As I moved to live in Greece. Personal experience.

As I moved to live in Greece. Personal experience.
Eight years ago, at the end of September, the plane Moscow & ndash; Athens was dispersed on the runway, preparing to take me to my new life – to Greece. A few hours later, dragging a huge suitcase behind me, I left the border control zone of the Athens airport as a full-time Greek university student. Even then I knew that Greece & ndash; this is my country and here I will stay for a long time, or even forever! But all this was much later, after I had to overcome a lot of difficulties, collect a few kilograms of pieces of paper and certificates, and by my own example learn about all the “charms” & raquo; communication with our and Greek officials.
My Greek story began with my mother, who moved to a permanent residence in Greece a few years before me.
While still a student, every summer I went to her in Greece for a vacation. Already at the time of the first trip, I realized that Greece + I = Love. Before me the question arose about moving. But being a responsible student, I was eager to finish my university in Belarus and get a deserved diploma, so it was decided to postpone the transfer before graduation from the university.
The training in Belarus was coming to an end, and we began to look for ways to transfer me to Greece, unfortunately, my case did not fit the option of moving under the law & laquo; about the recovery of the family & raquo ;. And then began an endless campaign against the Greek lawyers, who in words promised a lot, but in practice they did little; a study of laws, and constant attempts to “separate the grains from the chaff & raquo; and find still his & laquo; ideal & raquo; option.
Think carefully and weighed everything in the & raquo; and “against”, I decide to combine business with pleasure: to move to Greece and get a higher education here. On how to get a Greek residence permit, after enrolling in a university I already wrote here.
Naturally, initially I wanted to continue my studies in Greece on the basis of my first diploma from Belarus. However, for this it was required to first confirm the diploma already available to me. After studying the list of all necessary documents and other conditions necessary to confirm the diploma for residents of the CIS countries, this idea had to be abandoned, as it turned out that it was very difficult and very long to do it. Perhaps I will someday confirm my first diploma in Greece, but so far I have not dared to go through all this horror.
The goal was set, the means for achieving it were defined, and I began to move systematically towards my dream. As is often the case, on my way there were very large “pitfalls”. To collect a package of documents required for admission to a Greek university, I had to take local officials almost by drivel. Unfortunately, as soon as the managers of those or other services, from where I was required to receive the next certificate, found out for what purposes I requested the document, people seemed to be substituting. Someone expressed frank discontent: “Well, you are leaving, and here we sit & raquo; someone frankly envied, and the information I needed was prepared with a great delay, and someone just asked me to tell how to go to study in Greece for them children.
After the documents were recovered, a small hitch occurred with the Greek consulate. The fact is that in the Republic of Belarus, where I was from, there was no Greek consulate, and in order to submit a package of documents for a visa and pick it up, I had to go to Moscow several times. By the way, when I went to Greece, in order to apply for admission to the university, I opened an ordinary tourist visa for myself.
And so, the documents were submitted, I returned to Belarus and with a sinking heart began to wait for the decision of the Greek Ministry of Education. About a month later, I received the cherished & laquo; Yes, you did & raquo ;.
Next were the days, weeks and months, which took place approximately in the same way: & laquo; get up early, go check in next tests, go & knock out & raquo; another paper / help & raquo ;. As it turned out, the most difficult in the formation of the final package of documents for a student visa class D & ndash; it is to get a medical certificate for departure. They checked me as an astronaut, every organ of my body was studied in 4-5 different ways, and how much blood I took for analysis, even counting is scary. After such a “total” & raquo; checking my health, I had to correct this health for several more months.)
Another trip to Moscow & ndash; and happiness! My student visa is ready!
Continuation of the history you already know: the plane carries me to beautiful Greece, in which there is everything!
The moral of this fable is this: & laquo; The road will be mastered by the going! & Raquo; – you should never give up, it’s worthwhile to move to your goal. In the process of all this “lamentation” & raquo; with the collection of documents, I was tortured so much that several times I was ready to “spit” & raquo; on Greece with its universities and stay in Belarus. But, every time I reminded myself that at the end of the journey I was waiting for the warm Greek sea, bright sun and cheerful Greeks.
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Thanks for the great story! But for me the issue of the experience of moving to your mother’s Greece is more relevant. How, for example, to move to this country not to a student, but to an adult person who has been in love with this state all his life?
viyti zamuj za qreka.
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