Immigration to Aruba among Russians is not too common: people who have relatives living on the island, or employees of companies that are joint ventures, go there to oversee the activities of foreign missions. You can immigrate to the island:
Having married a citizen of Aruba. Having invested in the economy. Employment. Having established its own business (a popular variant of immigration to Aruba for people with high incomes).
Immigration to Aruba for entry into the bark.
Immigration to Aruba for the purpose of marriage is possible after obtaining a visa at the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The easiest way to stay in Aruba & ndash; to marry on this island. In this case, you have to pass a lot of tests and polls, as the authorities will check your marriage in terms of fictitiousness, but then, having successfully passed the test, you can leave the island and move, for example, to Holland.
Immigration to Aruba for investment purposes will interest those entrepreneurs who want to invest in tourism, banking, industry (enterprises involved in processing and storing oil). Since the tourist business in Aruba is rapidly developing due to the developing infrastructure and the emergence of related services, Russian businessmen look with interest at this market and gradually move their capital to the zone of the southern shores of the Caribbean Sea. The main attractions for tourists and profitable businesses in Aruba are underwater excursions to coral reefs, diving and windsurfing. Beaches of Aruba & ndash; Hadikurari, Bebi Beach and Arashi have long gained world fame, and the Druiff beach complex is considered to be the cleanest and safest recreational area on the entire coast of the Caribbean Sea. Even 3-star hotels offer tourists a premium vacation and are always overcrowded: the price for hotel complexes is increasing every year.
Immigration to Aruba for the purpose of further employment is popular among the Russian-speaking population: here you can find work in the field of tourism or services. The unemployment rate in Aruba is only 4-5%, so finding a job for an immigrant is not difficult. In addition, for seasonal workers, privileges are provided, as well as for highly qualified specialists from other countries. You can find a job by coming to the country on a tourist visa.
Offshore policy of the government makes immigration to Aruba quite popular among businessmen. Offshore banks are registered on a large scale in the island, thanks to which Aruba has long become one of the largest offshore financial centers. The central bank of this self-governing state entity is included in the Supervisory Bodies of International Financial Centers. Also, without problems, you can open a construction company: the island is in dire need of new hotels and entertainment complexes, so contractors always have enough orders.
It will be interesting for you:
The Cooperative Republic of Guyana is the only continental country that is part of the Commonwealth of Nations. Guyana is located in South America, and its north side is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The neighboring countries of this state are Venezuela, Brazil and Suriname.
Immigration to Austria for many is really a simple solution to the most difficult problems: material, social, political (in the event of persecution or repression). A friendly country is always open to emigrants and creates the most simplified system for foreigners to enter here.
The Republic of Iraq is in Mesopotamia & ndash; the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and belongs to South-West Asia. Iraq’s neighbors are Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to the south, Jordan and Syria to the west, Turkey to the north and Iran to the east.
To date, immigration to Australia for most of our compatriots is a chance to realize their plans and to obtain the right to permanent residence in one of the most developed countries in the world with high incomes and social security. The migration policy here has a centralized structure and is supervised by the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia (DIAC: Department of Immigration and Citizenship). This organization considers applications for entry, implements immigration control and deals with issues of granting citizenship. To date, immigration to Australia is conducted in 4 main areas. About each of them in more detail.
Guadeloupe & ndash; a separate region and at the same time the overseas territory of France in the West Indies, located in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea, was first settled in the 300th century BC. The area of Guadeloupe is 1628 square kilometers, the territory includes several islands, the largest of which are the Basse-Terre and the Grande-Terre: they are shared by the Salt River Strait. The population of the country is more than 400 thousand people, but this territory is poor and underdeveloped: immigration here is almost not common.
Quite a small country on the territory of Andorra is an extremely popular and visited tourist center in Europe. This country, whose area is only 468 square meters. km, boasts a high standard of living and good incomes, which it receives thanks to the millions of tourists who come to its ski resorts and health resorts every year.
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