in which you are allowed to travel outside the Russian Federation.
Russia and the Republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia have an agreement on visa-free travel of citizens. Therefore, it is better to visit them on the internal passport of a Russian citizen.
This will help to avoid problems in the future when visiting Georgia, as there will not be a mark in the foreign passport about the crossing of these borders.
Additional charges.
At the entrance to Abkhazia, the driver pays a one-time fee for setting up transport for temporary registration at the State Automobile Inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Armenia (150 rubles for passenger transport).
Border checkpoints.
Gantiadi checkpoint – Sochi-Gagra route Frontier section South Ossetia – Russia:
The checkpoint “Rock” is a Transcaucasian highway through the Roki tunnel.
There are no restrictions for Russian citizens wishing to visit Georgia.

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