Antigua and Barbuda. Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda for investments.

Antigua and Barbuda. Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda for investments.
More and more important in the modern world is the second citizenship. It is an effective and important tool for optimizing life, teaching children, international tax planning, personal safety in today’s unstable times. There are a lot of ways to get a second citizenship today. One of the best options & ndash; it is the acquisition of citizenship through investment. A special program of economic citizenship is that a person invests in a business project or real estate project that the state authorities offer, and has the opportunity to obtain a second citizenship. Unfortunately, today there are few such countries on the globe. One of the states that provide exchange of citizenship for investment is Antigua and Barbuda.
Antigua and Barbuda & ndash; the country of the West Indies, which is located on three islands (Barbuda, Antigua and Redonda). The state belongs to the Organization of American States and the British Commonwealth of Nations. The largest island of Antigua & ndash; the main tourist center, there are about 365 beaches and all the necessary infrastructure: entertainment complexes, luxury hotels, etc. The island of Barbuda is coral, it has preserved the wild nature in its original form. This is truly a paradise for lovers of peace and solitude. The Redond Island Park is uninhabited, it has a volcanic origin. In Antigua and Barbuda, the climate is Mediterranean tropical, the average annual water temperature is above 25 � C. C. The main attractions of the country & ndash; local architecture and picturesque nature, amazing tropical plants and exotic. The harbors and coves of Antigua and Barbuda provide excellent opportunities to do water sports & ndash; windsurfing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing and others. Get a second citizenship in such a beautiful country & ndash; what could be better?
The program for obtaining citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda was developed in 2013, for the time being it is recognized as one of the best in the world. The Antigua and Barbuda citizenship act states that you can invest in the following areas:
national investment fund; the property; business of the country; charitable investment fund (sports, culture, education, health, environmental protection).
There are 3 types of investment:
The investment in real estate for 1 adult applicant is at least 400 000 USD. After 5 years, the property can be sold. Until that time, you can live in it yourself, or rent out. To make a non-returnable donation to the state fund of the country in the amount not less than 200 000 USD. Investment in a business approved by the government, amounting to $ 1,500,000 (or perhaps a joint investment of 2 investors in the amount of 5,000,000 USD).
The procedure for obtaining citizenship by investing in Antigua and Barbuda.
If you want to get a second citizenship through an investment, you must turn 18 years old. The applicant must pay 10% of the state fee and pass a financial and security review. The application is accompanied by a certificate from the doctor, which confirms the absence of contagious diseases. It is also necessary to provide such documents as personal data, a resume, a certificate of non-conviction, etc. The applicant must pay taxes, state duties and necessary fees.
The main applicant in all of the above investments may include dependent children (up to 18 years of age or 18 to 26 year olds), spouse, dependent parents, age over 65 years. The citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, who received citizenship under the investment program, must visit the country and spend at least 5 days there during the first five years (at the same time or every year for several days).
If the government responds positively after 2-4 months, the applicant and his family members receive the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda. It is not necessary to go to the country, you can take the oath in one of its consulates.
What are the advantages of the second citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda.
The program of acquiring citizenship through investment guarantees that you are a self-sufficient and independent citizen of the country. You, as well as all members of your family have the opportunity to travel without visas to 131 countries in the world and even more (these are Singapore, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, EU countries and many others).
You have the opportunity to live indefinitely in Antigua and Barbuda. There are no direct taxes in the country, so you do not have to pay them. As a citizen of a member state of the British Commonwealth, you can exercise preferential rights in the UK. For example, your children have the opportunity to work in the UK for 2 years, without issuing a work permit, or to study without obtaining a student visa.
Antigua and Barbuda unrestrictedly recognize dual citizenship. When it is submitted, the authorities of the country do not publish information about this anywhere and do not notify the state of the original citizenship of the applicant. You can have dual citizenship without giving up your native one. Alternative citizenship of a peaceful state with an excellent international reputation is very important in a civil war or political instability, it can also be used for confidential commercial activities.
Having received the second citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda, you have the opportunity to travel unhindered to many countries of the world, and show your loved ones and children all the brightness and uniqueness of many corners of the globe. Therefore, obtaining a second citizenship & ndash; this is the guarantee of a beautiful future.
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More and more important in the modern world is the second citizenship. There are a lot of ways to get a second citizenship today. One of the states that provide exchange of citizenship for investment is Antigua and Barbuda.
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