Austria: to enter the Russians need an operating Schengen.

Austria: to enter the Russians need an operating Schengen.
Austria is part of the Schengen area, so to enter it you will need to obtain a single visa for 26 European countries – Schengen. The visa to Austria independently in 2018 turns out quite easily through the Consulates and Visa centers, which are available in almost any major city.
Deciding to issue a visa without failure, quickly and inexpensively, we recommend the Visa Online Center.
Visa registration in Austria must be done only if it becomes the main purpose of your trip. If you can not determine the main country for the purpose or time of stay, the documents must be submitted to the embassy of the state in which you will cross the border of the Schengen zone first. If you break this rule, there may be problems with obtaining Schengen later.
To enter, Russians need to have a “C” visa (short-term, for a period of 180 days in the Schengen area) or a national “D” category (long-term, for residence in the country for more than 90 days but not more than 1 year) .
The most popular are short-term visas with the tourist purpose of the trip. Documents for it can be collected faster than for other purposes of the trip: no need to make invitations. Long-term visas are harder to obtain, they are issued for work, training, trips to relatives.
Documents for a visa to Austria.
Conventionally, the list of all necessary documents can be divided into 2 parts: mandatory for all, and those that will confirm your purpose of the trip.
Required list of documents for all applicants:
Application for a visa to Austria (download the application form). It is filled with printed English letters, enter only reliable data. The signature must be put personally by the applicant, otherwise the refusal can be received.
If the place of residence indicated by you in the 31 points of the questionnaire changes, you should report this immediately.
Foreign passport, which will be valid after the return of not less than 3 months. To paste a visa in the passport should be more than 2 blank pages (+2 pages for each inscribed in the child’s passport). Two photographs of 35 * 45 mm, which meet the standard requirements of ICAO. Medical insurance for the entire period of the trip. It must operate in all Schengen countries, cover costs of at least 30 000 euros. You can make it online and provide a printout.
If you are applying for a multi-visa, the insurance must cover only the first trip. At repeated entries, you sign the form in the application form to receive insurance for the entire duration of your stay, its availability can be checked at the border.
Copy of the main page with the data of the passport + copies of the previous Schengen visas for three years. Proof of having a good and stable source of income. This can be a certificate from work on the official form (indicating the position, length of service and salary), or an extract from the bank with the details of the operations for at least 3 months. You can also receive a guarantee of payment of all expenses from a third party, for this purpose, provide a sponsorship letter in free form, a copy of the sponsor’s passport and proof of his income. If you submit documents to the visa center: Read the information sheet. Print out and sign an agreement to read the information sheet. Print out and sign this instruction. Decoding of the signature must be done in Latin. For children, the signature is put by their parents, indicating the name of the child. Print, complete and sign consent to the processing of personal data.
The Embassy requires that any documents must be made in English or German, or have a translation thereon. Documents without translation can be processed longer. You can do the translation yourself, but it’s better to ask a qualified interpreter to avoid problems due to inaccuracies.
Also for self-translation you can use the templates listed below. They must be filled in and attached to the original documents:
For tourist and other private visits:
Confirmation of accommodation for the duration of the trip. A printout of online hotel booking confirmation will be printed in your name with, or an invitation indicating the provision of accommodation to you. Or another documentary proof of place of residence. If not applicable: written travel plan. Confirmation of the itinerary of the trip. For example, a tourist ticket or return flight tickets. If not applicable: written travel plan. In case your evidence is considered unsatisfactory for the approval of a visa, you may be required to provide payment for booking tickets / vouchers.
The Consulate may waive the requirement to provide any documents at its discretion if you have previously used the Schengen visa without violations.
For property owners in Austria and their close relatives:
Confirmation of the availability of your property (for example, a recent extract from the register, a purchase contract). For relatives: confirmation of family ties with the owner of the property.
Employees and individual entrepreneurs who are sent for a business visit:
Written request from an Austrian legal entity, indicating the purpose and duration of the trip. A cover letter from the work, indicating the position, goals and terms of the trip, confirmation of the salary or information on the sources of financing the business visit.
To visit relatives by invitation:
Written request (invitation letter) from a relative of an Austrian citizen, or residing there for a long-term visa / residence permit. The signature on the invitation must be certified by the immigration department of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs. Confirmation of legal residence in Austria inviting person. If the inviter is not an Austrian citizen and he takes all the expenses for himself, you need to provide his job reference or a bank statement.
For transit (up to 5 days):
Documents confirming the need to travel through Austria (for example, plane tickets and a visa to a third country).
Training, internships, sports and cultural events:
Written request from the inviting party (educational institution, organizer). An application from the inviting person, about accepting responsibility for payment of expenses for a trip and a place of residing. Or another confirmation of the availability of funds and housing for the duration of the trip.
Documents for children.
For children, you need to collect an identical package of documents, as for an adult. In addition, it will additionally require:
Copy of birth certificate. Consent of parents to travel abroad certified by a notary. It must be obtained from every parent who will not accompany the child on a trip. A copy of the current Schengen parents or accompanying if they received them at another time earlier. Instead of confirming incomes for children, you need to make a sponsorship letter.
Note! Signature on the questionnaire for a minor should be put by his parents or guardians. On the questionnaires of children older than 14 years there should be 3 signatures: two parents and a child.
Documents for the child can be submitted without his presence.
Requirements for the photo.
Typically, photo studio employees themselves know all the requirements for the quality of photos. But it is not superfluous to get acquainted with them for quality control.
