Australia is a mortal continent. Every Australian animal wants to kill you.

Australia is a mortal continent. Every Australian animal wants to kill you.
Every Australian animal wants to kill you. Well, it’s not necessarily you & mdash; these creatures will suit any person. The statement, no doubt, is loud, but truthful. This continent is only considered civilized. In fact, there is about the same amount of civilization as there are on the desert plains of Central Africa. In the same Africa, the traveler risks dying in the mouth of a perfectly understandable lion. Or a rhinoceros, or spears, which will be thrown into him from the boredom of the Masai warrior. All this & mdash; well-known, unpleasant, but not the most frightening death.
Australia has something to stake on. Here, unlucky tourists are met not by tigers and rhinoceroses, but giant deadly birds, giant (this definition can be safely added to almost all creatures living here), snakes, crabs like felids of hell, and spiders similar to aliens from the horror planet. Sharks and deadly insects? Still would! In general, if you all plan a trip to the antipodes, & mdash; we advise you to look at our selection and think again. No photoshop. A solid truth, frightening every sensible person to gray hair!
1. A real shot of local television, SkyNews. The shark swam into a pond adjacent to the golf course. The film crew was not there by chance: the day before, the same shark was beautifully bitten by a player who accidentally dropped the ball into the water.
2. Of course, it’s very interesting to see who wins. But not enough to risk this because of life!
3. A standard warning posted on a quite ordinary city beach. Especially for those bathers without fear and reproach, to whom not only the sea is knee-deep, but also its own life.
4. Nothing interesting, the dog caught a shark. And he eats. He looks at the photographer. Maybe this is his last photo?
5. This is not a log. This & mdash; crocodile, peacefully floating in the coastal waters for its business. We do not even want to think that this creature can be at work on a city beach full of children.
6. This crocodile was less fortunate. He was eaten by a snake. Crocodile! Still thinking about going to Australia?
7. Yes, here buffaloes can attack the car. And, most likely, the chance will not be missed.
8. Hello, a cassowary. For reference: cassowaries & mdash; vile, vindictive birds running faster than cheetah. With a paw, the cassowary is able to break the stomach to the person. A theory confirmed by sad practice.
9. Among this pile there are several pieces of granite, three spider’s eggs and two jellyfish. Attention test & mdash; who does not guess, runs the risk of losing his hand.
10. Who eats whom, is completely incomprehensible. Or is it just interspecific sex? A-ah!
11. Difficult choice & mdash; to take off this creature, or immediately cut off a leg. Mantis mutant: return of the villain. In fact, there are far more hospitable places in the world than this distant continent!
12. The signature in the original source claims that this crocodile is called & laquo; Satan & raquo ;. I wonder why.
13. Another picture on which it is completely unclear who has caught whom and now is eating. It is still unclear why the photographer has not yet escaped in a panic. From this place. From this country. From this continent.
14. Raise sails or leave them to hell? Today, guys, we get to the ground by the oars. Unless, of course, no one ate the oars.
15. The entry from the blog of the author of the photo reads: & laquo; Two hours. It took me exactly two hours to have dinner in a good company & mdash; These creatures lasted two hours to get me to walk to the house on foot & raquo ;. In general, if you are going to Australia, then choose parking with the mind. Suddenly help.
Here’s a similar list with other pictures.
A request to those who fell down in Astralia tell you how often you encounter these animals, how many of your friends are injured or died because of them. How dangerous is it to swim on the beaches of Australia?

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