As I left to study in Germany.

As I left to study in Germany.
When I studied at the Siberian State University at the Department of Linguistics (English), I never thought that I would live in Germany. I wanted to move to St. Petersburg and work as an interpreter, but after graduating from the University in the northern capital it was not so easy to find a job and I decided to learn an additional language.
At first my eye fell on French, but German was more in demand. I started attending courses and simultaneously looking for courses in Germany. Everything was very expensive and confusing, I almost abandoned this idea when I came across the firm BLA BLA, which helps students to issue documents for a trip to Germany for courses or for study.
Since my knowledge was very scarce, I was offered to study in the language courses at the university. They said that they are free. It was hard for me to believe in it at first, but I thought that nobody would deceive me))) But to get on these courses it is necessary to type a certain ball in the so-called C-Test, I first tried it on the Internet, but really it turned out nothing. Then in the same firm I was offered an additional course, which is specially prepared for the test and all of this is in Munster and the courses are attached to one of the best universities in Germany, the University of Munster in Welgelm. I decided to go, we collected money in a pile, everything was counted, the initial courses were not very expensive and the room in the hostel was acceptable, so I paid everything and with the receipt of the visa there was no problem.
I had 2 months to learn the language and to practice doing these tests. When I came to Germany, I did not go to school as I thought, but I lost my head in local culture and way of life. It must be imagined, Munster & # 8212; student city, the population of only 280 thousand and of them 50 thousand students. The buildings of the university are scattered throughout the city, there are so many interesting people from different countries. All students move on bicycles and read books right on the grass in the park, it’s so easy to get a conversation, even though the knowledge of the German language was none I immediately got many friends, helped English! As they flew for two months I did not notice, it was time to write a test, I was very nervous, I already fell in love with Germany, this city and definitely wanted to get to the University Courses. And everything turned out well !!
Now I returned to Russia with a calm soul and could tell my relatives what I had done, now I had to do another Visa, a real student !! Since the courses are at the University, then you are already considered a student, well, at least you have all the same rights, you pay only once a half a year for a ticket and you can go without restrictions on the bus and train on your Earth, as well you get access to the library and free internet. After the paperwork on getting the visa and 5 weeks of waiting, finally I returned to my campus. Now I had half a year to take the next test and go up a notch. There are 3 degrees at the University Courses, each one being an academic semester, I was at the very first, which meant that if I wanted, I had a year and a half ahead of me to finish the course and enter the University.
During these courses, I was able to think about everything, to decide how to deal with my future, whether to stay in Germany, continuing my studies, or returning to Russia and becoming an interpreter, now two languages? Doubts arose also because of the fact that it was already 26 years old and wanted something significant, not just kusov and studies. The very teaching in the courses was very good, the atmosphere was very friendly and many students from different countries. With work here, too, there are no problems, students are always in demand, I got a job as a waitress in the restaurant, where I met my future husband. At that moment, my future was decided, I stayed in Germany and successfully completed the last step of the courses, passed the DSH test and entered the University of Munster’s Villeglem University for a bachelor of Communication. It turned out to be insanely difficult and insanely interesting, everything was again new, great audiences, lectures, practices, so many new and interesting.
After a year and a half I got married, my studies fell into the background, but I decided to finish it! Now is the last semester of my bachelor, the time flew by unnoticed, looking back, I think that’s how it was yesterday, and it’s been 4 years now. Of course, I lost a lot of time attending courses, those who come with a ready knowledge of the language are much easier. but I’m not complaining. I was able to get acquainted with so many people, learn the student life from the other side, while it was not so tense as in the University itself, I can say with certainty that in my life I was enjoying my student life and soon after the graduation I will probably even be on it miss!! Now I have two ways to go to the masters of my science or start looking for work. I think to choose the second one, I really want to use all my knowledge in practice.

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