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You have the right to obtain French citizenship if:
& Oslash; If you were born in France from the parents of foreigners and at least for 5 years (with or without interruptions) from 11 years of age lived in France.
& Oslash; If you were born in France from the parents of foreigners and entered into a permanent military service in the French army.
& Oslash; You married a French citizen (married a French citizen). You can file a petition one year after the marriage or immediately if you have a child born before or after the marriage registration.
& Oslash; You are from a French-speaking country.
& Oslash; If you have permanently resided in France for 5 years.
& Oslash; If you permanently resided in France for 2 years and during this time successfully studied at any higher educational institution in France.
& Oslash; Your spouse has already received French citizenship.
& Oslash; You served in the French army.
& Oslash; You are from a state that was under the tutelage, sovereignty, protectorate of France.
& Oslash; You have refugee status.
& Oslash; You have rendered services of exceptional importance to France.
Under French law, you can act as the main founder of an enterprise, but the director must be a Frenchman or an EU member. After acquiring a business, you apply for a residence permit (residence permit) and for obtaining a “merchant card”, which gives you the right to manage your business (become a director). First you get a residence permit for 1 year with the possibility of automatic renewal. In 1 year you apply for permanent residence in France. If during your stay in France you did not violate any laws and your new business brings income, and if you spent most of your time in France or the European Union, you can safely count on a positive result in obtaining permanent residence in France. Permanent residence is given for a period of ten years and, if necessary, is always prolonged. After obtaining permanent residence, you can already be any amount of time abroad (you will always have a permanent residence in France). Five years after receiving permanent residence, you will have an official right to apply for the citizenship of France.
When investing in the French economy of larger amounts (from 1 million euros or more), all waiting times are reduced. For example, you can apply for permanent residence in France after 6 months, etc.
2. The conclusion of marriage with a citizen (citizen) of France.
This is the fastest way to get a resident card (permanent residence). The holders of this document in all rights are equated with the French, with the exception of the right to vote, the acquisition of French citizenship can be conditionally divided into three stages. The first stage: obtaining Carte de sejour (residence permit). This is a document that confirms the existence of a residence permit from its owner. The period for consideration of extradition in the case of marriage is 2 – 4 weeks. The second stage: obtaining Carte de resident (permanent residence). The holder of this document in all rights is equal to the French citizen, with the exception of the right to vote in elections. To get it you need to go through the process of naturalization, which takes 5 years in the usual way, during which the applicant must have a residence permit. In the case of marriage, this process is reduced to one year.
3. Applying for political refugee status.
Because of the difficult political and economic conditions of life in various countries, tens of thousands of people have to leave their homes, relatives, relatives and become refugees. Mostly they go to Europe, including France. France, perhaps, is one of the few European countries that is most loyal to refugees and forced immigrants, giving them numerous benefits and benefits (free housing, free products, free medical care, etc.).
In accordance with the Geneva Convention, the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees & ldquo; of July 28, 1951, refugee status is granted to asylum seekers because of persecution and persecution in the country of residence on racial, religious, national or political grounds. Asking political asylum can, as one person, and the whole family.
In case of a positive result, you will be given a residence permit (carte de resident) for 10 years with the right extension.
And in the second and third versions, you have the official right to apply for French citizenship after 1 year.
To obtain a temporary residence permit in France (carte de sejour) for a period of 1 to 5 years, there are the following ways:
– Through a labor contract (residence permit for up to 5 years)
– Through receiving the & quot; merchant card & quot;
– Through studies in a French higher education institution.
Staying in France for a long time (more than 90 days) requires the registration of a residence permit, called the carte de sejour. To obtain this visa, you should contact the local police station or the municipality within three months of arriving in France. When applying for a visa on your hands you must have a passport, three photos on your passport, the original of the birth certificate, the original of the marriage certificate (if the applicant is married), you can also be offered a translation of the birth certificate and the marriage certificate. In addition, you will need to provide proof that you have where to stay, and also there is financial security (or work). Any violations of the visa regime are seriously punished, up to and including deportation. During your stay in the country always carry a passport or residence permit, because you can demand to show them at any time. You can get more detailed information on this issue at the French Embassy in Russia.
The effective way of realizing oneself in France is the registration of the citizenship of one of the countries that recently joined the EU (as many know, this is citizenship of Poland, Slovak citizenship, Hungarian citizenship, Czech citizenship, Latvian citizenship, Lithuanian citizenship, Estonian citizenship, Slovenian citizenship, Maltese citizenship, citizenship Cyprus), or the citizenship of the countries that will enter the EU in 2007 (Bulgarian citizenship, Romanian citizenship, citizenship of Serbia and Montenegro, Croatian citizenship). For a period of about a year, it is possible to formalize (restore) the citizenship of one of the countries that are already an EU country, or one of the countries that must enter the EU in 2007. Possessing a passport of an EU member state, one can live and work in any EU country, including France, to which this review is devoted. Moreover, unlike non-EU countries, for which the implementation period is 10 years, for citizens of the countries of Eurosusa, the period of residence in France until the citizenship of France is only two years. However, do I need to get a second passport? & Ndash; citizen of France, having, for example, the citizenship of Poland, because taxes are more profitable to pay in Eastern Europe, but to live and work in the Western EU countries.
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