The dimensions of the photo for the visa must be standard – 35 * 45 mm. The maximum age of the picture is 6 months. The person should be in the center of the frame, not be circumcised and occupy about 75% of the entire area. The upper part of the shoulders should be visible. The position of the head should be even, full face, with open eyes. The eyes should be completely open. It is inadmissible to cover your face with dark glasses, glare, shadows, accessories or long hair. The background should be monophonic and light, without unnecessary objects and people. The photo should be high-quality, and you should look at it naturally, without editing or defects.
In the visa centers you can use a photobooth, it makes 6 photos for 200-300 rubles.
The cost of a visa.
Consular fee for short-term visa for Russians – 35 euros, for citizens of other countries – 60 euros. If you need to make a visa to Austria urgently, the consular fee should be paid in a double amount (70 euros). If you are applying to the VFS VC, you must additionally pay a service fee, its price is 20 euros. Residents of other cities, in contrast to residents of Moscow, also pay a logistics fee of 450 rubles for the delivery of documents to the regional EC. Charges are paid when applying, at the rate in rubles. Keep the payment receipt for confirmation. Money does not return even with a negative decision.
Terms of issuing visas.
An urgent visa is considered for 3 days, but this possibility is available only when you apply directly to the Consulate and if you have a justification (for example, bought tickets or a burning tour). For express registration you need to come to the visa department from 9:00 to 9:50 (without pre-recording).
Getting a visa to Austria can take a little time on holidays, as well as when you have additional questions. You may be required to provide additional documents or attend a private interview with the Embassy.
Holidays in which the Austrian Embassy does not work.
It is recommended to apply for 15-90 days before departure (before 90 days it is not accepted).
Valid term of a visa.
Schengen visas are issued for a period of up to 5 years. At the first appeal, you will most likely get a one-time visa for the hotel reservation confirmed by you (the validity of the visa can be issued in reserve for 1-2 weeks).
Bona fide travelers who have received Schengen for the last 3 years can count on double and multivisa, with a “corridor for entry” for 6 months or 1-2 years (5 years are very rare). To do this, you will need to provide copies of used Schengen visas (if they were pasted not in the current passport).
However, for any short-term visa, you can not stay within the agreement countries for more than 90 days in the last 180-day period.
Where can I apply for a visa to Austria.
An Austrian visa can be obtained independently in several ways:
Option 1: Directly in the visa section of the Embassy in Moscow. The address of the visa department: Clean Lane, 11. Telephone: +7 (495) 956 1660. Documents are available by appointment between 8:00 and 12:00. From 12 to 13 hours you can deliver the missing documents, and after 14:00 the issuance of ready-made passports. You can make an appointment online or with a personal visit (from 13:30 to 14:30). You need to arrive 15-30 minutes before the appointed time, before you can not be allowed.
You do not need to sign up if you want to get a national or urgent visa for a business trip, are close relatives of EU countries. Also, exceptions are made in emergency cases (for example, it is urgent to visit a sick relative or go to a funeral).
Option 2: Through the VFS Global visa centers in many Russian cities, for a full list, see the official website. This is the best option for residents of the regions, but it will be necessary to overpay the service fee for processing documents. The CC acts only as an intermediary – it accepts / issues and sends documents to the Moscow Embassy, where a decision is made. You can get to the visa centers without recording, from 9 to 16 hours (up to 17 hours in Moscow). Option 3: Through the Consulates of other countries – representatives of Austria: Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg. Address: St. Petersburg, Preobrazhenskaya pl., 4. Phone: + 7 812 331 7600. Consulate General of Hungary in Yekaterinburg: st. Gogolya, 15. Phone: +7 922 150 9044.
If earlier than September 2015 the applicant has not yet passed the procedure for the submission of biometric data (digital photo and fingerprinting) for the processing of other Schengen visas, then a personal presence in the filing of documents, regardless of the place of filing – the consulate or the visa center, is mandatory.
Only children under 12 years of age are released from the procedure.
The Austrian Embassy in Moscow processes applications from citizens of Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Uzbekistan. To apply to citizens of other countries, you will need to prove your legal residence in Russia documentarily, for more than 3 months at the time of return (for example, by giving a residence permit, residence permit, a long-term visa).
Registration of visa through the visa center Online.
To issue a visa you will be happy to help in VC Online. For this you need:
Go to; Leave an application on the site; The managers of VC Online will contact you in the near future for detailed advice and clarification of the nuances of your trip; Next, you will need to transfer the documents for preparation in any convenient way for you (by e-mail, personally arriving at the office, through the courier) and make payment; The managers of the VC Online will prepare your documents and record for submission to the consulate; If necessary, you will need to visit the consulate or official visa center for compliance with formalities (handing fingerprints); In a few days you will receive a ready visa. You can pick up the documents in person at the office or by courier.
If you want to file documents personally, please contact the office of the Visa Online Center at:
Moscow: Maroseyka, 7/8, office 206 (metro Kitay-gorod). Phone: 8 (499) 381-29-00, 8 (800) 301-26-06 (free in Russia).
The conclusion.
Please note that even obtaining a Schengen visa to Austria does not guarantee entry into this country. The final decision will be made by border guards, and you should be ready to provide them with documents if necessary (insurance, hotel and ticket booking, income certificates, parents’ consent to leave the child). In case an attempt is found to deceive the Embassy (for example, if you stated one information in the questionnaire, but in fact it turned out to be different: the place of residence, the purpose of the trip, etc.), the visa can be annulled at the border, and add you to the black list for a while.
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