Belgium and other foreign countries.

Belgium and other foreign countries.
Do you want to know more about the new emigration program in Austria? Then this article is for you.
Starting July 1, 2011, Austria introduces a point-based system for the issuance of work visas (an analogy can be made with the emigration program in Canada) for all persons who are not citizens of the EU countries. And as usual, these visas in a few years suggest obtaining permanent residence.
The idea of creating this program was brewing in the Austrian government minds for a long time and finally came to the finish line. The draft of the new law was lobbied by Wirtschaftskammer (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), tk. In Austria, a shortage of skilled workers has long been felt. Note that this applies not only to engineers, but also to skilled workers with the formation of the level of “our” vocational school.
Until now, there was a rather cumbersome system, emigration which did not distinguish between a programmer and a laborer from the former USSR. Now they want to replace it with a point system. Although still written by villas on the water, no legislative acts have been adopted yet, the procedure for obtaining has not yet been approved, the draft version of the scoring system has already leaked into the media.
Thus, all potential participants of the emigration program are divided into 3 groups (in the original document Saule – “columns”):
1. Highly qualified specialists & # 8212; persons with a higher education or a scientific degree (for example, IT, managers, doctors, scientists). You need to score 70 out of 100 points.
Points will be awarded for:
1) Qualification (up to 40 points):
Higher Education & # 8212; 20 points. Academic degree – 40 points. Salary “before taxes” for the last year in the leadership position:
50000-60000 euros & # 8212; 20 points,
60000-70000 euros & # 8212; 25 points,
above 70,000 – 30 points. Research and innovation (patents, publications, international awards) – 20 points.
2) Work experience (maximum 20 points):
For each year – 2 points. For every 6 months. work in Austria – 10 points.
3) Knowledge of languages (up to 10 points):
German or English at A1 level – 5 points. German or English at A2 level -10 points.
Up to 35 years old & # 8212; 20 points. Up to 40 years – 15 points. Up to 45 years old & # 8212; 10 points.
5) Education received in Austria:
Senior courses & # 8212; 5 points. Full higher education & # 8212; 10 points.
The essence of the program: potential workers passing on points for this group, will receive a visa for 6 months without even having an employer. They will be able to stay in Austria and look for work. If the participant of the program finds a job (in the specialty and with the appropriate qualification), then a working visa with a binding to a specific employer for a period of 12 months is issued. After this period (and in the presence of work) a higher level visa is issued, allowing to work in the whole of Austria.
2. Skilled workers in scarce specialties (for example, turners, milling machines, tilers, nurses). It is necessary to score 50 of 75 points.
Points will be awarded for:
1) Qualification (up to 30 points).
Completed vocational education & # 8212; 20 points General higher education – 25 points Technical higher education – 30 points.
2) Work experience by profession (maximum 10 points):
For each year – 2 points. For each year of work in Austria – 4 points.
3) Knowledge of languages (up to 15 points):
German at A1 level or English at level B1 – 10 points. German at A2 level or English at B2 level -15 points.
Up to 30 years old & # 8212; 20 points. Up to 40 years – 15 points. 3. The third category is “other”. Points are the same as in group 2. This group includes either workers in “ineffective” occupations, persons “with special qualifications,” for example, athletes. In addition, the same group includes graduates of universities without length of service.
For groups 2 and 3, the minimum wage is set so that employers are not tempted to hire foreign workers for very low wages. This salary is slightly below the average for the respective professions. Feature: the issuance of a visa for six months “for job search” is not required. Those. first you need to find an employer, and then you can apply for a visa.
Knowledge of the language is not mandatory. But on the one hand, it will be difficult for you to find an employer who will take a person who does not know the language at all, on the other – for the 2nd and 3rd groups to score the required scores without knowing the language is virtually unrealistic.
In total, 8,000 people, including family members, are scheduled to take part in the year.
So, do not yawn, gentlemen! Austria is waiting for you!
More details can be found here.
Austria Immigration Navigation in records.
The Austrians wonderfully came up)) Well done))
knowledge of the language is necessary, I myself received such a card yesterday and not for half a year but for a year. You have to pass the exam for knowledge of the language and after you get the certificate A2. and after the Supreme Court of Austria decides.
Glat, I congratulate you!
I counted and I got 67 points, I wonder if I can get this card?
and if the husband has been working for 15 years builder, but unofficially. Can I somehow confirm my specialty, experience ?? On a specialty the husband only to study now at university. now there is only a diploma of a technical school on special. & # 178; geologist & # 187 ;. Is there any possibility to leave us for this program ??
Galina, for the first group you need to score 70 out of 100 points. For the second and third group, you must score 50 out of 75 points. The last option is yours.
Lera, unfortunately, the program is not yet run-in and it’s hard for me to answer you this question. In general, to confirm the length of service you need:
a) characteristics from the place of work.
b) certificate from the employer.
BUT! Education must be adequate for further work. I do not know how much the work of a builder is related to a geologist’s diploma (it is he who matters). If you can justify, dare!

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